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In last week’s article, I showed readers 2 different approaches to plan for how much do you need if you wish to retire at 55 years old so that you will have an income stream till 90 years old. We acknowledge that at some point, our CPF Life annuity income will be available for us to spend and thus will have to be factored into our planning. The 2 approaches were: Plan to have an […]

I know, I know. I’m starting to get hooked on these things! Ha! In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve written about the first and second direct mail retirement seminars my wife and I have attended. After the second one, I didn’t know if we’d go to another one, but turns out we did! I’m glad we did since this was a good one for a few different reasons. But I’m getting ahead of […]

A review of Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” through the lens of an early retiree, including the importance of focus in daily life without a career. The post Deep Work – Why It Matters to Early Retirees appeared first on The Frugal Engineers.

What habits you need to learn from financially independent people? The equation is not so plain and simple. It’s not you will earn more, and you get rich or financially independent, overnight. There are few other conditions and parameters, if you want to be among those, whose financial worries are significantly less than most of the people. We are talking about habits and practices that rich men in this world showcase, so as to be […]

Sequence of Returns Risk could be your major party pooper Imagine a hard-working individual name John who started saving and investing early and amassed a nest egg of $1m in his stock portfolio at the age of 65. He proudly produces his bank book, showcasing the magic retirement “figure” clearly imprinted on it to his […] The post Don’t let Sequence of Returns Risk be your retirement pooper appeared first on New Academy of Finance.

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Caroline from Costa Rica FIRE will tell us how she reached FIRE under “exceptional circumstances”: She stumbled upon the FIRE movement in her 40s, she and her husband Scott have 2 daughters, their strategy was to focus on Real Estate and they did all of this while living in New York, a high cost of living area! We will discuss Caroline’s journey and she will share how she and her husband managed to change their lifestyle […]

We talked earlier this week about how you can minimize your federal taxes and possibly even pay nothing depending on your income and child situation. Today I want to dive a little bit more into how to plan for tax impacts of #FIRE. Specifically to our scenario we are going to go from a situation where we bring in over $200,000 dollars a year in income to a situation with $50,000 or less. At the […]

Earning a military retirement can be complicated, especially when your service status changes throughout your career. Complicating factors can include changing branches of the military, transitioning between active duty and the Guard or Reserves, or earning your commission after starting your career as an enlisted member. Several service members have contacted me regarding the qualifications for earning retirement as a commissioned officer. As you might have guessed, there are rules that guide how rank is […]

How do you get your spouse on board with becoming financially independent? ChooseFI founder and host Brad Barrett shares his journey and some key takeaways! How Financial Independence Can Help […] The post Teaming Up for Financial Independence appeared first on Couple Money.

Reading Time: 3 Minutes What’s going on peeps! Whilst on the bus earlier today, I was reading a FIRE blog which is a personal fave of mine, called Young Adult Money. I think the blog is predominantly about young adults and money. David does a fantastic job with his blog, and I thoroughly suggest you go through his other posts – they’re pretty awesome! Actually, I was reading up on their latest post on Basics of […]

Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Android Device (This post may include some affiliate links) This week’s Journey to Launch podcast episode features Anita Dhake, also known as Thriftygal. Creator of the blog The Power of Thrift, Anita, worked as a corporate attorney for several years. Then, one day she committed to her dream to retire early and live her best life. In one year she paid off $95,000 of student […]

Here at Millionaire Dojo, being a black belt in finance means to have a net worth of a million dollars. Just like a martial arts dojo, I want Millionaire Dojo to be a place where we can learn about personal finance and eventually become financial black belts ourselves. In this series, we get to hear the stories of actual millionaires and see what it took for them to get to that level. Today’s guest is […]

When one is in the early stages of pursuing financial independence (FI), the road can seem long and hard, with tremendous sacrifices ahead and a lot of goals to meet.  But when one has depression, there are days when anything, any goal perhaps, becomes nearly impossible.  So, to that end, I present my story of depression and financial independence. I ought to write a post about pursuing FI with the added fun of dealing with […]