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Natesh asks, “I’m 24 and investing for my retirement goal which is around 30 years away. Asset Allocation: Equity 70% and fixed income 30%. Within the equity portion, Axis Nifty 100 Index fund – 75% and MO S&P 500 Index fund – 25%. Is this a good plan? Is it ok to use the Axis… The post Can I use these two index funds for retirement instead of Nifty, Nifty Next 50? appeared first on […]

The post [Ep. 245] How to Be a Go-Giver with Bob Burg appeared first on Jessica Moorhouse.

On this page is the United States average household income by year and median household income by year between 1968 and 2020. You’ll also find the top 1% household income by year between 1996 and 2020, plus the top 5% and 10% for the full range. I’ve also included a household income by year calculator for you to compare household income centile rank for each year in the set. Afterwards, see this year’s snapshot in […]

What do 90% of the world’s millionaires have in common? They all made their money through real estate investment. In the last 200 years there is no other industry that is responsible for creating more wealth than real estate. There are many paths to success in the world of real estate and in this article we review 4 of them. 1. Long Term Residential Rentals Buying a home and then holding (aka buy and hold) […]

Who wouldn’t want to make money playing games while sitting at home on the couch? If you are ready to have some fun making money from home, then keep on reading. There are so many opportunities to use new online gaming sources to generate gaming-based income. Not only are there different sources for making money,…

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Amid the current market turbulence, which is the best performing Singapore REITs? The table below provides a quick snapshot of the performance of the Singapore REITs, sorted based on the price changes from its recent 52-week high (Update on 21 Sep 2020). Those at the top have seen the smallest % change from its 52-week […]

Do you remember your first bank account? I’ll admit, my recollection is hazy. I probably wasn’t older than 10 or 11, and I didn’t do much with the account for the first few years of its existence. I deposited a handful of birthday and holiday gifts each year, and that was about it. A few […] 7 Best Bank Accounts for Kids Under 18 (Checking & Savings) is a post from Money Crashers.

Since August was a crazy month with getting homeschooling up and going, I didn’t post our monthly grocery haul, but I’m back in September!  In fact, I’m taking you shopping with me! Our family of 8 usually spends around $500 per month on groceries, well until 2020 hit.  Then we took a couple of months off from grocery shopping during our Quarantine Food Storage Challenge where we were eating strictly from our pantry and food […]

Remember when I tried to have these updates like 3 times a week? Back when we all thought this might last a month at the longest? Now we’ve hit month 6 of semi-quarantine with no real end in sight. I thought I’d check in with a few different topics and my thoughts on them. COVID I think the toughest part of month 6 is still not really knowing what to do around Covid. Should you […]

Earning Passive Income Through Dividend Investing many people are missing out on earning money. Can you make passive income from dividends? Yes, you absolutely can. Today I’ll be talking about what is a dividend? How does it work and how can it help you build wealth through passive income. Check out these great Investing Resources […]

There is so much money advice for people who have a full-time job, but if you are an entrepreneur handling your finances is a little bit different. Today I’m sharing some money tips if you are an entrepreneur. In this video, I go over topics such as: 1. The difference between having a 9-5 and […]

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about donor-advised funds (DAFs). DAFs are like mini private foundations; allowing an investor to take a charitable deduction upfront, invest the funds to grow tax-free, and distribute donations to charitable organizations in future years. When funded with appreciated securities instead of cash, an investor receives the double tax benefit of the charitable deduction an… The post Should You Consider a DAF? appeared first on The Belle Curve.

As the election approaches, investors naturally grow nervous with the uncertainty. With Joe Biden’s promises to increase corporate taxes and capital gains taxes, investors wonder about the effect to the stock market as a whole, and whether they should sell ahead of the election. Because this is a financial website, I will not bring my politics into this article. Instead, I will try to present all known facts and estimates without bias and using some […]