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Nowadays, we have about an equal chance of tripping over a grammatically-challenged troll on Twitter as we do stumbling upon… The post Every Type of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Explained appeared first on Casual Money Talk. Every Type of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Explained was first posted on December 10, 2019 at 2:02 pm.©2018 “Casual Money Talk“. Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this […]

Passive income is always a great way to supplement your main source of income and earn more money each month, and many people use it to retire early. That said, you don’t have to stop generating passive income after retiring. In fact, most retirees have even more time to spend managing alternative forms of income … Continue reading Passive Income Ideas for Retirees → The post Passive Income Ideas for Retirees appeared first on Leisure […]

Before I retired, I was interested obsessed with what life would be like when I no longer needed to work for money.  Assuming I wasn’t alone in that obsession, I’ve been chronicling my post-retirement experience in an ongoing series of posts to shine some light on the reality of life after retirement.  18 months ago today I left the workplace for good, and am adding a new post to The Retirement Reality Series:  Life After […]

Link: Free on Vimeo (Private) until Wednesday December 11th 2019 Password: FIRE Thoughts: Not enough numbers – would have liked to have seen their budgets before […]

I previously wrote about The Best Fixed Deposits of December 2019. The CIMB Fixed Deposit promotion came at the right time and I just made a SGD Fixed Deposit placement with CIMB today for 6 months. For a 6 months placement, you get an interest rate of 1.70% per annum. If you are interested in the […]

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Tired of being broke? Ready to build a financial independence plan? Get the free ebook – An Educator’s Quick Guide to Financial Independence. Get started now. Continue reading Free Ebook – An Educator’s Quick Guide To Financial Independence at Educator FI.

The financial independence retire early movement is getting a lot of attention lately. While it’s nice to see the movement gaining traction, I feel most of the major media coverage has been very early retirement focus. I think this is paints a very bad picture of what financial independence retire early (FIRE) is about. Furthermore, most of these FIRE stories are US related. As a Canadian, I want to hear more Canadian financial independence retire […]

FIRE, also known as Financial Independence/Retire Early, has caught the attention of some major mainstream media outlets over the past few years and I can’t say it’s been welcomed with open arms. Hate is a strong word and a good chunk of the population, myself included, were taught not to even use it as a […] The post 5 Things I Hate About The FIRE Movement appeared first on Mad Money Monster.

In case you missed the announcements here and on social media, I’ve recently done my first podcast interview with Firewalkers. Ted, Claire, and Roy invited me to chat with them and we had a great time talking about our thoughts on financial independence and early retirement (otherwise known as FIRE). During the interview, we talked … Continue reading “What Did the Firewalkers and I Chat About?”

The post How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? appeared first on Money Sensei.

Save, invest, prosper with My Own Advisor. The proven path to early retirement ignoring the 4% rule  Personal finance has “personal” in it for a reason. What I means is: the only proven path to retirement, for you, is the one you create and manage. I firmly believe that. I also believe however you can and should learn from others whenever possible.… Join the million dollar portfolio journey. The article The proven path to early […]

Save, invest, prosper with My Own Advisor. Weekend Reading – Top REITs, the secrets to retirement, top dividend ETFs, side gigs and more #moneystuff Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere. Earlier this week, I published this: My November 2019 dividend income… Join the million dollar portfolio journey. The article Weekend Reading – Top REITs, […]

“My biggest concern is that women are still lagging their male counterparts men — even millennial women — in retirement savings as well as their income,” Judith Ward, a senior financial planner at T. Rowe Price.