Do You Want to Be Average, or Extraordinary?

Post Last Updated: January 7, 2019


Do you want to be average, or more than average?

It’s a simple question.

Average is the middle of the pack. It’s an okay place to be.

You aren’t the best, and also, not the worst.

Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately is how many people settle for average.

The Mastermind Within, this blog, is not about settling for average.

I want to be extraordinary, and I want you to be extraordinary.

Being average is great, but rarely in my life have I been happy with the outcomes associated with average.

Average performances don’t lead to gold medals, promotions, awards, or recognition. Extraordinary performance lead to medals, promotions and recognition.

Which one will you choose?

In this post, let’s take a look at what average looks like, what extraordinary looks like, and set the stage for 2019 on this blog.

What Does Average Look Like?

I’m average in many ways. You are probably average in many ways as well.

What is average?

Average can be thought of as the middle number in a distribution of outcomes. (In layman’s terms, this is fine. More precisely, we’d use median for the middle number, but this isn’t a statistics article 🙂 )

  • The average height is 5’9″ for males, and 5’4″ for females.
  • The most prevalent eye color in the world is brown eyes.
  • The average hand size is 6.77″ for females and 7.44″ for males.

These are attributes we can see and measure, and cannot be affected through natural processes. I’m 5’8″ – unless an act of God occurred, I will not be 6 foot in my life.

There are many variables and attributes which are also measurable but hidden. I want to focus on these, since these we CAN control.

Average can be achieved by living life on autopilot and not understand the ramifications of our actions.

These numbers are quite interesting and paint a picture for us of average.

But, what about extraordinary? What about above average?

Could you be extraordinary?

I started this blog because I wanted more. While physically I look average, I hate the results I get when I’m average.

Maybe it’s because of my physical appearance that I have a chip on my shoulder to do more and do better.

I want more, I want extraordinary.

This blog is named The Mastermind Within, and is all about helping your reach your FULL POTENTIAL. It’s not about reaching your average potential.

You have a mastermind within you – an all powerful brain, body and soul which can accomplish anything it wants.

What is extraordinary?

Extraordinary is being in shape and having the ability to perform different exercises without getting tired.

For personal finance, extraordinary is becoming debt free, having $10,000 in the bank for emergency purposes, and knowing where your money is going each month. Extraordinary could be earning $100,000 a year, having a successful side hustle, or achieving asymmetric returns.

Extraordinary is giving your time, knowledge or money to others in need.

Extraordinary is being careful with your waste, and understanding the impact you have on this Earth.

Being extraordinary involves having successful and healthy relationships, being active in your community, and looking to help others grow and become better.

Extraordinary is living in abundance.

There are some areas of my life where I’ve achieved above average results. Likewise, there are other areas where I’m still lacking, struggling, and trying to become better for the future.

Becoming better over time is a process. No one is an overnight success – I’ve been working towards a “better life” for the last 6 years and I’m still somewhere far from my destination.

Start with the question, “What makes you happiest?” and move on to setting actions to bring you closer to the answer.

Let’s be extraordinary in 2019.

Push to Become Extraordinary in 2019

Over the past year, I’ve met a number of amazing people through this blog.

When having some discussions, I’ve walked away sometimes frustrated with how my opinions were not received as openly as I tried to receive their opinions.

What I came to realize is everyone has a different perspective, different goals, and a different outlook on life.

For me, I want success and happiness in all areas of my life – relationships, money, spirituality, exercise, work, etc.

I’m not afraid and willing to go down rabbit holes, take risks, and shoot for the moon. I want to achieve extreme wealth at a young age, am willing to learn and work on different projects until the work is done, and am prepared to change my opinions and thoughts with new information.

What about you?

Do you want to be average, or be extraordinary?

In 2019, on this blog, I will be writing to help you become extraordinary. If this doesn’t fit your goals and wants, then that is completely fine. We all have one life and if my message doesn’t align with your goals, then no love lost.

However, if you are choosing to become extraordinary, buckle up.

The path to success is a fun journey, which requires patience, self-awareness and consistency.

You are the leader of your life and the teacher who knows you best.

So, I ask again, are you going to be average, or be extraordinary?

Thank you for reading 🙂


Do you want to be average or extraordinary?