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A reader asks: We own a cash-flowing rental property with a sub-3% mortgage with 28 years remaining. On the Aug 18th episode of Portfolio Rescue, Barry said “Real estate more or less returns zero net of inflation.” However, does this statement take into account the leverage provided by a mortgage? Return comparisons between stocks and real estate seem to favor stocks, but it’s not clear whether these com…

The Cash Flow Investing Summit takes place from Friday, February 17 to Sunday, February 19th in Tempe, Arizona.  You will experience engaging and inspirational speakers, plenty of opportunity to network and connect with realtors, multifamily brokers, experienced investors, top minds in real estate, and potential lenders and partners.  Walk out of the event with a … Join the #1 real estate event Read More » The post Join the #1 real estate event appeared first on Addicted to ROI.

    Through the voting powers that come with large shareholdings, fund management companies have huge influence over the way that the companies they invest in are run. Increasingly, however, large asset managers like BlackRock are looking to delegate those voting powers to underlying investors. But, from an ESG perspective, is this a positive development or not? Sparrows Capital’s MARK NORTHWAY argues that delegating responsibility for stewardship to investors is a cop-out. Worse still, he […]

The year started with mortgageg interest rates around 3%. Now, averages are hovering around 7%. For savvy investors, that means it’s time to get creative. Brian and Deni break down five outside-the-box ways to finance rental properties while interest rates are high. Video Broadcast Version Audio Podcast Version Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever else you listen 🙂 Live Off Rents Podcast · Ep. #120: 5 Creative Ways To Finance Rentals While Rates Are […]

The post No Brainer Dividend Stocks for the End of 2022 appeared first on Dividend Power. The end of the year, it’s usually an excellent time to look for deals. In 2022, a bear market caused by rising interest rates in response to the highest inflation in four decades punished stock prices. A recent reversal in the downward trend has caused a slight recovery. But some stocks that were oversold during the year are still […]

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Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending a product online. When someone makes a purchase as a result, the person who suggested it gets a share of the profit. This can be extremely lucrative, particularly if you already have a following online or a successful website.  However, there is a lot of conflicting and false […] The post Three Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing appeared first on Make Money Without A Job.

Singapore Savings Bonds returns have reached new highs in previous months as the momentum of Fed rate hikes continued to gather pace. However, for today’s release of the January 2023 tranche of Singapore Savings Bonds, the returns has dropped as expected. For Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) historical rates from October 2015 until now, please see […] The post Singapore Savings Bonds Jan-2023 Rates : Year 1 (2.95%), 10-Year Avg (3.26%) appeared first on Turtle Investor.

Which is better, dividend stocks or growth stocks? What is the key difference between dividend stock investing and growth stock investing? Dividend Stock Investing Vs Growth Stock Investing When it comes to dividend stock investing, I liken it to putting my money in a fixed deposit with a higher interest rate but minus the almost […]

Welcome to December! Yup, I’m bringing these back. Not because we are actively investing in dividends shares, because we don’t (all cash is going to a money pit!). What I do like to showcase is the organic growth from a legacy portfolio started in 2015/2016, with no contributions since! For more history on what & how, see also our dividend portfolio page, this explains some other graphs below. Without further ado, here is the 2022 […]

All America Bank and Redneck Bank are sister internet banks that offer the same types of accounts (with different marketing shtick). Looking back in my archives, I actually opened an account with them way back in 2009 (later closed), as they are intermittently competitive with interest rates. Looks like they are looking to attract deposits again, most recently raising both their interest rates and their balance caps. Mega Money Market 4.00% APY on up to […]

The world of real estate is highly competitive, and there is not a lot of margin for error when it comes to excelling and being… The post How You Can Gain an Edge in the World of Real Estate appeared first on Savings and Sangria.

I have a love-hate relationship with owning rental property. On the one hand, my rental properties are one of the main reason why I had the confidence to leave work behind. On the other hand, my rental properties are my main source of investment stress. Whenever there is a tenant issue or a maintenance issue, Read More… The post A Love-Hate Relationship With Owning Rental Property Real Estate appeared first on Financial Samurai.

Beyond having a solid business plan, the products, market knowledge, and extensive experience, you need enough funding to successfully open and run an online marketplace platform. However, raising funds for launching online marketplace startups is often challenging for most aspiring entrepreneurs.  It’s for this sole reason most potential business owners give up and return to […]