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Financial markets continue to be volatile while inflation rages on. At times like this it’s especially important to return to fundamentals. This month’s selections are heavy on this theme. Articles review fundamentals of building and managing a portfolio and fundamentals that dictate bond returns. We explore the idea that recent retirees may have hit a… The post June 2022 Best of the Web appeared first on Can I Retire Yet?.

Every quarter we summarize our favorite reads in our Bookworm Chronicle series. Since we retired, we read whatever we want, whenever we want.  Before the pandemic, about fifty percent of Dragon Gal’s reads were non-fiction. At the beginning of the pandemic she needed light, comforting … The post Bookworm Chronicles – Q2 2022 appeared first on The Dragons on FIRE.

I love a good early retirement or financial independence story! Everyone is so different, and it’s interesting to see how people have approached early retirement and financial independence. Plus, everyone has a unique idea and vision of what early retirement or financial independence means to them. If you are interested in learning about how to reach early retirement, the stories I’m going to share today will teach, motivate, and inspire you. Early retirement may sound […]

When I became a stay-at-home parent two decades ago, I didn’t use the term “side hustle.” But now I realize side hustling was, indeed, what I did when I found ways to make extra cash.   And most side hustles I tried back then are even more accessible today. Better online access means more legit and lucrative opportunities to earn additional money! Back then, there were fewer ways to make a side income. But when I […]

“You really need to do something about this tiny bathroom. You should have Pat make you a bigger one and then sell this house and a get a better one so you can get a better car.” Her words shocked me, but that’s been the way this particular friend of mine has been since the day I met her over a decade ago. She continued, “I can’t wait for next year to get my new car, […]

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Many people think investing is only about reading stock charts, going through the different financial parameters, reading quarterly and annual reports, and determining the future growth of a company. Although all of these are valid … Read more

6 Frugal Living Tips to Help You Battle Inflation is a post originally published on: Everything Finance – Everything Finance – Its all about Money! Inflation is something that we’ve all experienced this past year. We’ve witnessed food prices going up and felt the extra financial strain at the gas station. The cost of living is increasing at such a rapid rate. Frugal living tips have become crucial these days. With inflation reaching a 40-year […]

I’m always on the lookout for new examples of people living a Slow FI lifestyle. When I started following Self-Employed FI on Instagram earlier this year, I knew I wanted to pay attention to her story!   She recently transitioned from a six-figure digital marketing career into freelance work. She wanted a life with more freedom and flexibility so that she could spend her days doing the things she wanted to do. I loved this!   Not […]

The Physician Philosopher Podcast TPP 85: Money Mistakes Doctors Make Apple Podcasts Spotify Podcasts Google Podcasts Let’s be honest… we all love learning from other people’s financial mistakes. It is like a slow-motion car accident. You just can’t take your eyes away. Money mistakes are going to happen, and we are going to discuss a few common financial mistakes that doctors make.  Common Financial Mistakes Doctors Make Lisha and I have both made our share […]

In order to stay on top of your freelancing game, you need to battle burnout. I love what I do. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to be able to freelance write from home, earning a living for my family. However, even though I love to write, and I write about topics of interest to me, there are times that I start to feel burned out a little bit. That feeling of burnout can lead […]

We often use spending in an attempt to gain admiration and respect from our peers. Here’s why it doesn’t work and what we can do instead. Listen in Podcast Format It’s odd to say, but I just recently listened to my first episode of the Tim Ferriss Show. This podcast, a wildly popular lifestyle guru … Continue reading “A Quick Note for Those Struggling with Spending” The post A Quick Note for Those Struggling with […]

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Daniella Entering the workforce or thinking about making a career change? These LGBTQ+ friendly companies to work for have a history of supporting the queer community across their values, advertising, and company policies. While there’s plenty of giants out there like Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet that are well-known for being welcoming to queer folks, I wanted to shine the light on some employers that aren’t always in the […]

Hey, everyone! We’re in the midst of our road trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t write anything ahead so I’ll just post once per week about our travels. We decided to drive on this trip because the flight tickets were quite expensive. We also heard about all the domestic flight problems and we’d rather avoid those. Anyway, it’s better to drive because we’ll be able to visit more people and see more sights. We haven’t taken a road trip since 2019 so this trip is long overdue. Our first stop was Redding, CA. That’s about halfway between Portland and San Jose, CA. We got there in the evening so we didn’t really explore the town much. We just checked in to the motel and went out to eat. Oh, we paid $96 for a room at Motel 6. It was … adequate. Hotels and motels are a lot more expensive than the last time we drove to California. That’s why we’re staying with friends and families on this trip. Anyway, we stopped in Redding because Mrs. RB40 wanted to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park. I’d never heard of this park, but I’m really glad we went. It was the perfect half-day side trip. The Lassen Volcanic National Park The Lassen Volcanic National Park is a great side trip because visitors could see a lot of sights in just 4 hours. We saw idyllic lakes, snowy peaks, lush meadows, and neat volcanic activities. Mrs. RB40 said it’s like a mini Yellowstone without the geysers and annoying crowds. From Redding, it took us about an hour to arrive at the Northwest entrance. From there we took Highway 89 through the park. The highway is 30 miles long, but the section from the Northwest entrance to the Southwest entrance is just half that. We went through the mileposts in reverse order, from 15 to 0. There are some very nice stops along this section. Oh, the entrance fee was $30 per vehicle. Milepost 15 – Manzanita Lake Manzanita Lake is right next to the Northwest entrance station. There is a trail that goes around the lake, but we just did a small section. We were saving our legs for the Bumpass trail. There was plenty of tree cover on this trail so it’s nice and shady. We saw geese, squirrels, trout, chickarees, and various birds. It was a great start to our side trip. Milepost 14 – Chaos Jumbles pull out Imagine a rock slide racing nearly 100 miles an hour down the slope of this group of dome volcanoes. Visitors can pull over for a quick stop here to see where all the rocks came to rest. Milepost 13 – Nobles Pioneer Trail Wow, a real pioneer trail from the gold rush days. Mr. Nobles stumbled upon an easier trail from the Humbolt-Nevada road to Shasta. He got some backers to invest in this trail, but it never caught on. Some pioneers came through the trail, but most