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How to Cut Your Monthly Bills by a Fifth Using ERR Money Management   Your money never seems to stretch far enough, does it? You need to cut your monthly bills but want to avoid the pain of strict budgeting. I know the feeling. There was a time when the month seemed to outlast our monthly income by an eternity. It’s during this period that we accumulated debt. … Read more This post appeared first […]

A new weekly podcast on money management, Let’s get rich with Pattu, produced by Ofspin is launching on May 29th 2023. Each episode will cover one aspect of money management – insurance, emergency funds, planning for retirement, financial independence and early retirement, buying vs renting and more. Readers who want their questions featured on the… The post “Let’s get rich with Pattu”, a podcast on money management by OfSpin appeared first on freefincal.

Owe Back Taxes: What Is The Solution? Back taxes refer to unpaid or overdue taxes from previous years. When an individual or business fails to pay their taxes in a timely manner, they accumulate a tax debt, which includes the original tax amount owed plus any applicable penalties and interest. There are various reasons why […] The post Owe Back Taxes: What Is The Solution? appeared first on CuraDebt.

No-Penalty CDs try to offer the best of both worlds – the liquidity of a savings account, and the higher fixed interest rate of a term CD. If rates go up, you can still move to the new higher rate. If rates drop, you are covered because the interest rate you earn can never go down during your term (usually around a year). When a financial crisis and/or recession hits, interest rates can drop quite […]

Saving money is hard when you’re faced with giving things up. Instead of going without, just use these tips to go with the next best, less expensive thing. The post A Painless Way To Save: Learn to Love the “Next Best Thing” appeared first on The Dollar Stretcher.

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2022 was our first full year back in the United States, which means we were fully in the crosshairs of the 3 US tax systems: Federal, State, and ACA. One might think this would result in a large tax burden. But no. Although the incentives have certainly changed. The Go Curry Cracker 2022 Taxes Executive Summary We had multiple streams of income totaling $60,534. State taxes and ACA premiums incentivize low income. I’m not completely […]

Receiving an inheritance is a mixed blessing. While it’s usually a financial windfall, an inheritance usually means that you’ve lost a loved one, which is a difficult situation. Plus, getting an inheritance can be financially complex, particularly if you need to pay any associated taxes. If you’re in New Jersey and have an inheritance coming your way, you may be wondering whether you’ll owe taxes and if so, how much you’ll have to pay. If […]

Travelling seems to be an expensive hobby. You are paying for flights, hotels, meals, and transportation. Then you go on the internet and see people travelling in business class, luxury hotels, and have adventures to the craziest places around the world. As you look at your wallet, you think to yourself, “this will never happen […]

Some flippers feel weird about checking prices in front of others at garage sales, moving sales, swap meets, and the like, is it considered rude behavior to do this? When I was new to reselling on eBay, I felt really weird about checking prices in front of others. I’d do … Read more

Today I invited a professional to join me for a FIREy discussion around financial independence and living off the portfolio after early retirement. Allen Muller… The post FIRE: Wealth And Risk Management appeared first on Stop Ironing Shirts.

Marcus Tullius Cicero was one of ancient Rome’s most well-known philosophers, writers, and statesmen. But he showed how even privileged people can practice frugality.  Despite being born into wealth and not having to worry about money during his entire lifetime, Cicero was a frugal person. During his governorship of the Roman province of Cilicia in 51 BC, Cicero also applied his philosophy of frugality to the administration of his office. This made him immensely popular […]

Interest rates are high, should remain high and even have a chance of going up, as the Federal Reserve tries to tame inflation still.  Jerome Powell has done a number on the economy already ,raising rates 500 basis points in the last 14-15 months. Rising interest rates has caused high yield savings accounts to sky-rocket, as you can earn anywhere from 3.85% up to 4.85%, fairly easily. In addition, it isn’t just high yield savings […]

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that investments that seem too good to be true almost always are. Many investors were burned by ‘can’t miss’ tech stocks and could only watch as the value of digital assets, like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, evaporated in minutes and couldn’t sustain the promised high returns.   In a highly volatile market, deciding how to invest your money is as challenging as ever, which is why rising interest […]