Should You Invest in Zed Run?

It seems like technological advancements are coming much faster than we may have anticipated to a point where it is hard to keep up. Let’s look at Blockchain technology for example.

It was first introduced in 2013 and now it is worth billions of dollars and represents an entire eco-system where apps and games are built on top of it.

Nobody predicted that! And for those ones who did, they’ve made a lucky guess and are now enjoying their millions.

As of now, you probably already know about cryptocurrencies, unless you have been living under a rock.

However, we never knew the potential of such technologies and their use cases in industries like gaming, until now.

Blockchain and crypto games have started to emerge bringing all new features to the table. One of the most interesting features is the ability to own a certain digital good.

This led to the birth of virtual horse racing games, where horse racing enthusiasts can finally become racehorse owners, train and breed horses and compete in online events for money.

Zed Run is one of the first platforms to bring crypto technology and the world of horse racing together. It is a digital simulation where they are also looking into being able to bet on virtual horse races, just like you would do on TwinSpires for the Breeders’ Cup.

But is Zed Run legit, and should you invest in this platform?

Let’s find out.

What is Zed Run?

To put it simply, Zed Run is a blockchain-based game where you can buy, sell breed, and race digital horses. The digital horses come in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are recorded on the blockchain and they have different traits just like you’d find diversity in real-world horse racing.

These horses are named Zed Runners, and they have different speeds and other performance characteristics that can be improved over time. In order to participate in the game, you must purchase a horse NFT from OpenSea, which costs less than $10.

The idea is for people to own digital horses, participate in online events, and possibly earn crypto. It is probably the closest thing to becoming a real-world horse owner.

How is the Outcome of a Race Determined?

We’ve all seen online simulation games that are based on an RNG (random number generator) much like Slots in a casino, but Zed Run is different.

The outcome of a race is determined by a few different factors such as race conditions, horse stats, training, and of course some randomness and uncertainty. This is just like the Breeders’ Cup in the real world.

So, there is no way to predict the winner of the race. Your goal should be to own a horse with great stats, which will increase your overall winning chances.

The Good Side of Zed Run

Zed Run might be a good investment for those who are really into horse racing. This is a realistic horse-racing simulation where you get to experience what is like to become a racehorse owner.

On top of that, you can earn some money in the process. In fact, there are multiple ways you can earn money, such as through competing in races, breeding and selling, and stud fees.

Similarly, in real life, if you own a male horse in Zed Run you can put it up in a Stud Farm and people might pay Stud Fee to use your horse in the breeding process.

Things to Consider Before Investing

Since we are talking about crypto-investment, we can all agree that the market has been going through a wild rollercoaster in the past couple of years. This means that the market is volatile and anything can happen.

We went through a phase where NFTs were purchased for millions of dollars that are now worth next to nothing. But nobody can predict the future of NFTs and where the Metaverse is heading.

Another thing to consider is regulations. Most countries are still in the grey area when it comes to crypto regulations, so make sure you get informed about such investments.

Should you invest in Zed Run?

We can all agree that Zed Run is an amazing platform that opens a new chapter into virtual horse racing. However, whether you should invest in Zed Run should be a thoughtful process and depends on your situation, goals, familiarity with this technology, and personal preference.

You need to weigh all the positive and negative sides of this investment and find out whether or not it is the right one for you.