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Get 50% off rail travel if you’re under 18. Railcards are a great way to cut the price of train travel, and following the launch of the 26-30 Railcard last year, young people are getting another rail discount with the launch of a new railcard for 16 and 17-year-olds. It’s called the 16-17 Saver Card […] The post New 16 -17 Saver Railcard – how it works appeared first on Be Clever With Your Cash.

We bought our home in the summer of 2011, but it was built in 1962, so energy efficiency was not something that was part of the design. As soon as we were able, we started looking toward ways to reduce our energy costs on our home. While this was initially driven by a desire to live in a more sustainable home, the changes we made save money in the long run as well. I’m a […]

My Savings and Investing Priorities Pyramid | brokeGIRLrich With a variable income like mine, trying to figure out how to get ahead and where the money should go at any given time is pretty challenging. On the one hand, I’d argue that almost anything you manage to save and invest is a solid start – so if you’re just getting started, do whatever you can to start taking steps forward. There came a time though […]

This is a sponsored post from Better. All opinions are my own. I also took to twitter to discuss with other freelancers their tips on the subject so you will see their quotes below when referenced. For a freelancer, time is money. But not all your time should be taken up with work and increasing your profitability. I am sure you want a life too. Having said that, pricing your work in your freelance business […]

At the end of July we went on an eight day European road trip with our two young children for the grand total of £1400 which I think is a pretty good price!  We could have even made it cheaper as we did eat out a few times.  We also had to purchase European breakdown cover at a cost of £150 for annual cover as our van is 24 years old.  Nowhere else would cover […]

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We ended up attending three birthday parties last weekend: two on Saturday and one on Sunday. The second one on Saturday was for one of our neighbors, so it just meant that we wandered down the street and hung out at their house like we usually do, just with a bunch more people. The kiddo got stung for the very first time at the party on Sunday, which was a very unfun experience. He cried […]

Recently, I was speaking with a friend who is a self-described introvert, and she was mentioning how overwhelming she found the festival she’s attending. Jokingly, I thought to myself, if you need a “bit of space” just tell everyone you’re a life insurance agent, and they will run to the exits leaving you to your solitude. I kid, of course, but there is a bit of truth to it. Life insurance is one of the […]

The following was part of my newsletter. Not signed up for my newsletter?! Join here. A lot of people asked me this question in last Wednesday’s AMA*. I’m a HUGE advocate of moving your money out of savings accounts offering 0.01% APY (which is a lot of them, FYI). My advice used to be to find an account offering at least 1.00% APY and then it got bumped up to 1.5% APY and then… Source

Are you in debt and are struggling to save for your dream vacation? These are signs that you are living beyond your means. But don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people are dealing with debt and barely have any money in their bank accounts. It’s no surprise that frugal living blogs are very popular these […] The post 15 Best Frugal Living Tips (To Save Serious Money) appeared first on Finsavvy Panda.

Looking to transfer savings accounts, perhaps for a better rate or because you’re moving? Here’s our comprehensive guide to making the jump. The post How to Transfer Your Savings Account appeared first on Investor Junkie.

To manage our money, every December or January, I’ll prepare a yearly savings plan. This plan is simply a spreadsheet to project out week by week the money that comes and goes from my checking account. It’ll help me plan and keep track of the total amount I’ll be saving in my TFSAs as well as RRSPs, while ensuring I maintain a specific amount in my savings account. Here’s a quick overview of my yearly […]

U.S. tax code can often feel opaque and confusing. You have to choose which tax strategy will be most advantageous for you and your family. It can feel like a strange game in pursuit of a “high score” when trying to tally up your possible deductions.    To help with your tax code exploration, but […] The post 13 Clutch Federal Income Tax Deductions You Might Not Know About appeared first on Dr. Breathe Easy […]

These ideas about how to save money every month are awesome! Because once you get them in place, you’ll save month after month. Who doesn’t want extra money lying around?? When you look over your family budget, do you ever get the urge to reach into those numbers and give them a tight squeeze?  No, not in a “I wanna give you a hug!” way… …in a Homer Simpson “Why won’t you go lower!!!” way. […]