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The post Brookfield (BAM) Plans To Become Asset Light appeared first on Dividend Power. In my recent Consider Blackstone For Alternative Asset Exposure post, I explain my rationale for investing in the world’s largest asset manager based on market capitalization. I also disclose a position in Brookfield Asset Management (BAM); my exposure also includes positions in publicly listed entities that fall under the BAM umbrella. While both are leaders in their own right, there is […]

According to Bloomberg News, a benchmark ESG stock index was found to remove Tesla Inc, triggering a debate about which organizations do not and do pass muster with the investors that are socially aware.  More on the removal of Tesla from S&P Index Tesla has become a $735 billion company on the back of the breakthrough EV engineering. The carbon footprint of Tesla is just a fraction of what its peers have. The company’s success […]

It’s World Meditation Day—a day set aside for everyone to clear their minds and embrace a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Many people swear by meditation but, for some of us with overactive minds, it can end up being more about frustration than relaxation. Fortunately, there are alternatives to meditation to help you destress. The post Alternatives to meditation to help you destress appeared first on Boomer Eco Crusader.

1. I don’t know if you remember but last fall, I was stressed. And one night, since fabrics were on sale and I needed a project to distract from the horrible stuff going on with COVID, and work, and our stress-faces at home, I bought 16 yards of fleece. That’s right. 48 feet of fleece. […]

Shopping online lets you search for the best prices and avoid going to stores. It also allows you to use apps that make it easier to save money. The Honey app can automatically apply discount codes for instant savings when you shop online. Then, you can earn rewards points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards to save on future purchases. This Honey review covers how the mobile app and browser extension can […]

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It’s not quite summer yet, but that gives you the great opportunity to get ready and make sure that summer energy costs don’t bust your wallet. With oil and gas zooming to record cost levels, you can bet the home use of electricity and energy will be more expensive this summer than ever before. It’s time to get back to basics here at Super Saving Tips and talk about how you can save your money […]

Welcome back! In this week’s episode, I talk about my recent write up on a case update for a scam alert on a mobile home investing guru. (Note: Be sure to check out the podcast page which I’ve updated to show you where you can subscribe to the podcast. Thanks!) So let’s get started with the forty-eighth episode of the podcast: Episode 48 – Scam Alert – Mobile Home Investing Guru (Case Update). What You’ll Learn: News on this scam alertUpdate on some of the court cases against this individualWhy real estate investors fell for the scamWhat separates new investors from seasoned onesWhat the court system is doing against this individualThe truth about the scam and what has been uncoveredand more! I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about this case update for this scam alert on this particular mobile home investing guru including how and where to access my write up on the subject. Resources Mentioned: Podcast Episode #47: Mobile Home Investing – Rent to Own vs Lease Options Podcast Episode #46: Scam Alert – Mobile Home Investing Guru (Scam Alert) Mobile Home Investing Guru: Case Update Video Commentary: (Scam Alert) Mobile Home Investing Guru Book Release: Mobile Home Park Research Notebook Top 10 Mobile Home Investing Books (Special Member Discount: Dodd-Frank and SAFE Act Course Sponsors: Support the Show Thanks For Listening! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the forty-eighth episode of this podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to share this post with family and friends. And if you have some time, I’d love to hear your thoughts through a short podcast review. Stay tuned next time! Support the Show If you’ve found value from the show and have enjoyed it, please consider supporting the show: The post Podcast Episode #48: Scam Alert – Mobile Home Investing Guru (Case Update) appeared first on Adventures in Mobile Homes.

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Are you thinking about starting an online business, but don’t know which type is right for you? You’re not alone. With so many different online business models to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to start. In this blog post, we’ll outline 9 popular types of online businesses and give you a brief overview of each one. So whether you’re looking for ideas or just want to learn more about the different […]

Tax Rate Arbitrage- Roth or no Roth? Tax rate arbitrage is how you can mitigate a deal you made with the government. You put your silent partner in charge of your pre-tax retirement accounts (IRAs and 401k retirement plans). As […]

Here’s our latest interview with a retiree as we seek to learn from those who have actually taken the retirement plunge. If you’d like to be considered for an interview, drop me a note and we can chat about specifics. This interview was conducted in February. My questions are in bold italics and their responses follow in black. Let’s get started… GENERAL OVERVIEW How old are you (and spouse if applicable, plus how long you’ve […]

How to reduce stress seems to be the million-dollar question these days. Stress is something that we all face. Whether chronic stress or situational, the symptoms can be challenging. Stress affects people mentally, but the physical effects can be significant. Symptoms range from high blood pressure to chest pain, stomach and digestive issues, skin conditions, and diabetes. Some people experience extreme weight loss while others experience weight gain. Studies have shown that chronic stress can […]

Welcome to “Thank God I’m FI” Friday, Volume #69! Here are some things I really like and that you might too.   Financial Independence/Retirement Articles The Arc Of The Practical Creator (More To That) – “Understand that there is no… The post T.G.I.F. Friday: Volume 69 appeared first on Accidental Fire.

William J. Bernstein wrote in his short but highly useful book If You Can to beware of financial professionals. “Act … Read more