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How Will the Coronavirus Affect My Investments? The stock market encountered a historic tumble today (dropping more than 3% for most of the major averages) as fears of the global pandemic coronavirus spread across the world, leaving investors with doubt and fears of their own. The virus first identified in early December has grown and spread across the Earth with little sign of slowing down. Over 2,100 people have reportedly died from the coronavirus so […]

Debunking Rich People Myths You hear so many myths and stereotypes about “rich people,” and I want to debunk common myths that might be keeping you broke. A client I’m working with, we’ll call her “Jane”, was killing it in her business. We were starting to move into sales, and I was telling her, “Listen, we’re going to have to check your preconceived notions about money because once you get into sales and you start […]

If you are thinking about starting a blog, one of the first things you should do is to go through the examples of successful blogs and get a better understanding of what to expect and what you can learn from them and implement in your own blog.  In this article, you will find a list […] The post 10 Successful Blog Examples: How A Small Personal Blog Grew Into A Full-Time Business appeared first on […]

I just wrapped up my update on whether the 4% rule still works. (Spoiler alert… it does) While doing that research I wanted to look at some other interesting facts around the S&P 500 returns. What is the average return over time? How quickly does it double? What happens in election years? Here are some of the facts around the S&P 500 S&P Historical Returns The S&P continues to deliver close to a 10% return […]

One thing that I’ve learned in the past while working with a software company, we had always set goals and had achievement milestones that we set for ourselves. Achievements for the company, individual development teams, as well as sales and support teams.  As we have outlined some of the goals. I recall a question that was once asked, “When are we done?” Was inquired by one of the developers.  That’s a really loaded question. I […]

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This week has been insane. I almost decided to skip my weekly blog update, but since I’m finally gaining momentum, that didn’t seem like the best move.  We’re halfway through our early vote initiative at my fellowship, and I’m so ready to have a break. It’s exhilarating and wonderful. We’re poll greeting and block walking and phone banking. And I love it – but this week has exhausted my poor little introvert self. I can […]

Curious to know why you won’t find any unmasked pictures of these FI Heroes on social media and why they have chosen to stay anonymous? Check out this week’s post to learn more.

Last week, I filled out a form to be on a podcast I really really admire and enjoy: Bigger Pockets Money Podcast. I even took a headshot (selfie!), and recorded a personality video. After which I forgot to add (d’oh!) and had to resubmit. This is a highly unlikely long-shot of getting asked to interview- … Continue reading “My dream Bigger Pocket’s Money Podcast Famous 4 answers”

Do you feel like you have a black cloud following you around when it comes to your finances? How’s your money karma? You’re trying to do the right things with your money, but something always throws you off that you have no control over, like a flat tire or an unexpected medical bill. I experienced this in my business several months ago. In fact, it was the “money week from hell.” Three of my clients […]

So you’re starting residency and it’s finally time to start thinking about federal resident/student loans repayment options. Maybe you’re thinking you shouldn’t have gone to med school in the first place, but that’s another topic. Residency is a stressful time, no need to add financial stress on top of those 80 hr work weeks. This guide will help answer all your questions on loan repayment during residency. PAYE vs REPAYE There are a lot of […]

Have you ever noticed how saying certain words can trigger certain emotions. Saying “I need to do something” or “I should do something” can cause feelings of anxiety.

I originally named this post Lazy Life Update. I put the word lazy in there because the post was going to be an easy one; just a bunch of photos of what we’ve been up to in the 1500 household. But then, I thought that the L-word may give folks the wrong idea. We’ve been anything but lazy over here. But, this post will still be a lazy one. I take LOTS of pictures and […]

Daycare Essentials for Infants or Toddlers Daycare is an emotional time for everybody. Getting what you need for daycare prepared in advance will be one less thing to worry about when the overwhelming drop off happens! Here are the essentials my daycare advised me to bring. There are also a few I added as we gained more experience with the daycare. This list applies to toddlers or infants. I’ve split it up into: ongoing/regular daycare […]