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In the previous post, I asked ChatGPT to write 1000-1500 words about depression and financial independence.  (I have one of those; unfortunately, the one I have is not the financial independence.)  I promised to add my personal take to ChatGPT’s ideas and see how close it came to describing my situation. So, how did ChatGPT do?  Let’s find out. So…my situation has changed in the several months since I had ChatGPT write this post.  We’ll […]

Money Meets Medicine Podcast How Doctors Can Get Good Financial Advice Apple Podcasts Spotify Podcasts Google Podcasts Many doctors and high-income professionals hire financial advisors for any number of reasons. Either they’re too busy to handle their finances themselves, they don’t really know how to invest, or they want an expert on their side to make sure they’re on the right track. So allow me to say from the start: I’m not against financial advisors, […]

Our Disney World podcast episode series continues with Disney World tips for families. Whether it’s your first Disney World vacation or you’re a seasoned pro, these tips will help you plan an enjoyable experience for your entire family.  Below are our favorite Walt Disney World tips for families.  Understand it’s probably going to be busy Disney World remains a sought-after destination, particularly during peak times such as the summer months and significant holidays. Families venturing […]

One of my favorite albums of all-time is Nas’ Illmatic. Nas was just 20 years old when he wrote and recorded this masterpiece, and his ability to conjure a vivid depiction of Queens in the mid-90s was unparalleled. It had the perfect combination of beats and lyricism required to paint the imagery of despair, hope, betrayal, and love that Nas experienced in his life. I won’t go too much into the album itself, as I […]

Another non-busy month in the blogosphere. I only wrote two posts: August 2023 Book Reading List Why Do I Always Read Those “How to Make Passive Income” Articles Google Analytics Users → 4,600 Sessions → 5,500 Views → 8,000 Google Analytics Graph for September Google Search Console Clicks → 4,120 Search Impressions → 114,000 Average position → 30.8 Google Search Console Graph for September AdSense Balance → $34.66 Estimated earnings → $32.79 Impressions → 25,191 […]

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Trends, ex-boyfriends, and budget-busting bills have a way of reappearing again and again. Some cyclical events are more expensive than others, from large annual bills (auto insurance, property taxes, membership dues, and medical bills) to giving (Christmas and birthdays) and getting (everything pumpkin spice-related). As can happen with an annual event, it can have a looming price tag too. To avoid any unnecessary discomfort, that’s expected after a rough scrubbing of a bank account, I’ve been a member of the sinking fund club for years. The post A Sinking Fund to Avoid Sinking a Budget appeared first on Budget Life List.

If you just don’t count a monthly budget sized single spending category—our mysterious “gift” expense—we stuck to our FIRE budget in August! Continue reading Pre-Travel Mysterious Gifts (And Our August FIRE Budget) at TicTocLife.

Written: September 4, 2033 Sent back in time to: September 30, 2023 Dear Dom, As the great Jim Rohn would say: “If you don’t plan your future, somebody else will. And you know what they have planned for you? Not much!” Adopting your own Manifest Destiny philosophy has played an instrumental role in making your dreams a reality. Unlike the American Manifest Destiny, this has nothing to do with any superiority but instead is all […]

