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Last week we all ended up sick – fortunately not with covid, or the flu but the last few days I’ve just been resting/sleeping on the lounge all day. Today I’m feeling a lot better and have been up and about getting things done again.I did get a few more blocks done for Summer in the Country:I have the rest of the blocks cut out ready to sew. I’m looking forward to seeing this quilt […]

Last Updated on August 7, 2022 by Daniella One of the reasons I was able to build up multiple income streams and business on the side of my day job is because I am a 100% remote worker. As much as the social media girlies online will make you believe you have the same hours in a day as Beyonce, that’s nonsense. Having to commute to work can take up a lot of your time. […]

Hey everyone! Today, we have a guest post from Sam Dogan aka. Financial Samurai. I am chilling in the Maldives and I can’t get any work done. Fortunately, Sam offered to write a guest post for Retire by 40 and sent me his new book to review. I’m about halfway through Buy This, Not That and it is the best book on Financial Independence I’ve ever read. Sam will show you how to achieve financial independence and stay there. I’ve read many books on financial independence, but they all seem a bit outdated. Buy This, Not That is 100% applicable for us today. It’s really good. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet. Sam, take it away! One of the reasons why I like to follow Retire By 40 is because Joe and I actually have pretty similar backgrounds. He’s an Asian guy. I’m an Asian guy. He has a son. I have a son. We both retired in 2012 and we both run personal finance sites.  The main difference between us is that I consider myself a fake retiree. After all, these posts don’t write themselves! After 10 years of not having a day job, I’ve come to realize I always need to be doing something challenging. Perhaps part of it is because my wife also doesn’t have a day job and we’ve got two young kids. Once my son was born in 2017, it seemed like my DNA kicked in where I had to step it up. There was no more leisure lifestyle as a stay at home dad who enjoyed writing online. Instead, I felt like I needed to make more active income and passive income to provide.  Without the safety net of employment, it’s been hard to completely let go. As a result, I’ve always been open to new challenges and opportunities. The Opportunity To Write A New Personal Finance Book During COVID When an editor at Portfolio Penguin approached me at the end of 2019 to write a book, I was intrigued. I didn’t want to write a book given our daughter was just born in December 2019. The 4th trimester is generally the hardest period to raise a child. Further, we also had a rambunctious 2.5-year-old to care for as well.  However, back in 2012-2013, I tried my best to get a literary agent with no luck. Therefore, for an editor from a reputable publishing house to offer me a book deal felt too hard to turn down. I knew if I didn’t accept the offer, I would look back with regret.  When the COVID lockdowns began in March 2020, life got real tough real quick for stay at home parents. Signing a book deal was essentially like taking on a full-time job again along with my writing on Financial Samurai. I was overwhelmed and constantly felt under pressure.  But the great thing about hard work is that it doesn’t last forever. Two and a half years later on July 19, 2022, I

This post about how to get free products from companies contains references to products from one or more of my advertising partners. When you click on a link to any of these products, I may be compensated. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit my Earnings Disclosure & Disclaimer page for more information. Thanks for your support! Please also note that any prices, offers, and terms listed are subject to change […]

Field of play Off on different tangents We sometimes have to remind ourselves that the economy and the stock market are two different things. They do not march in lockstep. They sometimes go in different directions. We can illustrate this by looking at the relative performance of the economy and the stock market in certain periods. Our guide will be Warren Buffett. Two 17 year periods In an essay written for Fortune magazine published December […]

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Last November, I made the decision to pay off my wife’s remaining student loans. While it is always satisfying to get rid of debt, this wasn’t an entirely straightforward decision given how low the interest rate was. The loans had been refinanced to a variable rate, which at the time was sitting at a paltry 0.59%. I did the math and calculated that if the conditions of that moment continued, I could be expected to […]

The stock market outlook enters week 3 of the current uptrend, but failed to make much progress last week.

John Steinbeck and personal finance. Talk about some salacious clickbait! Whether or not you’re with me in the middle of the very niche Venn diagram The post John Steinbeck’s Hidden Personal Finance Advice In East of Eden appeared first on Impersonal Finances.

Everyone knows this to be true…. Even traditional investors are starting to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to add to their portfolios and get into the cryptocurrency market. Sign Up on popular platforms to start bitcoin trading. Since more people are starting to invest in bitcoin, some Canadian real estate agents are getting questions from clients about whether or not they can pay for a house with bitcoin. Many people who want to buy a […]

Personal finance tasks are occasionally (frequently?) not fun for many of us. Even as a personal finance writer who has found enough enjoyment in personal finance related activities to continue writing about them for over a decade, I’ll grant that the creation of account logins with government agencies is not high on the list of entertaining ways to spend some free time on a Saturday afternoon. But, as with most personal finance inputs, the future returns are often multitudes higher than the time invested. Taking a few minutes to create 5 governmental accounts that I’ll highlight in this article now could help prevent identity theft and save you dozens of hours of headaches in the future and even provide you with valuable insights, benefits, and features that you will likely repeatedly turn to. In other words: eat your broccoli. So, let’s get started. USPS Informed Delivery Where to create your account: USPS Informed Delivery website USPS Informed Delivery (link to my prior in-depth write up) is a free service that was launched by the U.S. Postal Service in 2017 (it is still rolling out nationally) that will email you and provide online images of letters and tracking information for packages that have entered the USPS distribution chain that are addressed to you and should theoretically hit your mail or PO Box soon. You can also see when an item was delivered. How is this information beneficial? I see at least a few valuable applications: It allows you to keep track of what is on its way and what was delivered while you are traveling (particularly helpful if someone needs to grab items off your porch or empty your mailbox while you are out of town). It allows you to roughly keep track of when a piece of mail will reach you or if it has even been sent out, which can prevent a lot of time on the phone with customer service at various institutions. It gives you assurance that everything that you are expecting to reach your mail box actually does, and take appropriate steps if it does not (e.g. monitoring your mailbox or reaching out to the sender). The benefits for helping to prevent identity theft are numerous. Unfortunately, the same Informed Delivery technology that provides this beneficial service and has the potential to help you prevent mail identity theft also has the potential to create it, if an identity thief beats you to creating an Informed Delivery account and has advance knowledge of what is about to hit your mailbox (e.g. packages or bank, credit card, tax, or other financial information). Enrollment requires a few basic pieces of information, such as the cities and addresses of prior residence and sale price of home – all of which could easily be found through public databases, social media, and elsewhere. There have been reported cases of this happening. So, it would be wise to get there first to claim ownership to protect yourself and gain the benefits

Getting on to the property ladder is a big decision. First-time buyers face a lot of stress and work, from meeting with banks, brokers and advisers and working out the true costs of buying a house to viewing properties and enduring sleepless nights as they wait to hear whether their offer has been accepted. But perhaps the most important task is finding the right deal out of the many first-time buyer mortgages available. The market […]

This week I was able to speak to Milan from FIRElife, chatting to him about FIRE, how it has impacted his life, and tips he may have for those interested or just starting out. It is amazing to see someone so passionate about documenting his FIRE journey to give some insight to beginners who may be unsure or have questions. If this sounds like you, I would definitely recommend that you check out his site […]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an official update on The Twenty Percent. That’s not because not much has been happening. Actually, it’s the opposite. Life has been so busy that it has been hard to have time to post as much as I would like. I’m trying to be more disciplined in my posting approach and should have more updates for you all soon. As we all know, the cost of living crisis […]