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Right now you might be realizing you should have built an emergency fund instead of hitting Starbucks and Chick-fil-A every time you got a little busy running the kids around town. Maybe you overspent on your epic grocery store run last week and now you’re strapped for cash. Here’s how to find a mini emergency […] The post Advice from a frugal mom during coronavirus #3: Find an emergency fund in your home in 2 […]

Do you ever get to the point where you do things on autopilot, without thinking? That’s me and frugal life and I love it. I’ve been frugal for such a long time that the things I do seem totally normal to me. What I often forget is that they are not always normal to other […] The post My Top 10 Ideas For The Best Frugal Life appeared first on TuppennysFIREplace.

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, tax season is here. This is what you need to know about filing your 2019 taxes.Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, tax season is here. This is what you need to know about filing your 2019 taxes. The post Tax Returns And COVID-19: What You Need To Know appeared first on Money Under 30.

This past month was a big win for frugality and for reduced frivolity. It always feels like money just flies out of my hands and down the drain, and then other times I hit some wins. It’s constant battle to be good with money, so reminding myself that what gets measured gets managed is a small but important way to keep on track. It’s about taking baby steps after all… 10 FRUGAL WINS I won […]

Several mutual fund houses recommend “equity savings” funds for short-term goals (1 to 3 years and up) and for “regular income”. All funds in this category have suffered huge losses in this crash rendering “equity savings” as an oxymoron. This is yet another proof of why one should not use even “a small amount of equity” for short-term needs. Equity savings as a category was born from a need to ensure AUM does not escape […]

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The best way to save money and stop living paycheck to paycheck is to quit buying small and unnecessary things. It’s easy to waste $1,000 a year or more when you spend without thinking. If you cut out four unnecessary purchases that cost $5 every week from your budget, you will save $1040 a year. Think about it, if one day a week you don’t spend money on an energy drink, a fast-food sandwich, or […]

Many of us suffer from something called imposter syndrome. What does that mean? Basically, we feel like a fraud in the appearance we have it all together. However, the reality is that in our heads, we feel like we fall way short of that. How do we overcome imposter syndrome? What kind of process will help?  I have good news! That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s post. It’s all about self-care. Self-care, self-love, […]

Complete 2020 Freshly Review: Can it Save Money? The emergence of pre-packaged, fully cooked, microwave-ready meals has taken the country by storm in recent years. There are countless options when it comes to either fully cooked or ready to cook meals on the market, making it difficult for consumers to pick which is right for them. In this article, we’ll discuss the Freshly meal plans, price, benefits, and overall rating to help you decide. Overview […]

Well. A lot has changed since my last five frugal things post. I kept meaning to blog, while events zipped past me at lightning speed. A dreadful disease taking lives all over the world. Pubs,… The post Five frugal things about food this week appeared first on Much More With Less.

The entire world is facing the COVID19 pandemic right now. There is nowhere to hide, and there is currently no vaccine from this disease. However, each of us has the power to slow its spread. We should all do what we can to stay home!!! It’s very simple: stay inside your own home. The coronavirus that causes COVID19 is a respiratory virus. It is spread through droplets in the air when people are around each […]

NTUC Capital Plus is a single premium savings plan that gives you a lump sum payout with guaranteed return of 2.13% per annum over 3 years. Instead of the minimum sum of S$20,000 that was offered in the previous tranche, the minimum amount for the current NTUC Capital Plus is only S$5,000 which you can […]

Why owning fewer clothes gives you better clothing sense. I was seriously triggered reading this because I am admittedly a huge fashionphile. I love clothes, style, variety, shopping… and I have various personas of myself in my head. Somedays, I wake up and I want to be in black ripped jeans, moto boots and a biker jacket, and the next day, I’ll be in a fitted, draped dress with heels and a statement necklace. For […]

Every now and then we can get a little tired of the way our home looks, and feel the need to switch things up. The thing is, while our homes can use a refresh from time to time, often we have reservations because of how expensive redoing your home can get. No one should have […] The post 6 Ways to Save Money When Redecorating Your Home appeared first on Moneylogue.com.