About Brave Saver: I'm Elyssa, a finance writer and proof that knowing better doesn’t mean doing better. See: my many failed attempts at following traditional financial advice. More than the “what” or “how” of money, financial health hinges on “who" we are with money. So let’s explore our financial selves. Get compassionately curious with me about the financial fears, beliefs, and behaviors that keep us stuck. Uncover daring dreams that motivate us to finally fix our finances. And gain insight and empowerment to ditch one-size-fits-all approaches to carve out your one-of-a-kind financial path.
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This site was inspired by my family’s journey to live life to the fullest on less. But what does that look like? It involves budgeting and meal planning, a little minimalism, a strong backbone, and a lot of faith.
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I am Bella Wanana, a personal finance & lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. I obtained my Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in 2022. I love sharing with you the best tips and tricks on making money online, saving money, budgeting, and everything else related to personal finance and living a balanced but fulfilling life.
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I started We Want Guac after years of itching to share my own experiences. The name itself comes from getting the “extra” in life without feeling guilty about it or like you can’t afford it – the guac at Chipotle being the premier example. I focus on showing people in their early 20s how to get started on the climb to wealth; whether you’re debt-free or have loads of loans, whether you’re a newbie or a little advanced, it doesn’t matter. We’re out to get you to understand everything related to finance: budgeting, investing, income growth, adjusted mindsets, and overarching societal impacts are all discussed at length.
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Hi! My name is Lisa. I worked for seven years as a litigator in a law firm in the Washington, DC area. I’m currently on a year long sabbatical. I write about professional women, law, and personal finance.
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Hey! I’m Cara Palmer, Founder of Smart Money Tips. Hello! My name is Cara, and I am a Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ (CFEI®), money expert, and the author of Master Your Money: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Solid Budget. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re never ahead financially. For years, I was living paycheck to paycheck and constantly stressing about money. But then I learned about budgeting, and it changed my life! Budgeting helped me take control of my financial life and make my money work for me. I was able to pay off my outstanding debt, put money into savings, and feel empowered and in control of my finances. And I want to help you do the same!
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I help women save money, make money, & feel empowered with everything around money by giving them practical and easy steps to take every day. My whole job is to – legit – make YOU feel like a total BAMF around money.
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