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The decision to save for your children’s education is a personal one. If you can make this financial decision, you are likely doing well. Today, we will assume that you clicked on this blog post because you are considering different options to invest in your children’s education. The purpose of this article isn’t to give investing advice, though we will attempt to answer the question, “Is a 529 plan worth it”? There are several different […]

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim interviews his good friend, Dr. Pranay Parikh. Pranay is a hospitalist and has experience with active and passive investing. Dr. Parikh is a partner in the Ascent Equity Group and is the co-founder of Passive Real Estate Academy that helps others begin their journey towards financial freedom through passive real estate.   Peter and Pranay dive into the importance of doing due-diligence, focusing on how to move through the current […]

Have you heard of the Telfar shopping bag? If you haven’t, where have you been? These little bags are taking the fashion world by storm, thanks to their reasonable price point and inclusivity. The founder of the bag, Telfar Clemens, seeks to make the bag accessible to everyone. However, because the bags are so popular, you may have a hard time buying one, partly because there are no Telfar shopping bag stores. . .yet. What’s […]

This is a guest post from Michael Laurence. Previously at Get Rich Slowly, Michael has shared his thoughts on investment risk and what happens when more money makes you miserable. You hear the phrase “the game of life” all the time. There are books on Amazon instructing us on how to win at the “game of life”. Hell, Milton Bradley’s “The Game of Life” from 1860 — still sold today — was the first popular […]

Once you’ve gotten out of debt and built up a little bit of savings, then there is a whole new challenge: Earning some actual interest on your saved money. Interest rates have been low for many years. With high inflation, it is a challenge to keep your buying power. It is even harder to grow… | Read More… The post Making More Money On Your Money appeared first on KateHorrell.

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… The post Buy and Hold: The Ultimate Guide to the Strategy appeared first on Filled With Money.

After 30 or so hours of getting my taxes ready for filing this year and feeling pretty smug for finishing ahead of schedule, I found out that I needed to complete the T1135 form. Or else I would face a hefty T1135 late filing penalty … Read moreT1135 Form (The Low Down) The post T1135 Form (The Low Down) appeared first on Genymoney.ca.

Learning how to ace an interview is no simple task. It’s more than answering a few questions and showing up well-dressed. In order to ace an interview, you need preparation, strategy, and a little bit of charm. If you’ve got an interview that’s lined up or just want to get ahead of the hiring process, here’s how to ace a job interview! Days before the interview You might be thinking that preparing the night before […]

If you’re thinking about driving a cheap old car, I think you should. The benefits of driving one far outweigh the joy of driving an expensive new car. Something disappointing happened on the last day of our Lake Tahoe vacation. After loading up the car I swung around to the driver’s side. There, I saw Read More… The post The Biggest Benefit Of Driving A Cheap Old Car: Better Mental Health! appeared first on Financial […]

Yesterday I was at the gas station and I observed a soccer mom topping off the tank of her bright yellow Hummer. And when I say “topping off,” I mean really topping it off. She must have squeezed that hose handle a dozen times – and each time she did, the gas pump reacted with one of those obnoxious attention-getting retorts warning her that the tank was full. You know … Thunk. Thunk, thunk. Thunk. […]

Life can get crazy as hell sometimes. Nobody knew that the last couple of years would be like this. I like to keep it real, and I can’t lie; it’s been weird as hell. The good this is that things are starting to get better. If you’ve been going through some things, I have a…

Before diving into the selections, I want to take a moment to thank all of the readers who left such thoughtful and respectful comments the past two weeks. I normally try to respond to every comment on the blog. The number and depth of the comments these past couple of weeks has simply been overwhelming. So… The post Best of the Web 8/15/2022 appeared first on Can I Retire Yet?.

Having good credit and enough money to pay your monthly bills are keys to being financially stable. If you’ve stumbled along the way – perhaps you’ve had poor credit in the past – there are many personal finance apps with tools designed to help you recover your footing and build a stronger financial future. One such app is Brigit, which, according to its mission statement, aims to help users “build credit, spend wisely, avoid unfair […]