What’s it been, almost four months since I left the Corporate Beast? I thought it’d be easy to jump back into writing blog posts with a sudden void in my calendar. It turns out there are lots of things to distract an early retiree, and it’s not all roses. Despite some bumps in the road, the overall picture is very good so far. Early retirement in fact does not suck, and I am enjoying the freedom to take on different challenges and focus more on areas that need attention. What’s not to love? I no longer have to put on a show several times a day in meetings where little is accomplished or worse, acrimony spills out among peers who are overworked and unsupported by their bosses. I now have time to focus on the rental business, which is fortunate since maintenance tasks were piling up. Still, there is a level of anxiety that hits you (unexpectedly), even after all of the prep work and spreadsheets that convince you NOW is the time to quit. Specifically, how will we replace our health coverage? Do we have the liquidity to handle big, unforeseen expenses? And the strangest of all: Why do I feel like a failure??   Unpacking the Goodness of Quitting Corporate America It’s no secret that corporate jobs are among the least fulfilling, yet most financially rewarding gigs you can find. I’m incredibly grateful to have spent over 25 years chopping away in that forest. Met some good friends, had a few laughs, and made serious cash along the way. What they don’t teach you in school are the coping mechanisms for surviving the constant churn and change that define publicly traded companies. “Strategic” decisions and direction are only “strategic” in PowerPoint slides. In truth, especially in the health care services industry, strategy is spaghetti thrown at the wall and it looks really appetizing until it starts to ooze down, is then forgotten as it slides to the floor until a new batch of leaders picks it up, rinses it off, and hurls it again at the same wall to see if it’ll stick this time. (It won’t.) That shit gets old fast. And I don’t miss it. Sure, there were bursts of meaningful productivity during my tenure, but the amount of wasted “productivity” probably could have paid for a half dozen kidney transplants. Now, what passes for innovation are platitudes about Artificial Intelligence and a return to command and control management. Good leaders were shown the door, and the ones that remain are at best, simply managers. We could also dive into the silly return-to-office policies and what joys a daily commute brings, but I’ll be happy to work from the coffee shop or my humble home office from here on in.     Taking on the Challenge of Getting a Real Estate License This was perhaps the biggest distraction of all during my inaugural summer of freedom. A real estate salesperson license would offer all sorts

Debt can make finances difficult and cause stress. That being said, it’s important to prioritize paying it off so you can focus on your other goals. The good news is that if you have the right mindset and you use these tips, you’ll understand how to pay off credit cards fast. Table of contentsWhy debt can hurt your financesHow to pay off credit cards fastExpert tip: Pick a few ideas and get startedWhat are the best 3 ways to pay off credit card debt fast?What is the fastest way to pay a credit card bill?How do you pay off $2,500 in credit card debt fast?Articles related to how to pay off credit card debt fastNow you know how to pay off credit card debt fast! However, to get in the right frame of mind, it’s worth understanding why credit card debt is so bad. Why debt can hurt your finances Having debt from credit cards that you are unable to pay in full each month can impact your financial goals. The worst-case scenario is bankruptcy (find out about types of bankruptcies).  However, even the smallest debt owed to your credit card issuers can limit your ability in terms of how much you save and, in turn, how much you are able to invest. This is because your money goes towards making credit payments each month. If you are able to create a debt repayment plan and knock down your credit card balance fast, you can then apply the money toward your goals. You can save and invest more and achieve your financial goals quickly. How to pay off credit cards fast Wondering how to pay off credit cards fast? Below is a list of 27 ways to rapidly knock down your credit cards (or other debt). For the biggest impact, use a combination of these tips in your debt-repayment strategy. If you stay focused for a few months, you’ll be surprised by the difference these small changes will make in paying off your debt. So here are our key tips on how to pay off your credit cards fast: 1. Develop the right money mindset Your mindset is your thought process and the way you think about things. Having a positive money mindset when it comes to paying off your debt is really important because you empower yourself and tell yourself that you can get rid of it. Studies even show there is power in positive thinking, according to U.S. Preventative Medicine. Paying off debt can take time, so you want to make sure you are mentally prepared. Tell yourself things like “I can do this,” “Being debt-free is worth it,” and “Goodbye debt.” Not only should you tell yourself these things, but you need to believe them as well. 2. Create a budget for your spending Creating a budget is your next step on how to get out of credit card debt. Here is an example of a budget to help you out! Develop a spending plan each month that accounts for not only what to do with savings, bills, and debt payments but also any other spending, like unplanned trips

Are you on the hunt for quick and easy dinner ideas for tonight? Wave goodbye to indecisiveness and settle on these simple The post 35 Dinner Ideas For Tonight That Are No-Fuss, Big Flavor appeared first on Gathering Dreams.

Downtown Querétaro is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the area is made for slow strolling. There are many pedestrian-only streets and multiple squares that are a wealth of activity. Many small-time vendors pack these streets selling a variety of items, most commonly clothing or jewelry during the day and food at night. Old […] The post Querétaro Embraces Its History appeared first on Bonus Nachos.

Music is one of life’s greatest gifts, and musicians are conveyors. As devoted fans, there are some beloved artists people just can’t let go of. For some, it is legendary rock icons or soulful crooners; for others, hip-hop stars or pop kings. The genre is irrelevant; here are 13 artists fans would bring back from the dead if they could. 1. Freddie Mercury Image Credit: Carl Lender / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0. Freddie […]