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You’ve heard the term “comparison is the thief of joy”.  I think it’s generally true in many aspects of life, but not always.  As I mention in that post, comparing yourself to your younger self as you continue to get… The post Retirement In America: Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy? Not In This Case appeared first on Accidental Fire.

It’s a strange time. War. Inflation. Recession. This is reflected in the stock market: However, I also think this is probably a great time to retire. Hear me out. Everything Is Cyclical Before I liberated myself from formal work back in 2017, I frequently had this thought: Now is not a good time to quit. […] The post Is Now A Great Time To Retire? appeared first on 1500 Days to Freedom.

How to Un-FIRE yourself – a crash course. There are many ways to UN-FIRE oneself. By far the easiest one is to buy a house that is way too expensive. And that is exactly what we did! You can too It’s so great to be able to provide this useful financial information with a restarted blog! The Cheesy Index I’ve revived the Cheesy Index again, and… it is a bloodbath! We used to be able […]

Hey everyone! Oh wow, it’s December already. We are in the home stretch now. This year, we are having a low-key holiday season. We spent Thanksgiving with friends then I flew to Thailand to see my parents. Mrs. RB40 and Junior will go see her family for Christmas. This year is so low-key, we didn’t even bother putting up the Christmas tree. Oh well. Next year, we’ll have a better family Christmas.   On the personal finance side, things were good in November. Inflation seems to be moderating and the stock market performed well. As a result, our net worth recovered a bit. I’m getting more optimistic about 2023. We might get into a recession, but I think our investments will do quite well by the end of 2023. Our cash flow for November didn’t look great, but it is still good for the year. Actually, I can’t wait to do the year-end wrap and see how it all works out. We spent more money than usual this year due to travel and unexpected expenses, but our investments also generate good income. It should all work out okay. Today, I’ll share how I’m doing on my New Year goals. Then, I’ll show you our monthly cash flow. Here are the details. 2022 Goals Here is my 2022 goal spreadsheet. It works really well. Try it out if you can’t keep up with your New Year goals. The key is to go over the spreadsheet at least once a month to track your progress. That way, you can see which goals need extra attention. I’m not doing so well on my goals this year. The progress is very uneven. I guess next year I’ll have to set better goals. Financial Goals Real Estate Crowdfunding $200,000. I invested in an apartment renovation in North Carolina so we’re slowly getting there. These days, the projects on CrowdStreet finish their funding phase very quickly. Many investors are taking money off the stock market to diversify. Real estate is doing much better than the stock market this year. It’s a great way to generate passive income. FI Ratio > 110%. This is my main goal for 2022. The FI ratio is passive income divided by expense. So far, our FI ratio is 128%. This is pretty good. Sell rental condo. Our tenant decided to stay for another year. He’s a great tenant so I’m okay with it. The price isn’t great in that area anyway. Portland is still struggling with a lot of issues. Anyway, this goal got a fail. Speculate crypto $10,000. I sold off my Crypto in November. The craziness is too scary for me. All in all, I lost about $1,000. I might get back in next year. Health Goals I got a new fitness tracker! Next year, I’ll set an achievable monthly step goal. Fun Goals Travel 180 days – I spent 162 days traveling this year and I am exhausted. We spent the whole summer on the road while

A Joyful Retirement is a Grateful One   Do you want more joy in retirement? If so, practice gratitude. Gratitude and joy are necessary to live the good life. So why not increase the joy of retirement by cultivating gratitude? […]

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Real wealth is knowing yourself. Bear markets have zero effect on self-awareness. Read this week’s terrific retirement links and reinforce this superpower. Don’t strive for perfection in your retirement plan. Darius Foroux How much is in the average American 401(k) plan? MarketWatch Don’t become addicted to Investment Porn. The Onveston Letter How many people are still working in their 80s? The Basis Po…The post Rights, Rights, You Do Have Rights…..When Is My Retirement? appeared first on A Teachable Moment.

Here’s how we experienced The Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta on less than $70/day yet still had an endless supply of fun and luxury! Continue reading Día de Muertos in Mexico On A [October FIRE] Budget at TicTocLife.

Traditional retirement is a suboptimal goal. Building a career you genuinely do not want to retire from is better. Writing those words here or in a 240-character tweet takes little effort. But it’s an enormously complex concept for most middle-aged workers. To say: Hey, all you people aged 30-55, with kids, a mortgage, not-enough retirement… Read more The post It’s Not About Retirement Anymore appeared first on Retire Before Dad.

If this is what your retirement savings looked like, I bet you’d be feeling pretty good about yourself. Is this really what you want your retirement savings to look like? But what if I told you that this was actually Enron’s stock chart. And in less than a year, the entire value of the stock would be wiped out. If you were in your 50’s or 60’s and had your life’s savings in Enron in […]