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Today’s Animal Spirits: Talk Your Book is presented by Titan: We discuss: Background on 13F filings How investors use 13 F filings How Titan is trying to bring hedge fund holdings to more investors Bringing active management to the robo space The importance of client communication and education How to reach younger investors through technology The state of active management today and much more Listen here: Book ment… The post Talk Your Book: Invest Like […]

My Savings and Investing Priorities Pyramid | brokeGIRLrich With a variable income like mine, trying to figure out how to get ahead and where the money should go at any given time is pretty challenging. On the one hand, I’d argue that almost anything you manage to save and invest is a solid start – so if you’re just getting started, do whatever you can to start taking steps forward. There came a time though […]

With so many different options for investing – 401(k)s, IRAs, taxable accounts, you might be wondering where should we put our money?  Today we’re looking at how you can invest […] The post Family Guide on How to Start Investing appeared first on Simplify and Enjoy.

When it comes to online courses on personal finances out there, they certainly run the gamut. Many of them stress different methods and angles of managing your money – but very few (I’ve found) teach specifically about investing. This is why we were excited to review the Multiply course offered by Sound Mind Investing (SMI). Our friend at SMI, Matt Bell, gave us a chance to go through the course and we’d like to offer […]

The post Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card Review 2019 appeared first on Club Thrifty. The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card is one of the top cash back cards on the market. Offering an unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, this card takes the confusion out of quarterly bonuses and rotating categories. It also comes with a nifty signup bonus for those who meet the extremely low minimum spending requirement. Additionally, […]

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Are you putting your money at risk by investing in the wrong type of funds? Deciding between index funds vs. active funds can affect your overall portfolio growth over time. The goal of every investment strategy is to make money. Not just a bit of money. But enough money to lend to early retirement and […] The post Index Funds vs. Active Funds – Which Are Better? appeared first on How To FIRE.

Are you looking for passive income ideas so that you can start making more money? Learning how to make passive income streams can significantly change your life by helping you earn more money and diversifying your income. Building passive income is something that I’ve been working on for the past several years. See, I want to continue to bring in an income while being able to focus on other goals of mine, like doing more […]

Image Source: Unsplash With the current value of gold in the market, it can be tempting to start purchasing gold bullion. If you are a newbie in gold investing, it would be best to start with gold coins. There are also many reasons why a person might decide to collect coins; it could be that a relative bequeathed a small collection and you simply wish to add to the collection, or it could be that […]

Every March and April I am absolutely inundated with Backdoor Roth IRA questions. This year was no different and I found my prior post on 17 Ways to Screw Up a Backdoor Roth IRA to be inadequate. Not only are you guys incredibly good at finding new ways to screw Backdoor Roths up, but that post focused too much on the errors and not enough on the solutions once the errors have been made. I […]

Technology is making it easier than ever to invest – which is awesome. However, some places still are charging outrageous fees and commissions to buy stocks and ETFs online, when it’s possible to buy stocks online for free!  Even some of the firms that advertise “get started with just $5” can end up charging you huge fees as a percentage of what you invest. In fact, we’ve even seen some really dishonest financial advisors charging […]

With more and more Canadians moving towards low-fee investing options, banks and investment companies have had to step up their game, to deliver products that provide the right mix between price and performance. In this review of Tangerine mutual funds, I’ll take a look at how one of Canada’s leading online banks is filling that need for their customers. Tangerine’s series of index mutual funds have been around for a number of years now, offering […]

Here is why you should avoid Motilal Oswal Nifty 500 Fund and stick to established Nifty 50 index funds. It is a pity that people assume that by buying 500 stocks they are actually buying the whole market and will something extra compared to large cap index fund tracking the Nifty 50 or the Sensex…. The post Motilal Oswal Nifty 500 Fund: Avoid & stick to Nifty 50 Index funds appeared first on freefincal.

Socially Responsible & Ethical Investing Have you heard these terms before: “socially responsible investing“, “sustainable investing” or “ethical investing” ? Maybe you have, or this is the first time you hear these. I decided to write about this topic after I discussed about ethicality of investing with my GF. She said that if she would invest, she would like to invest ethically and responsibly. In her opinion, modern capitalism is not good for planet earth […]