Wedding Budgeting 101: How To Save Up For Your Big Day

They’ve popped the question, you’ve said yes, and now it’s time to get the festivities started. If you’re recently engaged, a big congratulations from us to you. Getting married is a once in a lifetime event, and planning for it can be both an exciting and overwhelming affair. And let’s not forget — weddings are often incredibly expensive, which can be an added challenge in these challenging economic times. 


Fortunately, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve on how to save up for your big day without compromising on the magic and joy that your wedding rightly deserves. Read on to find out more, because happily ever after starts now! 

Bring Out The Big Guns


First and foremost, if saving money and budgeting isn’t exactly your forte (we feel you), consider bringing out the big guns by consulting a financial planner. These financial wizards are able to provide valuable insight and advice on how you can not just save money, but also budget for your wedding in the most efficient and practical ways possible. With their guidance, you’ll have a much better understanding of your financial position, allowing you to make smarter decisions when planning your special day. 

Set A Realistic Budget


It’s no surprise that wedding budgeting starts with setting a realistic budget. How much can you afford? How much can your partner afford? Do you have any other financial obligations that take priority over the wedding? These are all the important questions that you should be asking early on in the game. 


The truth is as much as you want to curate the fairytale wedding that you’ve always dreamt of, understanding your financial limitations is key to ensuring you don’t break the bank. So, take stock of how much savings you have, consider any contributions from family members, and realistically assess how much you can afford to spend for your big day. 

Prioritize Your Spending 


Now that you’ve got a solid grasp on exactly how much you can realistically spend on your big day, it’s time to prioritize your spending. After all, your wedding day is arguably one of the largest purchases you can expect to make in your lifetime. So you’ll want to make sure that you’ve saved up enough to enjoy the wedding of your dreams.


Your allocated budget will cover a wide variety of costs, from venue hire and photography, to catering, fancy wedding attire and everything in between. With so many things to consider, one of the most important things you’ll have to do is differentiate between the must-haves and the things you could possibly do without. 


In other words, it’s all about identifying your needs versus your wants, without putting a damper on the big day. Ideally, you’ll allocate a larger portion of your budget to the must-haves, and on the flip side, be willing to make compromises on the less crucial aspects. This will take some time and effort on your part, so be sure to discuss things with your significant other to ensure that your wedding dreams align with your financial reality. 

Cut Back On Unnecessary Expenses 


To ensure that you’re able to afford everything that you dream of, some sacrifices will have to be made. This means cutting back on unnecessary expenses temporarily, to ensure that you’re able to boost your wedding fund. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done, but we have a few tips to help kickstart your personal budgeting, specifically when it comes to cutting back. 


One of the best ways of streamlining your personal finances is to simply assess your weekly or monthly expenses and look for easy opportunities to trim the fat, so to speak. Some simple ideas for cutting back include dining out less, cancelling unnecessary subscriptions (do you really need 7 streaming services?), and finding more affordable alternatives for your everyday spending. By making these small adjustments to your lifestyle, you’ll find extra dollars and cents that can be redirected into your wedding budget. 

Shop Around For The Best Deal


As tempting as it may be to finalize your wedding venue, catering company or wedding dress sooner rather than later, one of the best things you can do to maximise your wedding budget is to shop around for the best deal. Just as you’d compare prices for other significant purchases such as a home or car, your wedding should be no different.


So, make it a point to research multiple vendors and compare different quotes to secure the best deal. Remember, every dollar you save can be redirected to other aspects of your big day such as wedding favors or even your dream honeymoon, so don’t be shy to shop around and negotiate prices for the best deal.  

Explore Off-Peak Options


If you’re looking to significantly slash the price tag for your big day, yet another ingenious tip is to explore off-peak options that often cost a fraction when compared to more popular periods . Sure, hosting your wedding on a Saturday or right smack in the middle of the Summer may be the ultimate dream, but opting for an off-peak date or day can be a strategic and budget-friendly move. Not to mention, it also opens up more availability with venues and vendors, allowing for greater flexibility in your planning. ‘


Top Tip: To ensure that everyone is in the loop, be sure to let your guests know about your off-peak plans in advance. This will allow them to mark their calendars and make necessary arrangements, such as requesting time off work or arranging travel plans. 

Final Thoughts


And there you have it — 6 budgeting tips that are guaranteed to help you save up for your dream wedding. By taking these tips on board, you’ll be able to curate the ultimate celebration of love, without leaving you in dire financial straits. Who knows, you might even have enough left over to plan a whirlwind honeymoon adventure with your special someone. 


Here’s to endless love and a lifetime filled with cherished memories!