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As a small business owner, you always seem to have a list of tasks you’d like to accomplish to help your company be more successful….

However, qualifying for credit cards can be difficult with limited or poor credit. The classic catch-22 is that you need good credit to qualify for credit accounts, but you need credit accounts to build good credit. One way to get around that trap is to open credit cards that don’t require a credit check when you apply. They’re less common, but there are enough that you should be able to find one that meets your […]

It’s always a nice perk to earn cash back on purchases. But for years, cash back rewards were limited to credit cards. That’s no longer the case. Nowadays, several financial institutions include cash back rewards on debit card purchases. This is ideal if you prefer to use debit cards for spending. Cash back debit cards offer the same benefits as cash back credit cards, without the risk of taking on high-interest debt. But where can […]

Many people think that getting a fee-free credit card and paying off the balance monthly is the easiest way to build credit. However, this isn’t the best strategy since you’re more likely to overspend. This guide will show you how to build credit without expensive fees or borrowing lots of money. How Can You Build Credit Without a Credit Card? Good credit is a necessary evil as it helps you get better rates and save […]

Car title loans are becoming a popular way for moms to get quick cash. Whether you have a medical emergency, need to buy new business equipment, pay for your kid’s school, or just want some extra money to cover extra bills, title loans can provide the funds you need. But before you borrow against your car title, it’s important to understand how these loans work. 1. You Can Borrow 25% to 50% of Your Car’s […]

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Episode #269 – Take a deep dive into a hot real estate investing strategy called mid-term rentals. In this interview with Zeona McIntyre, author of the new book The 30-Day Stay, you’ll learn why mid-term rentals are so popular for producing higher cash flow with less hassle. You’ll also learn the practical steps of the [Continue Reading] The post Medium Term Rentals 101 – A Deep Dive on the Hottest Strategy For Real Estate Investing […]

My pick of last week’s news is my article QIS is the second large IVA firm to go under in 2022. Tweet of the week ‘Negative budget’ is a wonky term but I think this should be a dominant policy frame for Govt + policy makers. The fact that so many ppls incomes no longer […] The post Debt news – 4 December 2022 appeared first on Debt Camel.

I have a love-hate relationship with owning rental property. On the one hand, my rental properties are one of the main reason why I had the confidence to leave work behind. On the other hand, my rental properties are my main source of investment stress. Whenever there is a tenant issue or a maintenance issue, Read More… The post A Love-Hate Relationship With Owning Rental Property Real Estate appeared first on Financial Samurai.

If thinking about credit card debt puts a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, we get it. We all live in a world where the cost of living keeps climbing while minimum wage remains frozen in carbonite. Everybody’s out there trying to find ways to make up the impossible difference. Unsurprisingly, consumer debt is at an all-time high. And a lot of people struggle silently as their money struggles mount. The good news? […]