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Property investing can be a very lucrative way to make money in today’s market. However, it’s crucial that you educate yourself on ways to maximize… The post Vital Tips For Those Considering Property Investment appeared first on Savings and Sangria.

I have published a passive income monthly update for more than seven years. For a decade, I’ve published regular life goals that I don’t update that often. This year, I’ve merged the two reports. I hope it will ensure that I am accountable for my goals at least once a month. It should be much better than looking at them once a quarter and thinking, “WOW, I didn’t do any of these.” Now, I can […]

In its nearly 250-year history, the U.S. has experienced more periods of inflation than deflation. The last big period of deflation occurred during The Great Depression. There was another smaller period during the Great Financial Crisis. Both coincided with a recession. During a recession and deflation, people lose their jobs, demand drops, and with it, prices. But for those who are able to hang on to their jobs and have investments, what should they look […]

I hadn’t heard of an ongoing investment club for many years before a long-time Monevator reader – and member of the Patrick Investment Club – dropped me a line. Such clubs were common 20-30 years ago. And as David Patrick’s guest article below shows, they filled a niche that today’s more impersonal and often abrasive social investing options hardly replace… For more than 25 years my extended family has been pooling monthly subscriptions of at least […]

Welcome back to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast, where we dive deep into the essentials of investing to help you become a savvier market participant. Today, we’re continuing our “Back to the Basics” series with a fascinating discussion about the concept of Mister Market, a term coined by Benjamin Graham, the mentor of Warren Buffett. Our hosts, Andrew and Dave, will guide us through understanding Mister Market’s role as a temperamental business […]

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Save, invest, prosper with My Own Advisor. March 2024 Dividend Income Update Hi Everyone, Welcome to our March 2024 Dividend Income Update. Similar to last month, I want to remind subscribers that we continue to follow a hybrid investing approach to manage our personal portfolio: We invest in Canadian and U.S. dividend paying stocks – that funnel income into our accounts. We… Join the million dollar portfolio journey. The article March 2024 Dividend Income Update […]

Recently, I received a capital distribution from a private real estate fund, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The experience brought me both joy and relief, prompting me to share it in the hope that it might inspire you to invest more for your future. After purchasing a new home in October […] The post Capital Distributions From Private Real Estate Investments Are Wonderful appeared first on Financial Samurai.

Today’s Animal Spirits is brought to you by YCharts: See here for YCharts’ quarterly economic update slide deck! See here for tickets to The Compound and Friends LIVE in Los Angeles On today’s show, we discuss: Will the growth of indexing lead to its downfall?  Fund industry’s asset mix offers encouraging sign  CPI Data – motor vehicle insurance  Why car insurance rates are so high  Th…

The post 3 Aerospace and Defense Dividend Stocks in Turbulent Markets appeared first on Dividend Power. The defense industry contains several appealing stocks for dividend growth investors. Constant geopolitical concerns and rising defense budgets worldwide provide a strong backdrop for the most prominent defense companies. Due to the persistent need for global defense, the principal defense companies have sustainable regular dividends, even during recessions. In turn, investors have received strong returns from defense stocks and steady dividend […]

