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When you owe the IRS money, it will attempt to collect the money you owe. One of the most important steps you can take is to avoid legal collections processes. If you owe back taxes, the IRS may put a lien against your property. This means that the IRS is the legal recipient of the funds if you choose to sell a car, sell your house, or if you liquidate any assets. The IRS can […]

One of my favorite jobs in college was working as a virtual assistant. I made great part-time money and worked from home. Working as a virtual assistant isn’t for everyone. It’s essentially office work being done at home, but it’s really inspiring to see how a successful business runs. There are so many benefits to working as a virtual assistant, but you may find that it’s not for you. We’re going to figure out whether […]

Note: This post was written in association with Kameo Investments in crowdfunding projects are something that I think is really interesting. That is why I have it as part of my asset allocation strategy and why I have written several blog posts about it. But how do you know if you should invest in a specific project? How do you evaluate crowdfunding projects? Should you just aim for the project with the highest returns? Or […]

It’s February, which means, among other things, that it’s RRSP season. When it comes to RRSPs, there are a number of important dates for Canadians to keep in mind, the least of which is the RRSP deadline. If you find the rules around when to contribute to RRSPs confusing, as well as RRSP related programs like the Home Buyers Plan, or the Lifelong Learning Plan, you’ve come to the right place. Are you ready? Let’s […]

Adam from Tampa is skeptical about working with a financial advisor and wants to know how to invest on his own. Andy,  I have a hard question for you.  For most of my life, I have been told what to do with my money. I had a family member work for Morgan Stanley and he invested for us for years.  Last year, we had some issues within the family and decided to part ways. My […]

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The idea of early retirement is exciting, but not if you’re paying penalties just to access your savings early. Find out how to make the most of your money. The post 7 Best Places to Save Your Money for Early Retirement appeared first on The Dough Roller.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means, when you use those links to make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no additional cost for you. That’s how I can keep the website up and running for years to come! Please read my disclosure for more info. Spread the love Do you check your personal finances, income, and expenses at the end of the month? Here is my monthly money routine that […]

People want money I recently spoke to someone on Twitter who confronted his financial advisor about the exceptionally high commission on their entire fund value. The FA eventually just shrugged and said: “Well, we all need to live!”. This is true – we all need to live. And we need money for living.  People want to get paid. Whether it’s through active or passive means, they will go to great lengths to get more cash. […]

Kayla, wife and mother of three, discusses her recent mindset transformation with Jillian. Discovering That Something Was Missing A few months ago, Kayla was hired on as Jillian’s executive assistant. Since Jillian was going off to a conference, she asked Kayla to work through some of Jillian’s free training materials and life planning tools to learn more about the brand. During this process, Kayla had a wake-up call. At first, … Read more The post […]

Yes, you read it right. There is no typographical error in the title. A minor swap of ‘a’ and ‘e’ does make a huge difference. A “multi-beggar stock” is a casual reference to the very opposite of a multibagger stock! R Srivatsan explains how his method to spot bad businesses came good and how you can do it too! In April 2017, R. Srivatsan (who would like to be referred to as a freefincal reader) […]

When I was younger, I only drove lemons. I bought the CHEAPEST CARS POSSIBLE. I am talking minivans at $1900 cash, and then another minivan at $10,000 (that one hurt, I was expecting $5000… but my partner told me I just got lucky with the first lemon.) I very proudly drove these cars because it was a badge of frugality and how woke I was to my finances. It showed the world, myself and to […]

Save money, invest said money and repeat. This portfolio strategy is basically that simple and it helps you earn more money and keep that money in your hands. Who wouldn’t want to try out a simple strategy that helps them make more money? This is the strategy I have been using for the past 6 years. I was taught it when I was an intern at a wealth management firm outside of Boston. These advisors […]

I love our dividend stock portfolio! Dividend income is my favorite form of income because it is very passive. I don’t have to do much and the dividends will keep rolling in AND grow. I used to like rental properties as well, but they are too much work for me now. These days, I don’t have time or to be a DIY landlord anymore. That’s why I invest in Real Estate Crowdfunding. I can benefit […]