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Following the closure of the Motley Fool Singapore, Singaporeans now have one less website to visit for their stock inspiration. The Dollar and Sense team have previously put up a list of 13 local websites that continue to offer Singapore investors quality stock insights and commentaries. Unfortunately, the New Academy of Finance doesn’t make the […] The post 10 great investing blogs/ websites to read appeared first on New Academy of Finance.

There are so many retirement plan options out there today, but they don’t all apply to each of us. It can be hard to weed through them all. So how do you know what may work for you? This article could make sorting through your choices and learning about contribution limits easier. We’ll go through a number of retirement plan options for employees, for self-employed folks / contractors, for government employees, and for those in […]

Tangerine Bank is one of the oldest and most popular online banks in Canada, while motusbank is a newer digital bank that is quickly gaining traction in the virtual banking space. Online banks offer Canadians an opportunity to save on banking fees. Since the big banks continue to make tonnes of money charging ridiculous monthly […] The post Tangerine vs. Motusbank appeared first on Savvy New Canadians.

One of the keys to fulfilling your financial goals is to clearly articulate it. I was listening to a two-part series by Joshua Sheats on setting financial goals, and this stuck out to me. “If you know exactly what you want, to get it is easier. “ If you do not know precisely what you want, then to get there is harder. You would argue that if your goal is to have a wealth machine […]

The allows airline-savvy travelers to earn 2 points per dollar spent on hotel and car rental partner purchases and 1 point on all other purchases. Southwest fans, rejoice. This card translates Southwest loyalty into quality travel rewards — plus, you’ll get the chance to unlock other perks like A-List status and free flights for a chosen travel companion with the Companion Pass. Card APR Annual Fee Intro Bonus Credit Needed Key features Southwest Rapid Rewards® […]

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There have been some issues lately with several P2P / Crowdlending platforms and I wanted to let you know about the current crowdlending market concerns. So what is going on? This post will be updated whenever things are going on or when there is new information to be found. If you know anything that isn’t […] The post Crowdlending Market Concerns – What Is Going On? appeared first on Financially Independent Mom.

Every year there are single moms who are stressing about how they will buy Christmas gifts for their kids. It feels like a burden but did you know there are charities that give free Christmas gifts to kids every year? I’ve faced this dread myself in years past. I know what it’s like to wonder […] The post 11 Charities That Give Free Christmas Gifts: A Guide for Cash-Strapped Single Moms appeared first on Rich […]

This is a sponsored post on behalf of QuickBooks Payroll. If your business pays employees or contractors – even if it’s a sole proprietorship or microbusiness with no traditional employees other than you – it’s time to look into a small-business payroll provider. You need a professional payroll partner if you: Elect to tax your […] 14 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Payroll Provider for Your Business is a post from Money Crashers.

When you focus on self-improvement, you have the power to transform your life. Whether you want to change your financial situation, health level, or another aspect of your life, self-improvement can help you achieve new heights. Find out more about why self-improvement is important and how you can get started. Why is self-improvement important? Chances are that you don’t want to stay exactly where you are for your entire life. If you are like most […]

Today I want to break from the norm and talk about finances. I realize this is a financial blog at heart, so it’s weird that writing a financial article would be considered a break from the norm. I think a self-aware person would admit that financial topics aren’t always at the forefront around these parts. You’re … Continue reading “Fun, Finances, and the 5-2 Split” The post Fun, Finances, and the 5-2 Split appeared first on […]

I was in love with Crossfit until I was no longer in love with Crossfit. In October, I hit a wall. After 5 months of Crossfit, my body was in a lot of pain, I was having a lot of difficulties completing even scaled workouts and sticking within their time caps. I hurt my shoulder a few months prior and the nagging pain improved with mobility exercises, but I’d end up reinjuring it every time […]

Most of us agree that Walmart gift cards are almost as good as cash. You can buy practically anything in their superstores, both online and in store. Walmart is also considered one of the most affordable ways to shop, with practically endless choices and great convenience. Short of receiving cash, earning free Walmart cards is a great reward. In this article we’ll explore 17 easy ways to get free gift cards, and it’s easier than […]