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It’s Sunday and I’m headed home from my first ever FinCon. While I had started blogging before the conference in 2017, I wasn’t enmeshed in the community in a real way at that point and didn’t really think about going. 2018, however, was a very different story. I still didn’t go – much because it was all the way in Orlando as well as bad timing with work, but I had met a number of […]

“The saddest people are those who don’t know what they want” – Larry from the “Newness” movie. I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie “Newness” on Netflix. I’m guessing not many since it’s a movie about swingers (and no I’m not talking about dancers from the 1920s). We watched it only because we have friends in the swinger community (No. Not us, FRIENDS. FRIENDS!).   Anyhoo, so, basically the premise of […]

We all know it can be difficult to keep our finances under control. Especially in an era where credit is readily available, and there are… The post 6 Reasons Why We Lose Control of Our Finances appeared first on Savings and Sangria.

Having a family emergency binder is one of the best ways to keep track of important information in the event that you have to deal with a natural disaster, fire, or other emergency situation. It’s a peace of mind that lets you focus on getting yourself and your family together, rather than trying to gather[…] The post Family Emergency Binder: Is It Actually Cheaper to Make Your Own? appeared first on Millennial Money Man.

One of my favorite movies is The Italian Job. After stealing $35 million worth of gold, explosives expert, Left Ear, asks his fellow thieves what they are planning to do with the money. In other words, now that they are rich, how are their lives going to change? The answers range from simple (a great stereo system) to extremely complex (a house in Spain that includes a library full of first-editions and a room for […]

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Bet you didn’t know that one of the worlds most well-known and credited financial geniuses of our time, started making money in the stock market at just 11 years old. His name? Warren Buffett. Today, he’s worth approximately $79 billion dollars! To give you a visual on the number of zeroes that is, that’s $79,000,000,000. Perhaps one of his biggest advantages he had over others, is the age at which he began seeking to make […]

The Post (#1) A big reason for starting this blog was the fact that I was not finding resources for many of the challenges I was facing at mid-life. Some of them were related to career skills and job opportunities. Others were related to unexpected health challenges and how to best deal with them. While I’ve worked at creating some of those resources, I’ve realized I drifted off track with many others. My Wax on […]

FinCon is where money and media meet. This was the second year I attended the conference. They’ve been bringing together personal finance content creators for the past decade — bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, financial planners and financial coaches all come together each year to learn strategies on ways to create better content, engage with their audiences, and increase their reach. This isn’t a typical financial services conference where most of what is said is boring and […]

The below student loan story was written by Andrew Rombach. More about him at the end of this post. Like most people my age, I went to college to pursue a degree that might come in handy for finding a better-paying job. After graduation, I had nearly $28k in student loan debt to my name […] The post Paying Student Loans Early: The Reasons I’m Budgeting to Knock Off Debt appeared first on Invested Wallet.

I went to Target this weekend for some last minute shopping for our upcoming trip to Europe with Baby AF. It was our third trip to Target, recently, because no matter how many lists I make there’s always something I think of later. The worst part is that, thanks to an ongoing renovation at our Target store, I can’t even engage in my favorite junk food shame: ordering the chicken fingers from the little food […]

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you!). To learn more, read our full disclosure policy. What could make me happier thanwatching Motley play in the snow!? It’s official! I want to do it. Gretchen Rubin lit a fire in my heart when I read her book, The Happiness Project. As I read, I kept asking myself why didn’t I read this book […]

GYM September 2019 Net Worth Update: (+0.2%) Here’s my net worth update for September, just mildly in the positive this month.  As mentioned in previous updates, my goal is to get to a 7 figure net worth by the time I am 40, and to generate $35,000 in dividend income by the time I am […] The post September 2019 Net Worth Update appeared first on

For some reason, August is when I get all my insurance bills. It’s the car insurance month and it’s also the renter’s insurance month. On top of that, I’ve got my standard health insurance bills coming through and it’s a recipe for a tough savings month. We’re also taking a trip to Atlanta in a […] The post Dividend and Expense Review – August 2019 – All My Insurance Bills appeared first on Time In […]