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Get a new car for free. Here is how I got my car for free and also am being paid to keep it! Crazy right? Read on to see how I did it! The post How I got a car for free with smart Financial Planning appeared first on Little Saves🔥-Best ways to Earn and Save Money, Invest & FIRE.

Student loans are a big reason why so many people cannot get ahead financially. With large monthly payments for years to come, many are finding it tough to get by. And recent studies have shown the scary statistics of student loan debt as the fastest growing debt! If you are struggling with your student loans, you are looking for help. Fortunately, there are things you can do to pay off your student loans faster than […]

Dominique Jackson To see Dominique Jackson now, you may think she came from an easy life. Now a model, author, and activist in the LGBTQIA+ community, Dominique has had anything but.  This is Dominique Jackson This is the story of Dominique Jackson, how she started out life on a small island in the Caribbean with a rough start. Knowing that her life could end at any moment there, she moved to America at a young […]

This post may contain affiliate links, for full disclosure, please visit the MLW disclosure page. Solo travel is a great way to not only learn about the world, but also discover who you are, and push the boundaries of your comfort zone. However, solo travel can get intimidating (there’s so much to do to prepare!) and expensive as you no longer have anyone to split costs with. Travel hacks can […] The post Solo Travel? […]

Looking for a way to scale your business and increase your income without being needed at the office all day? Digital products could be the solution you’re looking for. There’s an endless number of digital product ideas that could help you establish your own business, take your business to the next level, or just help you bring in extra income. What Is a Digital Product? A digital product is one that is created, sold, and […]

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When a homeowner files bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, their unsecured debts are eliminated by their discharge from bankruptcy or upon the full completion of their proposal. This matter can be complicated when an unsecured creditor has registered a writ with the Sheriff’s office. What is a writ A writ is an official court document, signed by a judge or other authority, ordering the defendant to perform a specific action (usually to pay a certain […]

The next regular, active duty payday is Wednesday, 15 July 2020.  Most military members will have their military pay deposited on Wednesday, 15 July 2020. Some military-friendly banks and credit unions offer early crediting of direct deposited military pay, so your pay might be credited prior to that date. The biggest bank that offers this benefit… | Read More… The post When Is The Next Military Payday? appeared first on KateHorrell.

Wait, a blog post!?  So much has happened since then that I have not gone around creating any. To start, I was furloughed at the beginning of June and the way it looks, my company may not bring me back until late this year if not, the beginning of 2021.  So I filed for unemployment […] The post Expense Chronicles – June 2020 appeared first on Chronicles Of A Father With Cents.

With the recent pandemic, job loss, reduced hours, and financial uncertainty have been at the forefront of many of our minds.  Most people including myself, have decided that increasing the … Read more The post Where to Put Emergency Fund? appeared first on Genymoney.ca.

Nothing makes me a happier camper more than to be organized and have everything in a designated place when camping. By having camping storage ideas, you are able to enjoy camping better because you are not stressed over disorganization and clutter. Think about it, while you are camping you want to organize each space like you would at home. If you need something medical, it should be near or around the bathroom. If you are making dinner […]

So far, 2020 has been extremely turbulent for investors. We’ve seen historic highs as well as steep rises and declines in single days. It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure. While the stock market and traditional investments like mutual funds and ETFs remain popular and effective options, it’s very possible that you’re interested in having a portion of your portfolio invested in something that isn’t subject to the wild swings that we’ve seen recently […]

There’s no shortage of small investment ideas now that financial platforms are finally catering to investor demand.  Many of the asset classes we take for granted today weren’t readily available to beginner investors a decade ago. Access to commission-free online brokers, fractional shares, and innovative exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has broadened the universe of investments available… Read more The post 25 Small Investment Ideas to Cultivate Wealth appeared first on Retire Before Dad.

Net Worth Update June 2020 [A New Record] Net Worth Update June 2020 [A New Record] Welcome to the June 2020 net worth update. Just going to get right to it. June 2020 was a record setting month for our net worth. After the crazy March we had, the turnaround story still has not let up. I’m sure many of you reading this who are diversified in the stock market are experiencing a similar net […]