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If you’re open to retiring overseas, financial independence can become a reality for you a lot sooner. You still need to work hard, control your expenses and plan for the future, but your early retirement path may be easier than you originally planned. This is the reality for our next young millionaire in our series, Gillian. She hit young millionaire status, became financially independent and is now enjoying a life of early retirement with her […]

I love 20Cogs as a way to make extra money, but choosing which offers to do can be quite daunting. Here are the exact offers that will earn you £165.02 profit at 20Cogs. What is 20Cogs?  20Cogs is awebsite where you can earn extra money by completing easy tasks which can range from: Entering Competitions […] The post These exact offers will earn you £165.02 profit appeared first on Make Money Without A Job.

How to Become a Lazy Genius Share65 Pin10 Tweet Share 75 Shares November 19, 2020 by Chelsea Download on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode… In today’s episode, I’m talking to New York time best-selling author and podcast host, Kendra Adachi. Kendra is a professional permission giver and systems expert and she wants you to know you actually don’t have to do it all. We’re talking about identifying […]

Distributing or Accumulating ETFs? Let’s take an example that often comes up in comments from my readers. A popular ETF, the Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS, that has two share classes: Distributing Dividends Share Class (VWRL) Accumulating or Reinvesting Dividends Share Class (VWRA, VWCE or VWRP, depending on the exchange) Which one is more beneficial for a Long Term Investor?  Choosing a distributing vs accumulating Share Class comes down to determining (i) whether you are still saving for retirement (ii) your […]

Tracking your expenses can be difficult and time-consuming. Here are the best income and expense trackers to help you better manage money matters.  Keeping a close tab on expenses is part and parcel of being a responsible adult, but for those who are wearing lots of hats, managing finances can be a massive ordeal. Day to day expenses can pile up as soon as money comes in. Without knowing your financial status, overspending can be […]

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According to Psychology Today, “More than 6 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and that number is expected to grow significantly as the U.S. population ages. As a result, researchers across the globe are trying to find ways to strengthen aging brains and prevent dementia later in life.” Yikes! This is a bit shocking, right? If you’re like me—an overachiever and self-professed recovering perfectionist—you’re all over “what can I do to help my […]