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Interest… you pay it on your mortgage, car loan, and credit cards, and you earn interest on savings. But how does interest work? The reality is that a lot of people are pretty clueless when it comes to how interest works. There are just so many different factors – how it compounds, loan periods, how the[…] The post What is Interest and How Does it Work? appeared first on Millennial Money Man.

In the last 2 weeks, there has been 1 company in the news that has been polarizing opinions. That company is ,Nikola Motors (NKLA),. Some are saying it’s the next Tesla and you have to invest in it right now and you can retire in a few years, while others are calling this company a complete scam. So which is it? I decided to take a look at their website, lo and behold, I ordered […]

Part of my portfolio has been dedicated to dividend stocks. As I get older, my intention is to shift a larger portion of my portfolio into stocks that are relatively stable and pay dividends. The key reason for this is obvious, at some point in the future, I want this portfolio to give me regular returns automatically without me having to actively check prices and move my stock positions. The objective of this post is […]

Don’t get gamed by in-app purchases Children and young people are on their phones, tablets and PCs more than ever before. And as much as we would like them to be working, they are also playing more games. and some are making in app purchases. These allow the player or app user to get further in a game or switch on special features which are not available in a free version of the app. What […]

Fundrise is an online crowd funding platform that allows investors to invest into real estate.  The platform provides another avenue for passive income that can be helpful on the journey to financial freedom!  That is the exact reason we have been investing with Fundrise. My wife and I have now been investing with Fundrise for over 15+ months.  We cannot wait to share with you the performance and the additional income that the investment can […]

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There are times — and for many of us, 2020 has been filled with them — where we feel like giving up on our dreams. There are a lot of reasons for that feeling. It might be simple frustration or dissatisfaction with the world at large, causing us to feel like our old goals are now meaningless. It might be that changes in the world have seriously altered the path we expected to take going […]

The Fourth of July is quiet possibly the biggest, ongoing celebration for a document in human history. The idea that a group of brave humans swore allegiance to a document that declared their values and rebelled against a monarchy certainly seems like a great way to party. What ensued from that historic moment manifested into The post I Hold These Financial Truths to Be Self-Evident appeared first on Budget Life List.

Welcome back! In this week’s podcast episode, I talk about my first mobile home deal. (Note: Be sure to check out the podcast page which I’ve updated to show you where you can subscribe to the podcast. Thanks!) So let’s get started with the third episode of the podcast: Podcast Episode #3 – My First Mobile Home Deal. What You’ll Learn: How I put my first deal together How I got the funds to buy […]

Saving $1,000 a month can be much easier than you think. In fact, I was able to save my first $1k while still in college and making $15 an hour… Read more » The post Saving $1,000 a month: 10 Actionable Steps appeared first on Cash for Kat.

About a month ago I took the leap and made my first investment. Investing during a recession is difficult at the best of times. It’s even harder now because the recession has been caused by a global pandemic, which is unprecedented, and no one knows how it is going to play out in the long run. When I opened my account, I thought I was already behind and should’ve started years ago, particularly as I […]

Savology is a website that’s trying to revolutionize the accessibility and affordability of financial planning services. While a financial plan can play a critical role in helping you create and reach financial goals, consulting with a professional planner can also be very expensive. It’s not unusual for a financial plan for a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) to cost in excess of $1,000. However, with Savology, you can create a comprehensive financial plan for free. In […]

Life can get crazy as hell sometimes. Nobody knew that 2020 would be like this. I like to keep it real and I can’t lie, it’s been weird as hell. I’ve had my ups and downs with this year. I took some time off in June to get my mind right. I’ve been going through… Read more The post 30+ Simple Living Tips appeared first on My Money Chronicles.

The post Betterment Checking Review: No ATM or Foreign Transaction Fees appeared first on Club Thrifty. In this Betterment Checking account review, I’ll cover the account’s best features, what it’s missing, and help you decide if it’s the right account for your needs. If you know and love Betterment for its low-cost robo-advisor service, you might be interested to know that Betterment offers a high-yield savings account and a new no-cost checking account, too. While […]