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Chase Your Dreams with a Mini Un-RetirementAugust 31, 2023
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I started Banker On FIRE to achieve the following three objectives: Give me a creative outlet from the pressures of my job as an investment banker. Explore, document and debate the various ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence. Help others make better decisions, grow their net worth and live their best life possible
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I was already overdrafted on my checking account by the time my pay was deposited, I had no savings, and worst of all, I cashed out my most important financial asset - my retirement account. Thankfully, that was a while ago and a lot has changed. To keep me green and growing, I share stories of how I save more to explore.
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I started We Want Guac after years of itching to share my own experiences. The name itself comes from getting the “extra” in life without feeling guilty about it or like you can’t afford it – the guac at Chipotle being the premier example. I focus on showing people in their early 20s how to get started on the climb to wealth; whether you’re debt-free or have loads of loans, whether you’re a newbie or a little advanced, it doesn’t matter. We’re out to get you to understand everything related to finance: budgeting, investing, income growth, adjusted mindsets, and overarching societal impacts are all discussed at length.
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Thank you for stopping by the Best Interest. I’m Jesse Cramer. I’m an engineer and an avid reader/writer. The Best Interest started as my creative outlet, but it’s gained national recognition for explaining complex personal finance ideas in simple terms. And now I want to bring those ideas to you.
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Hi, my name is Ben. I am the founder of Making of a Millionaire and the author of every article you will read on this website. ​ I have been obsessed with personal finance my entire adult life. On formal education, I earned a Bachelors's and a Masters's degree in Finance & Economics. On the informal side, I consumed every book, video, blog post, and podcast that discussed personal finance. Education was nice, but it wasn’t until I began implementing what I learned that I began feeling more hopeful about the future.
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My name is Jakob Freele. I have passions for finance, numbers, sports, and animals. A data analyst by trade, it would be a dream come true to become financially free at a young age. Wealthy Whisper is here to help that dream come true for not only myself but others. This website is a journey for all who seek financial freedom and aspire to build wealth.
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