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You might think that having a credit score in the 500s would keep you from buying a home. But that isn’t always the case. Depending on your circumstances, you may have lending options that make it possible to overcome that bad credit barrier when buying a home. This guide will teach you how to buy a house with bad credit, and where to go to find financing that will work for you. Table of Contents […]

If you look in your kitchen cabinets, you’ll likely find a bottle of vinegar there for cooking.  But vinegar has many more uses than just adding flavoring to your dishes!  This article explores some surprising uses of vinegar that you may not have thought of. So get ready to be amazed by how versatile this simple ingredient can be! 1. Dye Eggs Photo Credit: Shutterstock. Kids love coloring hard-boiled eggs, and it’s a fun activity […]

How to earn rewards & freebies from your bank There are a number of reasons to change your bank, with switching bonuses, cashback and interest often a big draw. However, the easiest ones are often “reward” accounts as they usually require very little effort to make something extra every month – and you don’t even […] The post The best reward current accounts appeared first on Be Clever With Your Cash.

There’s always a sale or items that can be bought at discounted prices at any given time. We don’t always go for these items at … Read More 8 Everyday Essentials You Should Always Buy on Sale

Ever stared at a famous painting and felt like there is more than meets the eye? Well, your intuition might be right. Artists have often slipped in hidden messages, cryptic symbols, and intriguing secrets from ancient masterpieces to modern classics. In this exploration, we’re peeling back the layers of iconic artworks to reveal what you’ve probably missed. Ready to see the unseen? Whisper of Rebellion in “The Last Supper” Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” […]

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Field of play An element of compound interest Stocks really do outperform all other asset classes. There are a few qualifiers. First, it only is true over the long haul. Second, the stock portfolio must be carefully chosen. And third, the portfolio must be balanced and diversified. But this is not the topic for today’s post. The subject I look at today is ‘why’. The question is why stocks outperform other assets classes. The nature […]

A recent Redfin survey found that half of homeowners and renters are having difficulty covering their housing payments. Around 20% of those struggling have skipped meals or worked additional hours to make ends meet, while approximately 17% have put off medical care. A notable number of millennials, who are generally not retired, have tapped into retirement savings to manage housing expenses. Read the rest

Despite hefty salaries, these jobs require tolerating mess, chaos, and danger. Want to earn more money? If you can handle the tradeoffs, these jobs might be for you.  Crab Boat Captain Image Credit: Shutterstock. People love to enjoy freshly caught crab, but ever think about who helped get that crab to your plate? The people who drive the boats for the crab fisherman can pocket $200,000 a year. Rough waters, frigid temperatures, and howling winds […]

Seemed to hit a bit of a ‘plateau’ this past week. I did two weight training sessions at the gym, and on two other days did a stint on the waterrower, plus I did quite a lot of daily walking – averaging 19,640 ste[s [er day. I also stuck to my planned caloric deficit and macros, averaging 1,554 cals/day with an average of 162 cals/day of protein and 29% of the overall calories from carbohydrates

The post Dividends vs. Stock Buybacks: How Can You Benefit from Both? appeared first on Dividend Power. Dividends vs. Stock Buybacks? Which one is better? This debate has been going around for decades, and every investor has their favorites. One might prefer dividends, or someone else in the room may praise stock buyback. It’s a never-ending debate among investors, and honestly, it is a subjective matter.  There is not one correct answer to the question. […]

In the early-1980s, Robert Shiller set out to answer the question: Do stock prices move too much to be justified by subsequent changes in dividends? The idea was to figure out how well the stock market tracks the present value of future cash flows in the short-term. Shiller concluded that, no, stock prices do not neatly track fundamentals. He updated that data in his book Irrational Exuberance: The cash flows move very l…

Goodbye Bell. You can’t hurt me anymore. In my first major sell in about a decade I greatly trimmed by position in Bell (BCE). I am a buy and hold investor. I am more passive than a passive index. But when an investment thesis changes, I’ll make a change. The rules changed for Bell and Canadian Telecom. Higher interest rates piled on. I sold over half of my position in Bell and moved the proceeds […]

Obtaining a college degree can provide numerous career opportunities and increased earning potential. However, not everyone chooses to complete their higher education, whether it be due to personal circumstances, financial constraints, or other reasons. Despite not having a college degree, there are still many high-paying job opportunities available for individuals who have dropped out of college. 1. Web Developer Photo Credit: Depositphotos. Web development is a rapidly growing field that requires technical skills and creative […]