6 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees

Recognizing and thanking employee’s efforts is the starting point that motivates and maintains an engaged team. While traditional rewards are commendable, unconventional ways of acknowledging employees could result in deeper relations with your team members. This article explores six creative approaches to compensating your employees so they feel respected and motivated to outshine themselves. 


Paid Time Off

Take the initiative to occasionally give them a Friday or Monday off, especially after a busy week or month. Encourage them to take small breaks during the workday to recharge their batteries and come back more focused. Offer them a flexible schedule where they can work from home or choose their hours, allowing for improved work-life balance.  


Flexible working options include compressed workweeks, job sharing, or remote work opportunities. Consider allocating extra paid time off for special occasions such as birthdays or work anniversaries to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Team Outings

Organizing a day out with the entire team can be a fun and memorable way to reward your employees. This could include activities such as:


  • Bowling
  • Paintball
  • Escape rooms
  • Team dinner


These activities allow for team bonding and creates a positive work culture. Encourage employees to suggest ideas for the outing and involve them in the planning process. Allow enough time for the outing so that they can fully relax and disconnect from work. Ensure to plan these outings during slow periods to avoid adding extra stress on employees.

Offer Financial Rewards

Offer spot bonuses when employees go above and beyond their duties or achieve exceptional results. Ensure these financial rewards are fair and transparent. Financial rewards can also help employees who utilize payday loans from companies like My Canada Payday to cover their expenses in an emergency. Offer your dedicated employees profit sharing or stock options to demonstrate their importance and value to the company’s growth.

Professional Development Opportunities 

Encourage your team members to attend training programs, workshops, or conferences related to their field of interest. Sponsor their participation in online courses that could improve their skills and knowledge, making them feel like valued assets to the company. Offer to cover the costs associated with professional development opportunities, whether it be registration fees or travel expenses.

Give a Note of Appreciation

Writing a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation for an employee’s hard work and dedication can go a long way in making them feel valued and motivated. Be specific in mentioning their contributions and how it has positively impacted the team or company. 


Handwritten notes add a personal touch and show that you have taken the time to acknowledge and thank them. These handwritten notes can be given on their desk or sent through email, depending on what works best for your company culture. Publicly recognizing employees during team meetings or events can also boost their morale and motivation.

Provide a Wellness Plan

In addition to health insurance and retirement plans, consider offering gym memberships, yoga classes, meditation sessions, or even providing healthy snacks in the office. Encourage team members to take advantage of these wellness benefits and provide resources. Consider having a wellness committee made up of employees to suggest and organize activities or initiatives that promote physical and mental health.


Rewarding and recognizing employees is crucial in building a positive work culture and creating engaged team members. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant gestures; even the smallest acts of appreciation can go a long way. Regularly review and adjust your reward strategies based on employee feedback to ensure they feel valued and motivated to continue producing excellent work.