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The other day on Twitter a guy asked, “Does anybody still have a library card?” Not sure whether the question was plaintive or condescending, but the reaction was both swift and vociferous. The general consensus was, “Of course I do, and I don’t know why someone wouldn’t.” One person actually said “I feel sorry for (that guy).” Again, not sure where he weighed in on the topic. Maybe he’s one of those people who thinks […]

A reader of mine shared with us that he was having a drink with a friend. His friend asked whether they are happy with how their life turned out currently. My reader said that we should feel happy if a few areas of our life turn out well. So he proceed to draw up a series of circles and score 5 important areas of his life. These are family, career, friends, finance and health. A […]

If you’re looking to get a new Fifth Third Bank checking account, you might be delighted to learn that you could also get $250 to go along with it. The requirements for this offer are quite simple and you can even open an account entirely online. About Fifth Third Bank Just to cover our bases (every bank listed on the blog is FDIC insured), Fifth Third Bank, National Association, is FDIC insured up to $250,000 […]

The 12 Apostles. Yippee!! I’m on holidays! 6 days ago I threw my things in the car, kissed the dogs goodbye and patted my sons – or maybe that was the other way round – and set off. I was on my way to Port Campbell to spend the night. I don’t want to spend a huge amount on this holiday – I have Antarctica coming up, after all, so I’ve packed food for breakfasts […]

Today, it’s easy to find online jobs for 14 year olds. The days of “real traditional teen jobs” like paper routes are well behind us. If you’ve never earned a dime a day in your life, worry not! Now is the time to learn, and I’m here to help you do just that. Today, I will let you in on fun work from home jobs for teens. These jobs pay you to explore your interests with just the power of an internet connection, a computer and your engaging personality. Can 14 Year Olds […]

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Get our FREE Guide:  21 Days to a Better Financial Life! Get My FREE Guide! With interest rates falling to historic lows, many are asking, is a savings account worth it? Today, I’m tackling that question. While savers aren’t happy about the interest rates they’re earning in their savings accounts, there’s more to the story than just interest rates. I will show you five reasons you still need a savings account and some possible alternatives […]

Freedom! Celebrating the end of lockdown, my younger son took me for a walk to the toy shop. It proved to be an inspired choice, the happiest place in town. Excited children wearing huge grins ran between the displays, suffering sensory overload as they marvelled at all the brightly coloured wonders which had been locked away throughout the long months since Christmas. Overnight, random stay-at-home order checkpoints had been replaced by roadworks and traffic jams. […]

With the frenzy behind the cryptocurrency markets, many people are looking towards using the Cash App to buy popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, due to little to no fees from Square Inc’s prominent app, Cash App. You may be wondering how does one take advantage of the Cash App $5 signup bonus while and apply the referral […] Source

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. While this feels like a generic statement, take a moment to visualize 2.4 billion people on the plant spending anywhere from 5 minutes to the average 145 minutes on social media. Facebook is an $826 Billion empire, but it’s also an opportunity for anyone to leverage their audience and make money. Let’s look at how to make money on Facebook and 14 ways people are doing […]

Are expensive products the only answer to treating and removing stains? Our frugal readers share their favorite homemade stain remover recipes and remedies. The post Inexpensive Homemade Stain Remover Recipes and Remedies appeared first on The Dollar Stretcher.

You don’t have to move to Thailand to save money. I moved 1 mile Continue reading on Making of a Millionaire »

Kids aren’t shy to ask their parents to buy them the latest toys once it hits the market. But unfortunately for parents, money doesn’t grow on trees. While kids are expected to do chores around the house (regardless if they get paid or not), it’s not a bad idea to give kids the option to… Read More The post 15 Easy Chores for Kids to Earn Money appeared first on Finsavvy Panda.

According to some analysts, we are in the early stages of a commodities supercycle that’s likely to drive new demand for a wide range of commodities. This could be your opportunity to make money in the commodities markets. Keep reading to learn more about the commodities supercycle and how to leverage it to your advantage. … The post Ways to Take Advantage of the Commodities Supercycle appeared first on Investor Junkie.