The Big Picture On How To Find Properties Before They Hit The Market: Finding properties before they get listed on MLS can significantly benefit real estate investors. These properties are often cheaper, and the owners are more open to negotiation. Real estate investors can utilize several strategies to find properties before they hit the market. These include driving for dollars, building your network, contacting real estate agents, and staying updated on the news.  Make sure to scrutinize unlisted or expired properties to cover all your bases. Remember, good deals don’t just fall on your lap; you need to work for them! Disclaimer The information provided on this website is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, or investment advice.  Always consult a licensed real estate consultant and/or financial advisor about your investment decisions.  Real estate investing involves risks; past performance does not indicate future results. We make no representations or warranties about the accuracy or reliability of the information provided.  Our articles may have affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link, the affiliate may compensate our website at no cost to you. You can view our Privacy Policy here for more information.    Want to score better deals on investment properties? Learn how to find properties before they hit the market. In a competitive real estate market, buyers and investors want to learn how to find homes before they become public knowledge.   Benefits Of Finding Properties Before They Hit The Market Here are some of the advantages of being an early bird in real estate investments: Advantage Description Less Competition Fewer potential buyers means less bidding competition, which can lead to better negotiation terms and potentially lower prices. More Negotiation Leverage With no public listing, buyers may have more room to negotiate terms, prices, and contingencies directly with the seller. Access to Exclusive Deals Off-market listings, often referred to as “pocket listings,” can sometimes represent unique opportunities that are not available to the general public. Better Relationship Building Engaging directly with sellers or agents can foster relationships that lead to better deals or first dibs on future listings. Potential for Faster Transactions Without the typical delays of market listing processes, transactions might close faster. Privacy in Transactions Some sellers prefer off-market deals to keep their sales discreet, which can also benefit buyers looking for privacy. Try these ten ways to find houses before they hit the MLS.   How To Find Houses Before They Hit The Market Finding great off-market properties is both an art and a science. Start by mastering one of the tactics below before expanding to others.   1. Drive around your target neighborhood Another way to find properties before they hit the market is to drive

Photo by Binyamin Mellish Thinking about buying a rental property? A rental property is a great investment especially if you want to earn extra cash fast. However, before you invest in this type of property you need to make sure that it is in fact a great investment to begin with. There are a few things you should be aware… Continue Reading→ The post 4 Things You Must Consider When Buying a Rental Property appeared first on Cash for Kat.

A little over two years ago, I published Just Keep Buying: Proven ways to save money and build your wealth. Back then, it looked like my timing couldn’t have been worse. The S&P 500 was 8% off its highs and sentiment was deteriorating by the day. When the market reached its lows in October 2022, U.S. stocks were down nearly 25% and all of my haters made sure to remind me of it. They said things like: “I’ve just kept buying and gotten poorer following this book’s advice.” “Of course he published a book called ‘Just Keep Buying’ after a 10 year bull market.” “Now do Japan.” The last comment is a standard in the stock market bear’s playbook. Anytime someone argues that stocks will eventually recover from a decline, the most prominent counterexample is Japan, a country whose equity market crashed and then went sideways for over three decades. When I published Just Keep Buying, Japan’s Nikkei index had been below its 1989 highs for over 30 years: Looking at this you can see why “Now do Japan” became such a meme for stock market permabears. Every time someone claimed that stocks usually recover, Japan was staring us right in the face. The bears were right to point this out. They were right to demonstrate that markets can take longer to recover than we initially imagine. However, they were wrong to focus so much on Japan. Why? Because Japan had arguably the greatest asset bubble in history. And you shouldn’t make generalized arguments based on outlier performance. But guess what? None of that matters anymore. If you’ve been following markets lately, you already know that the permabulls have gotten the last laugh. As the chart below illustrates, about two months ago, Japan’s Nikkei index surpassed its 1989 high after 34 years: Don’t get me wrong, this is a dreadful equity market performance overall. As much as I love celebrating new highs, I don’t want to gloss over how rough this period was for Japanese equity investors. On the other hand, it’s also true that investing in Japanese equities would have been far less painful for someone who was buying over time. While we like to imagine a hypothetical investor who bought at the 1989 peak and is still holding today, it’s far more likely that someone would have been buying throughout their life. For example, imagine someone who invested $1 per day into Japanese stocks starting in 1980 (in the run up to the 1989 bubble). If they had done so, their portfolio wouldn’t have been underwater following the crash in the early 1990s. In fact, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that their portfolio value would dip below its contributions (aka cost basis): This demonstrates that, when investing over time, a Japanese investor would have only been underwater from 2000 to 2017, a 17-year period. The rest of the time, it would have (more or less) been in the green. While this outcome isn’t ideal,