About Time in the Market: Time in the Market is a blog about saving money and living well. Here I’ll talk about money in an easy to understand way. However, I know that life isn’t just about money. Living well is a key component and I’ll cover topics ranging from health to lifestyle to travel. Time in the Market is a 35 year old guy taking an easy path to financial independence. I’m a first generation immigrant with a degree in finance and an interest in all things money!
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Your Safety Net: A Guide to Building an Emergency FundMarch 28, 2024
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Accidentally Retired is my journey from being a CEO to finding myself accidentally retired at the age of 36. I never intended to retire early (though I may have fantasized about it), but Accidentally Retired is my exploration of Financial Independence, Early Retirement, Enjoying Life and more.
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I started Banker On FIRE to achieve the following three objectives: Give me a creative outlet from the pressures of my job as an investment banker. Explore, document and debate the various ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence. Help others make better decisions, grow their net worth and live their best life possible
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While we educate about investing, this website is not about making you the smartest investor in the market. It’s not about smart investing, it’s about wise investing. There are multiple reasons to that, which we explain here. One that stands out is that over long periods, wise money wins. This is what Naval Ravikant summarized as “Every market I’ve seen eventually punishes clever investors and rewards patient ones”.
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Hello there! I am Kevin and the author behind the Turtle Investor blog. Turtle Investor is a place where I can continue to share whatever I want, and learn together with you. I frequently write about investments and personal finance, my FIRE journey, crafting alternative income streams, plus money and travel hacks.
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Thank you for stopping by the Best Interest. I’m Jesse Cramer. I’m an engineer and an avid reader/writer. The Best Interest started as my creative outlet, but it’s gained national recognition for explaining complex personal finance ideas in simple terms. And now I want to bring those ideas to you.
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Hi, my name is Ben. I am the founder of Making of a Millionaire and the author of every article you will read on this website. ​ I have been obsessed with personal finance my entire adult life. On formal education, I earned a Bachelors's and a Masters's degree in Finance & Economics. On the informal side, I consumed every book, video, blog post, and podcast that discussed personal finance. Education was nice, but it wasn’t until I began implementing what I learned that I began feeling more hopeful about the future.
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