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There’s some interesting and unique stuff in this post…don’t skip through it or you might miss something. 😉 Wow. Four years. I’ve been retired for four years now. In some ways, it seems like I left work yesterday. In others, it feels like I’ve been retired for a decade. Must be those retirement reverse dog years making me feel that way. 😉 I can say that at this point retirement life feels absolutely normal. This […]

We started our early retirement in Panama in the late summer of 2019. It was just me, my wife, Lisa, and our daughter, Faith, who was 9 at the time. We moved there and found a condo close to town in Boquete that we really liked. We even got to be part of a House Hunters International episode along the way! Things were moving along very well. The weather in the mountains of Boquete where […]

One of the key traits that really helped me get to financial independence is using things until they completely wear out.  Yes, my lawnmower that was built in America in 1984 is still cutting my grass, two years after I… The post Upcycle Your Way To Financial Independence appeared first on Accidental Fire.

For some reason, July just flew by. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t really start after the 4th of July. It could be that I started setting goals for myself to accomplish every two weeks after I had my June funk. Whatever it was, I’m shocked we are already in August with only 5 months to go in the year. Our investments crossed back into the positive side of the equation this month with a slight […]

Here’s my July’20 update. I saved 17K last month and my total savings is almost 20lakhs. Still a long way towards FIRE and Financial Independence in India. The post July’20 Update – My Journey towards Financial Independence in India appeared first on Little Saves🔥-Best ways to Earn and Save Money, Invest & FIRE.

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In this month’s post of Our Early Retired Life, we share our experiences roadtripping and volunteering for the election. ROADTRIPPING Although we had no travel scheduled, we got antsy toward the middle of June, so we planned a road trip to do some hiking. We … The post Our Early Retired Life – Roadtripping and Volunteering – 7.20 appeared first on The Dragons on FIRE.

Earlier this year I was contacted by Ali Amad, a reporter from Pivot Magazine, about appearing in a feature called “Financial Independence Retire Early” movement he was putting together. After a few email exchanges and a phone interview to answer some additional questions, I was told that they’d send a photographer to take a picture of me. A few weeks later, a photographer called Grady Mitchell reached out to me, and we agreed to take […]

Financial Independence In 1500 Days With Mr. 1500 Days:   Meet Carl from 1500 Days to Freedom Carl of the blog “1500 Days to Freedom” has made it his journey to become financially independent after being unhappy at his job. When he stumbled across the financial independence online community, he thought the entire notion was a fraud. But after deeper research, he found it to be the way out of an unhappy job. Along the […]

Despite what conventional wisdom may lead you to believe, there are many paths to retirement. Most people follow the same two-phase path to retirement. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. This statement applies to not only WHEN you reach retirement, but also how you get there and what the transition looks like. It’s easy to buy into the traditional understanding of retirement as a later phase in life. My initial understanding of retirement […]

Please note: This post may contain affiliate links which help to keep this blog running. At no extra cost to you, by purchasing through these links I will receive a small commission. Anything I choose to endorse is a product which I genuinely love and want to share. If you want to know more about my affiliate policy, please look here. In the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) world, you hear about loads of bloggers […]

The question staring many would be retirees in the face, what are the pros and cons to downsizing your home for retirement? Should you remain in your existing house or get something smaller and more affordable. The answer depends upon your circumstances and desired lifestyle.

Thanks for reading Get Rich Brothers! July was a hot month with plenty of days above 40°C with the humidex. That is finally starting to turn and it’s possible to sleep with the windows open once again. On the investing front, it seems we’ve been on a non-stop rise in the market indices as the top tech companies have set new records on the regular. I wasn’t investing back in the late ‘90s, but I […]

Retirement Checklist for Physicians Physicians love to make lists and check stuff off. ABG, check. CXR, check. Notes and wash masks… later. What about retirement? What list of things do you need to consider in your physician retirement checklist? Retirement planning can start as soon as you have some interest […] The post Physician Retirement Checklist appeared first on Financial Advisor | FiPhysician.com | Billings, MT.