4 Investment Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic Era  

In the early weeks of 2020, few could have predicted just how quickly (and dramatically) things were about to change for nearly every industry.

It was in March of that year that the COVID-19 pandemic fully began to make its way across the globe. Seemingly overnight, businesses were upended. Consumer behaviors in areas like retail changed, possibly forever. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the economy, which brought with it intense anxiety.

Even now that things are settling into this “new normal” that we’re all a part of, the economic landscape continues to evolve around us. Some areas of our lives have returned to normal. Some – like hybrid work models – are here to stay.

But this level of disruption is only a bad thing if you choose to view it as such. In reality, there are a number of key sectors that are poised for growth moving forward. By understanding as much as you can about them and taking advantage of them, you put yourself in the position to turn investment uncertainty into an investment opportunity in the fastest way possible.

The Power of Real Estate

Most of us are no doubt aware of the almost immediate impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on real estate. Once everyone was in lockdown and realized how valuable owning a home would be during that experience, home prices surged, and inventory practically flew off the market. Even though things with the pandemic are calming down, there’s still an incredible amount of growth to be enjoyed.

Take wholesale real estate, for example. While the values of traditional real estate investing may have gotten so high that new investors, in particular, are having a hard time getting started, wholesale real estate is just as accessible as ever. Low inventory has even inspired wholesalers to work together to share and take advantage of opportunities like never before.

The Perseverance of Technology

Maybe the biggest shift for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic was the idea that we would suddenly be working from home for the foreseeable future. Even though many people have returned to the office by now, some will remain in a hybrid model, and some will remain fully remote. This is because it gives them a better work/life balance, allows them to be more productive, saves the business money, or likely all of these at the same time.

This is one example of the disruption that COVID-19 caused for the technology sector, which has also become an invaluable investment opportunity. New technologies – especially those in the VR and AR spaces – are cropping up all the time to help take advantage of this “new normal” that we’re a part of. 

Investing in those technology companies that really seem to understand how technology can help us move forward, as opposed to how it can get us back to “the way things used to be,” is the type of thing that people should definitely be paying attention to.

The Importance of Healthcare

Experts agree that when the pandemic came along, it dramatically (and likely permanently) shifted the value chain of the United States healthcare system. 2020 and especially 2021 were particularly challenging times. But while the sector is still experiencing challenges involving a labor shortage, it is actually growing in other areas.

It has been anticipated that healthcare business model changes will shift and accelerate in three core areas – diversification, vertical integration, and new business building. It’s the last point in particular that makes the space an especially attractive opportunity for investors moving forward. 

Remember that even during the height of the pandemic, innovation and growth still continued in terms of healthcare services.This will continue to be true, especially as pandemic-era shifts like the increased use of telehealth are seemingly here to stay.

Sustainability is More Important Than Ever

Finally, if there was any one lesson to be taken from the pandemic, it’s the idea that sustainability is truly more important than ever. This is true regardless of the type of business you’re talking about or even the industry that it is operating in.

When the pandemic hit, and the global supply chain almost immediately began to suffer, it was due in part to organizations that had grown too large and inefficient over time. Sustainability best practices can help eliminate waste and inefficiencies, streamlining things and protecting against future risk.

Sustainability is also essential in terms of protecting the environment – something that modern-day consumers have shown that they are very concerned about. Because of that, businesses known for being sustainable and enabling sustainability in others represent incredible investment opportunities and will likely continue to do so for years to come.

A New Era of Investment Opportunities

Ultimately, it’s important to understand that this post-pandemic shift in consumer behavior, coupled with the intense acceleration of digital transformation, will be admittedly challenging for many people. Entire business models will need to be rethought if they’re not thrown out entirely.

But they also present unique opportunities for investors, particularly in those areas outlined above. This is absolutely one of those situations where the old adage of “knowledge is power” applies. By understanding as much as you can about not only where the economic landscape is but how it got here, you can gain the types of valuable insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. That allows you to capitalize on the changing dynamics, securing profitable returns in the “new normal” along the way.