Going on a Date at a Trampoline Park

If you’re looking for an energetic date idea that’s a little more creative than dinner and a movie, a trampoline park might just be the way to go.

Going to a trampoline park is fairly inexpensive, they get you moving, and they generally offer a variety of fun attractions.

Now, will there potentially be a lot of kids around? Yes.

Does this mean that a trampoline park is no place for an active pair of Millennials? Absolutely not.

I mean, what’s more satisfying than whooping on some 12-year-olds in a game of trampoline dodgeball with your date? (I’m kidding… maybe.)

There’s also always the potential to completely humiliate yourself in front of your date, but this could make for some great shared laughs. A date at a trampoline park may even give you the opportunity to see how the other person handles embarrassing situations.

In this post, I’ll share with you my experience with a trampoline park date, and what are some activities to expect to do on your date.

My Experience on a Trampoline Park Date

A few weeks ago, I went to a trampoline park on a date and had some great, care-free fun.

As a dating millennial, it can be easy to fall into a groove of go-to dates, and a trampoline park is a welcome change in scenery.

A relaxing, but upbeat, date which is enjoyable for both people is almost always a recipe for success. It is okay to have dates that are low key sometimes, but I really enjoy high-energy dates as well.

The trampoline park date idea definitely falls under the high-energy category!

I really like this as a date idea because it’s outside of my comfort zone, especially as a young adult, and it’s something few people do. The nostalgia factor is also a plus (when was the last time you jumped on a trampoline??).

Activities You Can Do on a Date at a Trampoline Park

At the trampoline park, there are many attractions for a fun and care-free date.

The main area of a trampoline park will typically have a bunch of trampolines you could just bounce around on. There are also angled trampolines on the wall where you can bounce off of horizontally. These were fun to run into because they would absorb your momentum and send you flying back across the trampoline floor.

I hadn’t jumped on a trampoline for about five years, so this was a great throwback to my younger days!

Another typical trampoline park attraction is a horizontal rock-climbing wall with a foam pit below. We decided to compete to see who could climb to the top of the wall. If you fell, you would be the loser. I’m highly competitive and this added an extra layer of fun 🙂

Another attraction was a dodgeball arena on trampolines. I love dodgeball and it was super fun being able to throw balls with 10-year-olds. Also, the fact that the dodgeball is on trampolines just added to the madness!

Imagine jumping several feet into the air to barely miss the hit of a dodgeball coming right at you – this is exhilarating to say the least!

I was able to get a few kids out. Once I got a ball to the face though, I said, “I’m done” and went to the next attraction.

Lastly, there were basketball hoops and a foam pit that you could jump into. I almost hurt myself performing dunks on the basketball hoop because I would jump up on the trampoline and be so high in the air that my head was in danger of hitting the rim!

There are so many attractions at these huge trampoline parks and I definitely am interested in going back in the future.

Top Trampoline Parks to Visit on a Date

All over the United States, there are a number of trampoline parks to try out and attend.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of a few trampoline parks I’ve been to which can give you some options for your date.

Sky Zone

Sky Zone is a fantastic trampoline park option for your date. There are over 200+ Sky Zone locations across the United States.

The prices are pretty reasonable and start at $16 an hour. If you pay for more than 60 minutes, you’ll pay less per hour.

Sky Zone activities include the Main Court (freestyle jump), the Foam Zone, SkySlam, Ultimate Dodgeball (subject to availability), and more!

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a fun trampoline park in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area. Prices start at $11 an hour and go down as you pay for more than 60 minutes.

For Millennial couples living in Minneapolis looking for a date idea, Zero Gravity is just a short drive up 35W into Mounds View.

Helium Trampoline Park

Helium Trampoline Park has two locations, in the Quad Cities and Milwaukee.  Prices start at $11 an hour and go down as you pay for more than 60 minutes.

Similar to the other trampoline parks, Helium offers a number of the same awesome attractions.

There are probably a number of amazing trampoline parks in your area as well, and a simple Google search should help out with planning your date.

Going to a Trampoline Park for a Date is a Great Idea!

Overall, trampoline parks are a great date idea for millennial couples who want to try something new.

You’ll get in a good workout, experience a rush of adrenaline with your date, and you will have a perfect excuse to go get ice cream afterward.

Even though there will be a lot of 5-to-13-year-old kids hanging around, it is fun to take part in the young energy and change it up from the more ordinary restaurant or bar scene dates. Another factor was that for 1 hour of jumping, it cost around $15, which was not too bad considering all we did.

Again, raising the energy level on your dates will lead to a happy, fun-filled, and highly memorable time. It is important to make sure that you always keep it light.

When you are at work, you can be serious.

When you are relaxing, it should be fun!

Happy jumping 🙂

What are some other date ideas that you have tried? What are some non-typical ideas for other young adults who may want to switch it up?

Date Night Ideas: Go to A Trampoline Park