About Accidentally Retired: Accidentally Retired is my journey from being a CEO to finding myself accidentally retired at the age of 36. I never intended to retire early (though I may have fantasized about it), but Accidentally Retired is my exploration of Financial Independence, Early Retirement, Enjoying Life and more.
Year Started: 2021
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The Secret to Life: ConsistencySeptember 22, 2023
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I started Banker On FIRE to achieve the following three objectives: Give me a creative outlet from the pressures of my job as an investment banker. Explore, document and debate the various ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence. Help others make better decisions, grow their net worth and live their best life possible
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School teaches us everything from the various Capitals of the world to advanced calculus but never touches upon the one thing everyone needs to deal with… MONEY! Normally, you need to figure out everything from taxes to investing to budgeting on your own. But that’s where Financial Pupil comes in. Offering easy to implement and relatable advice, Financial Pupil’s purpose is to help educate you about everything money-related so that finance can be fun and exciting for you.
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Cent By Cent is a personal finance and productivity blog looking to help you with your personal finances.
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Hey there, I’m Joel. I’m 35 and live in Los Angeles. At first glance I’m just an average guy in every way… Average height, weight, looks, IQ, skills, etc. But there’s a few things I’ve been doing differently the past few years that have elevated my life to above average: Every day I’m learning to make better use of my time. I now get up at 5am every morning. Every day I’m learning to make better use of my money. I’m on a fast track to Financial Independence! Every day I get up at 5am and send a short positive message to friends, family, co-workers and strangers from the interweb.
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While we educate about investing, this website is not about making you the smartest investor in the market. It’s not about smart investing, it’s about wise investing. There are multiple reasons to that, which we explain here. One that stands out is that over long periods, wise money wins. This is what Naval Ravikant summarized as “Every market I’ve seen eventually punishes clever investors and rewards patient ones”.
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Hello there! I am Kevin and the author behind the Turtle Investor blog. Turtle Investor is a place where I can continue to share whatever I want, and learn together with you. I frequently write about investments and personal finance, my FIRE journey, crafting alternative income streams, plus money and travel hacks.
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