Big Purchases and the Saving Mindset: A Step-by-Step Approach

Image of a 5 dollar bill and a wallet

Do you dream of saving up your money to make a big purchase? If so, here are a few things you can do to improve your future chances of reaching your big milestones while also saving the money you need to get you where you want to be. 

Open a specific savings account

If you have a large purchase in mind for your future, it doesn’t hurt to open a savings account that is designated specifically for that. Instead of throwing all of your savings in one basket and doing your best to never touch it, open up an account that, come hell or high water, you will not touch. 


This can be useful when it comes to saving up for a home. You’ll want to save not only for the home purchase itself but also for all the extra costs and MIP, as well as any hidden fees you may have forgotten. The more money you can save for a purchase like this one, the better. 


Add a side hustle 

If you want to see your savings grow and get funds for the large purchase that you’ve dreamed of, you need to make sure you’re making enough money to both cover your day-to-day expenses today and be able to set aside money for tomorrow. If you’re unable to make enough with your day job, consider a lucrative side hustle that can help you save, as well as investing in a gold Roth IRA.


There are things like art services or consulting that you can do on the side that could make you a big buck, so don’t forget that your hobbies or passions can make you the money you want as well. 


Image of a woman driving a boat

To make up the savings you want for big purchases in your life, you need to be sure that you have a bird’s eye view of your income. It won’t be easy to do this if you’re struggling with keeping an eye on where your money is going. 


You can use the latest budgeting software to better control your money and make sure you’re setting aside for both essentials and your future. The sooner you get started on this, the better. However, just making a budget is only part of the progress. You also need to be sure to stick to it so that you can see your savings grow. 

Consider payment installments

If you have something large that you want to buy, instead of trying to save up for a big one-time purchase, consider payment plans if they’re available. While this may not be possible for everything you hope to buy, consider looking into options where installments are available. This will require you to truly stick to your budget, but it can make a difference in how and when you can make your large purchase. 

A down payment helps

At the end of the day, when wanting to buy something big, such as a home, a large down payment can make a world of difference in the kinds of interest rates you’ll see. So, before you decide that you want to start the process of buying a home, make sure you have a plan to save up for that down payment. 


The more you save, the better. If you can commit to the long-term goal before dipping into the savings, you’ll find that you’ll be able to make that large purchase sooner rather than later. Calculate how much down payment you’d need to save on a mortgage for a home purchase. Then, make a plan with your financial advisor to save for it. It’s possible. 

In Conclusion 

Any large purchase will probably require some savings for you to be able to get it. Whether it’s a new boat or a new home, you’ll need to make a plan to save for the long-term goal that you have in mind. You want to get the best price and rates, and having enough savings to get you started will help!