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I tend to prioritize saving over earning more money. It’s worth noting *why* I do this. Obviously, if you have a big mountain of debt to move, the best way to move the needle is to make more money. However, we don’t have an income problem so much as a spending problem. Or at least, we didn’t and we did. When this blog was born, we were two teachers at the start of our careers […]

When you owe the IRS money, it will attempt to collect the money you owe. One of the most important steps you can take is to avoid legal collections processes. If you owe back taxes, the IRS may put a lien against your property. This means that the IRS is the legal recipient of the funds if you choose to sell a car, sell your house, or if you liquidate any assets. The IRS can […]

The idea of early retirement is exciting, but not if you’re paying penalties just to access your savings early. Find out how to make the most of your money. The post 7 Best Places to Save Your Money for Early Retirement appeared first on The Dough Roller.

Save money, invest said money and repeat. This portfolio strategy is basically that simple and it helps you earn more money and keep that money in your hands. Who wouldn’t want to try out a simple strategy that helps them make more money? This is the strategy I have been using for the past 6 years. I was taught it when I was an intern at a wealth management firm outside of Boston. These advisors […]

Hi folks! My name is Jesse, and usually I write over at the Best Interest. But today, Mr. SR was kind enough to let me write here on Semi-Retire Plan. Thanks Mr. SR! I want to compare different semi-retirement savings rates to see what you need to save to have a high chance of success. I was inspired today by Mr. SR’s article how to compare “semi-retirement” to FIRE. I think his graphical explanation does such a good job describing […]

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Hello seniors! Well, it happened. You’ve reached 65, hopefully retired, and are set to enjoy the rest of your golden years. While nobody likes getting older, it is time to take advantage of one of the best parts about being a senior citizen. Senior discounts!   Follow us on Pinterest!   After all, you’ve earned it through hard work and discipline. You damn well deserve it! Most seniors are aware of some of the discounts […]

2020 is going to be my year of being frugal. I have never tried frugal living in my life at all really. I have the odd time here and there when I try and save a bit of money and I do ok but in terms of spending a year trying to live frugally, this… Read More The post How I Plan To try Frugal Living In 2020 appeared first on EarningsPortal.

Are you currently paying over $100 to prepare your income tax return each year? It’s possible to file your taxes for a fraction of the cost when you have a complex tax situation. Simple tax returns can be free to prepare. This TaxSlayer review helps you decide if this is your best option to file […] The post TaxSlayer Review: A Way to Get Your Tax Refund Quickly appeared first on Well Kept Wallet.

It’s not every year that your kiddo turns five (or – the “whole hand” number of years), so this week’s Frugal Five is all about his birthday. His party was meant to be a week prior, but thanks to another (short) bout of sickness, it got pushed by a week. And by it, I mean they, because we had two parties this year: one for family, and one for friends. He had a ton of […]

Learn about an emergency fund and why it makes sense to have one as part of any financial plan. The post What is an Emergency Fund and Why You Need One appeared first on Time In the Market.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have a simple tradition in our home to celebrate the day.   It’s so cheap and easy that you wouldn’t believe how excited our little ones get.  Read on to learn more about it (so you can do it next year…heck, do it this year.  It’s so easy you can throw it together now.) The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week Just a reminder for people who love money saving tips…you […]

I’ve been called a frugal weirdo. I’ve been called an extreme saver. But let me tell you what, the readers of Frugalwoods make me look like the tamest frugalista that ever walked around in a coat she found in a trash heap. I mean, I do have an entire section of Frugalwoods devoted to the amazing stuff I’ve picked out of the trash… But I must say, per usual, I am humbled by the intense […]

The sustainability of a REIT dividend/distribution payments is a key consideration for most investors looking at generating a passive income source from the ownership of such assets. We highlighted the dividend growth profile of our S-REITs in an article last week, entitled: Which S-REITs have the best record of dividend growth. This article is sort […] The post Are you overpaying your REIT manager? Which S-REITs have the “highest” management fees? appeared first on New […]