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Apartment investing can be one of the best ways to build wealth and grow your net worth. By purchasing an income property like an apartment complex you can reach financial freedom and build long term wealth. In this post, I’ll explore how to start apartment investing, how much money you can make investing in apartment complexes, and some easy methods to invest in multifamily properties. Let’s get started. How to Make Money Investing in Apartment […]

Creeping normality explains why what once was unacceptable to society is now an accepted normality. A powerful tool for governments and institutions, we should all be cautious of it.

There are plenty of reasons to think about investing in a short-term rental property out of state. You may have just gone on a vacation and decided the people who own the place you are renting were making a killing. … Read More

I’m part of a kayak/hiking group that provides tremendous fun (and free!) activities. It’s awesome What’s up friends! It’s another month of spending at FrugalWheels. You’ve probably noticed I am posting far less frequently on this blog. It’s because I am spending more effort on my YouTube channel, FrugalBC. The channel is different than FrugalWheels. My main focus is on financial independence and cryptocurrencies. Although crypto is a small part of my portfolio percentagewise, it’s […]

Thanks to Anthony Scaramucci and the whole Skybridge team for having me pop up on a panel about modern wealth management. Great to see Jon and Kari, my Halftime Report castmates, in-person for the first time in a year and half. Leanna did a great job with her sideline interviews. Anthony is back to doing what he does best. He once told me the difference between Wall Street and DC: At least on Wall Street […]

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If you’ve ever read any books or listened to any podcasts on personal finance, you’ve probably heard something about how people spend too much money dining out, rather than eating at home. But, I mean, is it really that big of a deal to spend 10 bucks on lunch? I decided to do an experiment. On one day, I would dine out for all of my meals. Another day, I would prepare and eat all […]

This post may contain affiliate links, for full disclosure, please visit the MLW disclosure page. Mobile devices have become indispensable tools. They allow us to do so much more than just make phone calls and send text messages. Today’s smartphones come loaded with powerful applications that help us manage both our work and personal lives.  And they could be one of the easiest solutions for accountants tasked with tracking down […] The post 10 Receipt […]

Sometimes I’ll ask my wife what our plans are for the weekend and she’ll say… ”We’re on the no-plan plan” It means we have no set commitments and can do whatever we want. I love weekends like this. We can be spontaneous, follow curiosities and do whatever we want in the moment. Also reminds me Read more about Just because I’m wandering, it doesn’t mean that I’m lost[…] The post Just because I’m wandering, it doesn’t mean that I’m lost appeared first on 5am Joel.

Image Credit Establishing a safe and secure business environment keeps your staff happy and can also strengthen trust from your customer base. However, ensuring your business is safe can be challenging. So what measures can you take to secure your business? Here are some immediate steps you can take to enhance the protection of your physical, financial or other intangible assets.   1. Implement a social media and email security policy    Email and social […]

If you were injured during your military career, veteran service officers and advocates advise you to file a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs, whether you’re still thinking about hanging up your uniform or have been out of the ranks for decades. It takes the VA an average of 138 days to make a decision on an applicant’s claim, according to the VA website. While the claims process is lengthy, there are some things […]

How are you doing with your money goals? At the time of this post, two-thirds of 2021 are in the rearview mirror. We’re heading into the final quarter of the year, so you should have a good handle on your progress. Have you been able to allocate your money towards your most important goals? If not, why not? And if your plans have been derailed, what are you doing to get them back on track […]

Yoga is good for the mind and for the body. While yoga started in India, lately it has become very popular in western countries as well. And that means, there is no shortage of places that teach you how to practice yoga and mindfulness Trying to find a good class that won’t cost you too… Continue… The post 9 Best Free Yoga Classes Near Me (for Beginners!) appeared first on MoneyPantry.com.

In this article I am going to show you how to calculate an early retirement from a teacher’s wage, specifically on a teacher’s wage in Victoria, Australia. You can, of course, extrapolate this method to teacher’s wages in other states or territories, or indeed other countries. You can also use this method using wage data from other occupations. I will cover two scenarios. Scenario one will be based on saving and investing 50% of your […]