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Melissa took advantage of her family’s move across the U.S. to launch their mini-retirement travel adventures. Could a job transition help you step away and into your bigger goals? Listen here at Libsyn, Apple, Castbox, or your favorite player. Melissa, from the Travelling Wallet, connected with Jillian in 2017 through Jillian’s blog. They met in person at FinCon, and Melissa signed up for a paid mentorship with Jillian. She was even able to participate in the first retreat Jillian […]

A lot of changes happening this month for us Dragons; the biggest being home renovations.  We’re grateful to both be in early retirement, which has made handling everything less stressful. HOME RENOVATIONS At the end of June we started a large remodeling project in our … The post Early Retired Life – 07.21 – Home Renovations appeared first on The Dragons on FIRE.

Do you think the FIRE movement is a little cult-y? That the people who support it are a little too into it? Does the idea of early retirement seem like a novelty and not something reasonable? Or do you think that it all simply doesn’t make sense? Why scrimp and save for years so you can stop working (retire early) and then continue to live a life where you scrape by on as little as […]

I’ve been negligent.  Let me explain… My negligence has not been in ensuring my wife and I were covered, but rather in keeping you abreast of our final decision for how to get health insurance in retirement. A lot of you have asked me about it after reading Health Insurance in Retirement:  Unsolved, the post I wrote shortly after my July 2018 retirement announcing our decision to use the COBRA extension for 18 months.  In […]

The post Why Are We Making Early Retirement So Controversial? appeared first on Budgets Are Sexy. [Mornin’ money lovers!  I’m excited to share this guest post written by Steve Cummings a.k.a The Frugal Expat. Steve talks about why so many people get their knickers in a knot arguing about FIRE, particularly, the RE part of things. My favorite bit is at the very end where he notes “3 steps to change” […] The post Why […]

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A reader who wishes to be anonymous asks, Hello, I was avidly reading about your answer to a 30-some reader. It was surprising that you need an 8+ crores rupee to sustain a lifestyle with 40000+ monthly expenses. And I am very worried (despite living in my own house-fully paid up, owning another property worth… The post I retire in 5 years but may not have enough funds: How should I plan? appeared first on […]

Checking your portfolio every day is a colossal waste of time. So instead, read this week’s terrific links.   Normal market returns are a myth. A Wealth of Common Sense The 4% rule is very nuanced. HumbleDollar Saving early for retirement makes all the difference. Of Dollars And Data Walking is its own asset class. Prime Cuts Working a few months longer is a superpower. MSN Money       …The post Somehow I Stayed Thin While The Other Guys Got Fat….. When Is My Retirement? appeared first on A Teachable Moment.

We’ll dig into all the numbers in this interview with Richard, who lives with his wife and two kids on the island nation of Singapore! The post How Much Does it Cost the Live the FIRE Life in Singapore? (As a Family of Four) appeared first on Eat Sleep Breathe FI.

From Niagara to Rochester to Scranton – It’s Been a Busy Month New This Month The first of July found 50-, our two youngest boys, and me in the Rochester, New York area looking for a possible place to move to. We found a nice neighborhood that would have worked, but the homes were either… Read More »Our FIRE Journey-July 2021

Get a hold of this proven and tested financial freedom checklist and follow through. Take your time but don’t slow down. Financial freedom is something that most people would love to achieve. But achieving financial freedom is not as easy as it sounds. There are many different factors and considerations that need to be made […] The post Road to Financial Freedom: Steps to Take to Be Financially Secure appeared first on PeerFinance101.

My contrarian thought of the day? I feel that the retirement planning industry downplays the role of luck. Perhaps the statistically optimal bet is to jump a bit early and hope for the best, while having a backup plan for the worst. You might just win an extra 10 years of freedom. If you tinker with portfolio survival calculators like FireCalc and cFIREsim that model hundreds of possible paths, you may notice that the “failure” […]

When it comes to budgeting and investing your money for financial independence it’s generally well known that your savings rate – the amount you save as a percentage of what you earn – is more important than the actual amount of money you’re saving. Due to this, an entire movement focusing on being extremely frugal was born as participants in the FIRE community tried to get their rate up as high as possible, in order […]

This informative article was contributed to Leisure Freak by the site Dividend Power. There’s a lot of talk on investing and personal finance sites about what’s considered the definition of early retirement. People get somewhat opinionated over whether someone should be considered retired if they still generate income through a side hustle or non-passive means. … Continue reading The Ultimate Definition of Early Retirement → The post The Ultimate Definition of Early Retirement appeared first […]