6 Ways to Cash Out Your Cryptocurrency

It’s time to get in the action if you have been eyeing the cryptocurrency scene for some time now but find yourself wanting more than just hoping your investments pay off. With recent leaps forward in blockchain technology and many viable ways available to convert your digital assets into fiat currency, cashing out crypto has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking to accumulate a first-time payday or seeking semi-permanent liquidity from an ongoing investment portfolio geared towards greater stability, here are six necessary tips to turn those digital tokens into real-world funds:

Bitcoin ATM

Traders who want to convert crypto and get immediate cash should opt for a Bitcoin ATM. All you need to do is locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM. You should then wait for some minutes to receive the money. Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate ATM, as there can be some scams involved in this process. With 24/7 availability and locations in major cities worldwide, Bitcoin ATMs are the ultimate convenience for swiftly cashing out your crypto.


Crypto Debit Card

Crypto debit cards allow you to spend cryptocurrency online and in-store. Most exchanges offer crypto debit cards to allow you to spend your crypto balance. The cards are linked to a centralized crypto exchange wallet and allow you to use the card for regular purchases. This method is typically used to bypass the need for a fiat withdrawal and avoid any potential exchange fees.

Third-Party Crypto Exchange Broker

Using a third-party crypto exchange broker is among the best ways to turn your BTC to USD. This process is similar to exchanging currency in a foreign country or airport. You are required to deposit your crypto into your preferred exchange broker. After receiving the cryptocurrency, you can make a withdrawal request in your preferred currency, which will be deposited into your bank account. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of converting your funds seamlessly. 

Peer-to-Peer Platforms

P2P platforms allow you to exchange directly with a buyer or seller without going through an intermediary. It provides greater privacy and control when cashing out your crypto. Popular P2P cryptocurrency platforms include:

  • Binance
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Paxful
  • Hodl Hod

Choosing the right platform is vital, to get the best and most reliable online trading platform will help you avoid some issues during transactions. A peer-to-peer platform involves sending the crypto from your digital wallet into the other person’s digital wallet, and you get payment depending on the agreed payment mode.

Crypto-Friendly Businesses

Since cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming popular worldwide, more businesses are also accepting it as a mode of payment from customers in exchange for goods and services. Many businesses have an option to ‘buy with crypto’ on the checkout. This transaction can be completed using a QR code, inputting the crypto wallet address to your online wallet, and sending a request for the crypto amount.


Money Transfer Apps

Several money transfer apps allow their users to buy and sell crypto. They have incorporated crypto plans with built-in exchanges to make it seamless for users to buy crypto and cash out their holdings. The apps will allow you to sell your crypto for cash when you hold some digital currencies with them. To cash out your coins using this method, you need to link your digital wallet with the app and transfer the crypto into it. Be sure to compare different apps and settle on one that offers the best rates and convenience.


No matter what crypto exchange platform you opt for, you should be able to convert your crypto to cash seamlessly and quickly. Remember to exercise due diligence in every trade and use trusted platforms. Also, be aware of each platform’s limitations and charges so that you don’t pay high fees and lose flexibility in some.