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On 19th June 2008, I started investing in mutual funds. These 14 years have changed my view of risk and day-to-day money management. This is my story and the lessons I have learned. The broad trajectory should be well known to regular/old readers. This is an account of how I went from spendthrift to debt-bearer… The post Fourteen Years of Mutual Fund Investing: My Journey and lessons learned appeared first on freefincal.

Well, well, well. Here’s an emotion I never thought I’d feel again. When I retired in 2020 I put away all thoughts of going back to work as a regular gig. I had it in my head that maybe, if the stock market fell, I might do some casual teaching work, but aside from that, I was done with full-time work and all that goes with it. Over the last couple of terms, I’ve done […]

One of my sleepy dividend stocks from yesteryears proposed distributing some of their shares as stock dividends to shareholders. I want to take a moment to reflect upon this. Pacific Century Regional Development (PCRD) is the holding company of Li Kar Shing’s son Richard Lee. The holding company’s main assets are stakes in HKT Trust, one of the dominant telecom companies in Hong Kong and PCCW, which owns HKT Trust as well as other services […]

The stock market outlook uptrend continues into its 4th week, with the SPX breaking through overhead resistance and ~10% from break-even, year to date.

Do you need money right now? Are you looking for ways on how to make quick money in one day? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post is packed full of tips and tricks…

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If you’re an actor or actress, there’s a good chance you might be looking for a side hustle to increase your income. With the average actor earning around $44,000 annually – a little extra cash could certainly be helpful. Many actors will rely on a “survival job” to keep their bills paid in addition to their passion for acting before getting their big break.  In this post, I’ll explore some of the best side hustles […]

I’m going to be traveling for a couple of weeks in places that may not have great internet access. Also, I probably will be wanting to do fun stuff in the real world. I’ve got about 5-6 articles that are about 50-75% done, which means that maybe I’ll finish them up or… maybe not. Anything that I do publish will be a little raw. Today’s article is the most raw, which is why I’m publishing […]

Today’s post is the second-part of an interview about the future of peer loans with Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace. Ron joined Prosper in 2013 to develop and execute on the company’s business development strategy. He previously served as a Managing Director at Wells Fargo Securities and as a senior partner at Merlin Securities. Please click through here for the first half of the interview. I have included my own comments in italics so […]

  Financial freedom might seem out of reach while staring up at a mountain of debt, but no one appears at the top of Mt. Everest. You get there one step at a time. “Right now, many Americans are a medical emergency or a natural disaster away from bankruptcy,” says Debt.com chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA….

My Anxiety About Money Is Ramping Up (& Cost of Living)   My anxiety about money is kicking in again. It has nought to do with the (abstract) media screaming about the rising cost of living. My worry about money combines decreasing income and our regular monthly spending increasing. Let me tell you about it. (If you wish to hear about how the rocketing cost of … Read more This post appeared first on The […]

Comparison is the enemy of joy. Concern yourself with your retirement plan, not your neighbors. Take the first step by reading this week’s terrific links. Work on these three skills to gain contentment. Morgan Housel Here’s an interesting way to take your RMD in today’s market. Morningstar Dying with almost zero is something worth considering. Of Dollars And Data Can Pig organs prolong life? Nature 40% …The post We Always Had Time On Our Side Now It’s Fading Fast…..When Is My Retirement? appeared first on A Teachable Moment.

Here’s the thing: There are many tools out there to help you save money. They teach you where to set up your savings, how to do it, and what to use them for. Study them all, and you’ll probably have your finances in good order. But if you really want to be smart about your savings, you’ll need sinking funds. Especially if you want to know the best way to save money to cover all […]