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10 Things to do in Retirement The post Don’t Be Bored in Retirement: 10 Dynamic Activities to Banish Boredom for Good! appeared first on Time In the Market.

The mainstream financial media’s portrayal of early retirement has always felt disingenuous, leading with “this 30-something retired” or some variation of that hook, then later highlighting that the “early retiree” is working a new job (even though they don’t need to), running a business, or has an employed spouse providing income and health insurance. These… The post Throwing ICE on FIRE appeared first on Retire Before Dad.

Life is full of surprises.  That fact doesn’t change in retirement.  Today, we will look at some common retirement surprises, based on a fascinating study I just read and felt was worthy of sharing. If you’re curious about what surprises your retirement may have in store, this article is for you. Life is full of surprises, and that fact doesn’t end with retirement. Here are 9 surprises you may not expect in retirement.Click To Tweet […]

Save, invest, prosper with My Own Advisor. Top 10 Retirement Mistakes A few years ago, an article in the Financial Post caught my eye: mistakes retirees make when it comes to their investments. More recently, the great folks at Visual Capitalist put together a graphic about the Top 10 Retirement Mistakes investors make. I thought for today’s post I’d review each one… Join the million dollar portfolio journey. The article Top 10 Retirement Mistakes is […]

Introduction to Coast FIRE What is Coast FIRE? keep Reading! Financial independence is a goal that many of us aspire to achieve. The idea of being able to live life on our own terms, without…

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Today we discuss two of the higher spending options for FIRE: FatFIRE and MoFIRE. These imply spending of $100k and … Read More The post Fatty Flavors of FIRE:  FatFIRE and MoFIRE appeared first on The Darwinian Doctor.

When planning for your retirement, there are a variety of things to consider in addition to how much you might … Read more

Guess what time it is? Reader case time! Hi! We are a same sex married couple currently in the US (S is in her mid 40s working here on 10 yr employer sponsored visa and T is in her 50s). We stumbled onto FIRE concept and your great book / blog a few years ago so we are late to the game, but since then we’ve slowly but certainly changed our spending and savings habits. […]

Working till 62 Isn’t That Bad, Right? When I began my journey to Financial Independence in 2017 after my divorce, I learned that by being intentional and focused with my finances I may not need to work until typical retirement age. The thought of working till the age of 62, or 70, didn’t sound that bad at the time. I liked my regular W2 “day job” for the most part.  I enjoyed parts of my […]