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A mother of a 3-year-old posted in the AITA group, wanting to know whether it would come off as weird if she asked for an invite to a birthday party her daughter had not been invited to. New Here? The … Read More

Assest You Should Consider To Build Your Wealth

Do you need to make extra cash quickly? Thankfully, there are many realistic ways to get a free $5 instantly or very fast. This article covers realistic and legit ways to put money in your pocket quickly. You’ll learn how to make $5 fast with several different methods. How to Make 5 Dollars Fast There are many ways to get easy money quickly. Here you’ll find the best options and specific suggestions and resources to […]

US stocks are at the center of most investment portfolios. Diversification is still a positive thing, and many investors are looking to balance their portfolios with exposure to emerging markets. Emerging markets can be tempting, but for many investors, they are a completely new world. Here are some points to consider as you build an emerging market portfolio. Does Emerging Market Investing Work? In our previous article on Brazil, we explained how the US and […]

A recent study shows that on average, parents in the United States get just shy of 4 weeks of paid family leave, in addition to 18 days of unpaid family leave when they welcome a new baby. For 73% of Americans surveyed, this cumulative seven weeks of paid and unpaid time out of the office is not enough. In order to top up the employer-provided leave, 36% of workers use an average of four vacation […]

These incredible sandwich recipes are perfect to satisfy your cravings and will transform even the simplest ingredients into carb-filled delights. From protein-rich The post 25 Best Sandwich Recipes For A Mouthwatering Lunch Break appeared first on Gathering Dreams.

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While we were in the mystical city of Cincinnati recently, we did a live Drunk AMA on YouTube! It was great. We slow-flossed to a church hymn and dispelled the rumor that Ducky is, in fact, a vampire. One of the questions we received was about Experian Boost. It’s just one of many services that offer to raise your credit score… for a fee. Even in our chaotic drunken state, we were lucid enough to unequivocally recommend that most of you shouldn’t bother with these paid services. There’s an easier, faster, and free way to raise your credit score! Since not everyone wants to suffer through a 97-minute YouTube video of our collective vocal fry, I am now here to share the wisdom of how to instantly raise your credit score for free. Cast aside those paid services that promise you a better credit score! This is all you need to know. The slow and steady way to raise your credit score If you haven’t read our primer on credit scores, how they work, and how they’re calculated, go read it now. We’ll wait. For those of you who just recklessly disobeyed my order (you will be tried in the Supreme Court of Bitch Nation by a jury of your peers at a later date), your credit score is determined by these factors: Payment history, 35%. Pay your bills in full and on time every time and you’ll nail it. Miss payments, or make late or partial payments and your score will suffer. Utilization ratio, 30%. This is the amount of available credit you have vs. what you’ve used. A low utilization ratio is good for your score. Length of credit history, 15%. The longer your credit history, the better your score. So keep your oldest card open and use it occasionally. Credit mix, 10%. Diversify with multiple kinds of credit: not only a credit card, but student loans, a car payment, a mortgage, or a temporary loan of musical talent from that creepy guy you met at a crossroads at midnight. New credit, 10%. Your credit score suffers when you apply to a lot of new lines of credit all at once because it makes you look risky. So strategically space out any new credit applications. Play the long game The best way to keep a high credit score is to excel at each of these factors consistently over time. Just never ever fuck up! It’s that easy, y’all! But the factors are weighted! So focus on them accordingly. Don’t trust your oldest line of credit to keep you in good standing with the credit reporting bureaus while you’re missing payments on all your debt. The simplest way to maintain a high credit score

Digital artworks known as NFT (non-fungible token) visuals are sweeping the art world. These are one-of-a-kind digital assets that are kept using blockchain technology, making it simple to confirm their authenticity. Digital paintings, graphics, animated gifs, and even 3D sculptures can all be used in NFT pictures.  NFT pictures have gained popularity recently and some […]

We publish tons of stories decrying the United States. Last week, we posted a piece highlighting the outrage Europeans feel when they learn about America’s working conditions, and the week before, we discussed things other countries do better.  All that may make you think we don’t like our own country, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We love America. We simply want to make it a better place for everyone.  But we appreciate […]

If you want to switch banks and are interested in a high-yield or high-interest savings account, here are some suggestions you should consider according to an online financial forum. Of course, when looking at a new financial institution, it is always good to read the fine print of the account before signing up. Users urged those searching to verify that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protected the bank, ensuring that the Federal government insures […]

While it may seem scary to get started, there are many easy, low cost ways to start learning how to code. Learning how to code can open up a world of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. It can help you develop skills in problem-solving, logic, and creativity, and can lead to a career […] The post Unlock Your Coding Potential: Where You Can Learn How To Code appeared first on Keeping Up With […]

Increasingly, separated and divorced parents are either choosing or being forced by courts to share parenting time equally. While it makes sense for a parent with minority time to pay support to a majority time parent — off-setting some of the daily costs of raising a child, as well as compensating a majority-time parent for […] The post 50/50 custody: The essential elements you should know appeared first on Wealthysinglemommy.com.

What kid didn’t love reading comic books? They’re an integral part of many people’s childhoods, but often, people disregard comics as they grow up. However, you don’t have to. For some, comics make a valuable collection. Even better, there’s good money in comic books, especially if you know what to look for. As you get older, you may find your hobby shifts from reading comic books to collecting them. Is There Money in Comic Books? […]

With Bitcoin’s price nearly doubling in the last 3 months, it inevitably gets people interested and so I have been getting more questions like: And so I wanted to take a few minutes today to give my thoughts on it. And just to give you some background, I have been a Christian following Jesus for […] The post The Bible & Crypto (Should Christians invest in Bitcoin?) appeared first on SeedTime.