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Some say St. Patrick’s Day is Boston’s favorite holiday. With its rich Irish heritage, the city goes all out on and around the March 17 holiday. South Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, however, is, by far, the biggest event, boasting nearly a million spectators. Whether you join the South Boston parade crowd or celebrate St. Paddy’s at a cozy pub, there are plenty of Erin go Boston events to choose from this year. 1. Walk […]

For people aiming to save money, it’s hard to justify investing in an expensive gaming adventure on an extortionate PlayStation 5 console machine. In fact, there is a strong argument to suggest that gaming has become too expensive in the modern world, leaving gamers with a limited amount of affordable products to experience. Despite this evident trend, though, there are some online gaming sites that offer a more affordable package.  Accessible through an internet browser, […]

Superhero fatigue is a term now used by critics who believe that the superhero film genre has hit a dead end. The term can also be used in the world of comic books because there are just too many characters. Many of these characters have weird, disturbing, useless, plain disgusting and odd superpowers too. You […] The post 10 Superheroes With Weird, Disturbing, and Odd Superpowers appeared first on Personal Finance Advice.

What is an independent film? For some, the phrase conjures images of a black-and-white movie with weird plots and imagery. For others, the term suggests an energetic DIY spirit, a punk song playing out on screen. While some indie movies do have those qualities, the definition is far more simple. An indie movie is a film produced by one of the major studios — Disney, Sony, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and so […]

Many people want to save money, and there are intelligent ways to do it. However, there are some things that you should never cheap out … Read More 10 Times Frugal People Regretted Choosing the Cheap Option

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In 2009, I established my first rule of FIRE: generate enough passive income to cover your basic living expenses. Once achieved, you attain financial independence and the freedom to pursue your desires. Since then, various permutations of FIRE have emerged, one of which is Coast FIRE. Coast FIRE involves front-loading your retirement savings and then […] The post The Most Dangerous Early Retirement Strategy To Follow: Coast FIRE appeared first on Financial Samurai.

Ben Franklin’s adage that “a penny saved is a penny earned” may seem out of date when you consider how the one-cent piece has diminished in buying power. However, the concept that even saving small amounts now can lead to prosperity in the future is still sound. With that in mind, here are some proven ways you can save to earn. 1. Budget Your Wardrobe, Wisley When it comes to clothing, focus on timeless pieces […]

Racism, a deeply rooted societal issue, is often misunderstood and shrouded in misconceptions. Understanding these fallacies is crucial for effective dialogue and progress toward a more equitable society. This article aims to debunk 12 common misconceptions about racism, providing a clearer perspective on this complex and pervasive issue. 1. Racism is Only Overt Discrimination One common misconception is that racism is limited to overt acts of discrimination or hate speech. In reality, racism often operates […]

In an era where financial transactions are predominantly digital, credit card skimming has emerged as a significant threat. This deceptive practice involves illegally obtaining credit card information using hidden devices. Understanding how to identify these devices at ATMs and gas stations is essential for safeguarding your financial information. Understanding Credit Card Skimmers Credit card skimmers are discreet, illegal devices designed to capture credit card data. They are typically installed over the actual card reader slot […]

In today’s interconnected world, ensuring the security of national borders is more complex and vital than ever. As global movements increase for trade, travel, and migration, so do the challenges of maintaining secure borders against illegal activities without hampering legitimate cross-border flows. The integration of advanced technology and robust infrastructure has emerged as a cornerstone in enhancing border security measures, striking a balance between open borders and national security. This article explores how technology and […]

A Guide to Filing your Taxes in 2024 This DIY tax filing guide has been updated for the 2024 tax filing (2023 tax year). We’re smack dab in the middle of the 2024 tax filing season. If you visit the IRS website and have a look around, there really is no simple tax guide to get you started (there is a 142-page book, but who has time for that?), and DIY tax filing can seem overwhelming for individuals not versed in the U.S. tax code. If you’re a first-time tax DIYer, you’re often on your own as far as figuring out The post How to Do Your Taxes in 2024: a DIY Tax Filing Guide appeared first on 20somethingfinance.com.

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In the hustle and bustle of urban life, cities evolve and change rapidly. However, amidst this evolution, there are certain types of businesses that are disappearing, impacting the fabric of the community and contributing to the gradual decline of the cityscape.  With the loss of these 15 types of businesses from your city, let’s see how their disappearance is slowly eroding the essence of your urban environment. 1. Local Bookstores: Losing Literary Charm Local bookstores […]