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Just a quick update. I can’t claim any credit for organising this (thanks, Cath!) but the next Manchester Meet  Up has been sorted. It’s at the Rain Bar, 80 Great Bridgewater Street, M1 5JG Friday, 27th Sept 2019, 6pm – … Continue reading → The post Manchester FIRE Meet Up in Sept appeared first on Quietly Saving.

This past week marked four months since I walked out of the office for the last time.   Since that day, we’ve accomplished a celebratory trip, picked our first destination to live in early retirement, sold a house, moved, and are settling into a new routine without work.  This has given me time to enjoy a […] The post Reflections Four Months Into Early Retirement appeared first on Stop Ironing Shirts.

This is a re-run from last year, but the extremely rare deal for a $100 Fire HD 10 is available once again (for Prime members). I love it even more than when I wrote this original review that I bought two more. Readers may (and should) be skeptical about my view in this article. Amazon has a commission program and content producers (i.e. me) make some extra cash by reviewing their products if people decide […]

Hello FOGA Readers! I did a Guest Post for Radical FIRE! Some of you may recognize her from her guest post that she did for me in June: Home Squeezed Home: Why I Love Living In 160 Square Feet. If you don’t know who she is, here is a quick The post Guest Post on Radical FIRE appeared first on From One Geek to Another.

(no. 048) – Image Credit: Kenny Luo (balloons), Sharefaith (US flag) and James Giddins (UK flag)   I recently wrote a post about reaching financial independence by 40 with a starting salary of £40, whilst at the same time comparing the UK to the US. I concluded that it was possible using my optimistic assumptions and that FIRE in the UK is much easier compared to the US. Some people commented who were unconvinced about the […]

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In a comment responding to my recent post about making better decisions in the face of uncertainty, a reader wrote: “Life is inherently risky. To try and compensate for every contingency is irrational. We can “what if” ourselves right into a straight jacket! You retired early … you won!” As a lifelong football fan, this … [Continue reading] The post Playing Offense in Retirement appeared first on Can I Retire Yet?.

Our weekly status calls were on Thursdays. “Maybe this one will be better,” I’d think hopefully. They never were. Even with this hint of optimism, reality meant that Wednesday nights would be filled with panic and anxiety for the day ahead. Every person on our team was on edge heading into those calls. We’d be required to provide status updates, also known as repeating every phone call and email made from the prior week. I’m […]

Last week, I wrote a pretty personal post about my experiences and struggles with anxiety. I may have let it slip that one of the reasons why I dread going to work so much is that I’m so anxious about everything there all the time. It’s not a fun way to spend 40 hours per week. The truth is, I’m actually pursuing financial independence because of anxiety. Not wholly, of course – I have tons […]

The department of Singapore statistics published the Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18. The department published the results every 5 years. And so we have the figures to compare against the expenditure figures published in 2012/13. That is the data 5 years ago. There is too much data, and we would probably not be able to finish in one seating. As a researcher of financial independence, I was curious whether the data do show that Singaporean’s will […]

The timing of this post couldn’t have been better. I decided to take a break from practicing medicine, and likely a permanent one, with my last shift ending just a few short days ago. Am I burned out? Maybe a little. Could I continue working in the same capacity? Absolutely. Yet, I have felt compelled for quite some time now to do something different. What spurred the change of pace just a dozen or so […]

A lot of financial experts and bloggers don’t recommend annuities or even like to talk about them very much. They are more likely to recommend and want to talk to you about investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds for growing your wealth and prepping for retirement. That may leave you to wonder what annuities really are and whether you should you invest in them for your retirement years. I chose to purchase an annuity […]

You asked, and I am answering every Friday once I have enough questions! You can ask any question using the form here. Would you be […]

Aloha! Today’s 10 Questions comes all the way from beautiful Hawaii. Cathleen blogs over at Cooking Up FIRE and writes about food, Hawaii and finance. Reading Cooking Up FIRE breaks my heart a little bit. I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times and loved it. I want to go back really bad, but the flights are too damn expensive when the girls are out of school. But Cathleen, I will find a way to […]