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The main difference between stakeholders vs shareholders is that a shareholder has ownership in the company, whereas a stakeholder is generally someone who has interest in the company, but not necessarily a financial interest. The post Stakeholder vs. Shareholder: What’s The Difference? And Why It Matters. appeared first on .

In between lockdowns is a fantastic time to catch up with old friends. Recently, I’ve had 3 separate high school reunions with women I haven’t seen for 40 years or so. Each reunion has been so much fun – it’s odd how our lives have been so different in the little details, but have still been the same(ish) in terms of the broad-brush-stroke events. But something I found myself pondering after the first couple of […]

Get your fix of Australian financial independence content from Rask Australia, Burning Desire for FIRE, My Millennial Money, and Project Palm Tree. But wait, there’s more! International FI content from Playtirement, Stop Ironing Shirts, The Woke Salaryman, and Filled With Money. The post Australian FI Weekly #77 appeared first on Frugality and Freedom.

Rogue activity, client money fraud – What if your Broker goes bust? With Stock Market at all time high, increased speculation, signs of exuberance that can drag down multiple brokers at the same time, advent of ‘free trading’ and gamification of investing, it is a matter of time before the market experiences stress again.  Can a Broker fail? Could it be yours?  It may be surprising that a big focus is on fees and less on […]