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Being an international student in the USA or Canada is an incredibly exciting adventure, but it can also be a confusing time – especially when it comes to money. If you’re scratching your head a little over your finances, read on to find out how to keep on top of your money while you’re studying abroad, so you can focus more on studying and less on worrying. Remember Your Student Loans One of the biggest […]

Military Money with Joy and Mike Today’s topic is particularly near and dear to my heart, because we’re talking about military money. For those of you who don’t know, my grandfather and grandmother on my dad’s side were both in the Army, and my dad is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and was an active member in the Air Force for most of my childhood. Today we’re specifically talking about it […]

Chances are you’ve never heard of Joejuan Williams. You might not follow the NFL. If you do, he isn’t on your fantasy team. He’s on a team that you probably hate. He’s probably the 35th best player on the 53-man roster. Joejuan Williams plays defense for the New England Patriots. Growing up a Bostonian, I’ve been rooting for that team for almost 35 years. By the end of this post, I think you’ll agree he’s […]

I hope you’ve enjoyed allowance week, where we covered the great chore debate, talked about how much to give your kids, what to spend it on, and different ways to make the payments. Today I’m going to give you a boatload of resources you can use for your own kids (or to send to your […] The post All The Allowance Resources You Could Ever Need ~ Allowance Week appeared first on Chief Mom Officer.

Ticking the box for life insurance during open enrollment or when you start a new job feels like completing an important task. Your family is now protected for the worst! But is it enough? Unfortunately, probably not. Group life insurance is a great perk that many companies offer in their benefits package. It allows employees to get life insurance coverage without a health exam or filling out insurance applications. A relief for the employee and […]

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This page may include affiliate links. Please see the disclosure page for more information. Do you want to teach your kids about money? How about spending more quality time with them too? Well if you’d like to do either one there is a perfect frugal solution to both. A family game night with a twist, play one of these money games. Game nights with family and friends are fantastic. Board games can teach kids a wide range […]

“People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead.” James Baldwin 1. Carrying on with the task of getting ourselves removed from mailing lists, this is the Direct Mail link for The Container Store. This […]

Most people just took it for granted. What was it? The fact that when you’re young, you’ll go to college and get a great quality education that lands you a good job and starts a great working career. Or, perhaps you will take up some kind of trade after high school or even join the military and that will be your career path. The choices you make, they may eventually lead to—over the course of […]

  I just had an awesome long weekend. The scheduler unintentionally gave me a four-day weekend, but I didn’t complain about it (who would?!). Most of the time, I would view four days off as way to get some projects done around my house, visit family, or just hit the gym more. This time, I … Continue reading “The Restorative Powers of Friends and Nature”

Let me set the scene:  You’ve made up your mind to get out of debt. ✔️ You’ve figured out what you’re going to do to get out of debt. ✔️  Eventually, you become debt free! ✔️✔️✔️ (and congratulations to you!!) The question now is: What are you going to do to maintain a debt free […] The post 5 Things We Do To Maintain A Debt Free Lifestyle appeared first on Thinking of Someday.

I’m 5’10”. If I played in the NBA, I’d probably be listed at 6′. When I was growing up in Kuala Lumpur and attending middle school, I would sometimes get comments about how tall I was. It was nice to hear, but I didn’t think much of it until I stopped growing in the 8th grade. I clearly remember my dad making me feel bad for not being taller. At the time, he was 6′ […]

A wild story on real estate investing, stock picking, and pushing through life’s occasional chaos Here’s a great tale of the trials and tribulations real estate investing can bring, particularly when you’re overly ambitious 😉 Big ups to long time reader of the blog, Doug, here for spilling it all out for us today… You live a wild and exciting life, my man! I admire the boldness! Haha… ******* I bought my first house right […]

In September I was invited to an early screening of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Back in the day when I was still working, I actually had some influence. So I was often invited to early screenings of movies and received books and music in advance of release as well. This was so I could help spread the word about the product and help it launch successfully. I’m off most of those lists these […]