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Here’s how we experienced The Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta on less than $70/day yet still had an endless supply of fun and luxury! Continue reading Día de Muertos in Mexico On A [October FIRE] Budget at TicTocLife.

Traditional retirement is a suboptimal goal. Building a career you genuinely do not want to retire from is better. Writing those words here or in a 240-character tweet takes little effort. But it’s an enormously complex concept for most middle-aged workers. To say: Hey, all you people aged 30-55, with kids, a mortgage, not-enough retirement… Read more The post It’s Not About Retirement Anymore appeared first on Retire Before Dad.

With two demanding careers and three kids at home, life looked a lot different for this couple just a few … Read more

I’m a penny-pinching miser but ever since Covid came along I’ve been getting more and more generous with tips. Is this a mistake, a way to lengthen the road to FI? Or a nice habit that does good – for everyone, me included? My money make-up is that I have a bit of a hunger for money, a tendency to hoard it and spending it involves something akin to physical pain. As time has passed, […]

Self-Acceptance to Prevent the Retirement Identity Crisis   You have a different identity pre-retirement than when you retire. While working, you introduce yourself by what you do. When you retire, the goal is to introduce yourself as who you are. […]

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If this is what your retirement savings looked like, I bet you’d be feeling pretty good about yourself. Is this really what you want your retirement savings to look like? But what if I told you that this was actually Enron’s stock chart. And in less than a year, the entire value of the stock would be wiped out. If you were in your 50’s or 60’s and had your life’s savings in Enron in […]

As of this post the S&P is down about 17% in 2022.  Bonds are a usual hedge to equity declines, but owning them as a means of diversification hasn’t helped this year.  Bonds are down around 14% in 2022 as… The post Is Interest In Financial Independence And FIRE A Bull Market Phenomenon? appeared first on Accidental Fire.

Episode #267 – Is it possible to get financial freedom earlier in life? The Financial Samurai, Sam Dogen, believes you can. In this interview with Coach Carson, he explains how to escape a soul-crushing job, how to save more money, where to invest your money, and how to make the best financial and life decisions. [Continue Reading] The post Financial Freedom Sooner Than Later With the Financial Samurai appeared first on Coach Carson.

Have you ever been told to re-do a task (sometimes multiple times), only to find out the way it was done the first time was best? Of course you have! It’s another “early retirement why”. The post Early retirement whys: Pointless workplace loopback tasks appeared first on HisHerMoneyGuide.