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College financial aid administrators can reduce student loan limits on a case-by-case basis, but are more likely to do so with private student loans than federal student loans. The statutory authority to reduce federal student loan limits or refuse to certify a loan is pretty broad. But guidance published by the U.S. Department of Education has narrowed this authority enough that college financial aid administrators hesitate to use this authority except in the most extreme […]

Dear Penny, Approximately two years ago, my spouse agreed to financially help one of his best friends. The best friend convinced my spouse to take over his student loan. The friend promised to reimburse my spouse monthly for the debt.  The debt is in bank draft form. Each month the payment comes out of our account. Unfortunately, the friend is several months behind with what seems to be no intention to pay. Any advice for […]

My pick of last week’s news is Energy crisis will double average heating bill from April. Debt advice Response from the Money and Pension Service regarding debt advice Treasury Committee: “until successful bids are confirmed, we will not know any change in the proportion or total volumes of debt advice provided by individual channels” Our […] The post Debt news – 5 December 2021 appeared first on Debt Camel.

So the Lady has caught Covid and I’m left alone to look after the Master and Little Lady. Who would have thought being a single parent wasn’t a lifestyle choice for lazy idle scroungers? Ok, anyone who thinks that being a single parent* was easy needs to try it for a couple of days and that’ll change their minds. It’s not easy looking after a 3 & 5 year old, still do a job that’s […]

If you have below average or poor credit, there are people out to get you

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A small-business credit card can keep your company spending separate from your personal spending, better manage your business finances, and build business credit. Learn how to get one. The post How to Get a Business Credit Card – 5 Simple Steps appeared first on Money Crashers.

Hello! Today, I have a personal debt story to share from Samantha on how to pay off dental student loans. Enjoy! Hi there! Before we get into the side-hustling, let me introduce myself. My name is Samantha and I graduated from dental school with more than $575,000 in student debt when I was 26 years old. It may seem like a big number, but this is actually the normal cost of going to dental school […]

  This is a collaborative post. Airbnb is getting more popular in America. The company’s name implies that the guests who will stay in the place for a short time or during vacation will be provided with air mattresses and all necessary things. A very simple idea that attracts many tourists as well as the… The post How to Prepare Your Apartment for Rent on Airbnb appeared first on My Money Chronicles.

In this week’s episode, join me as I chat with my friend Jillian Johnsrud on how online hate or criticism affects our mental health. Jillian is a popular public speaker, coach, and writer. We talk about her new book “Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World.” She also shares her story of paying off debt, how she became financially independent, deal with bipolar disorder and retire at age 32. “Having […]

The post Duplex Updates: Big Value Increase $$, New Roof, and Missing Rents appeared first on Budgets Are Sexy. Good morning, guys! Got some fun things going on at my rental duplex this past month I thought I’d share with ya. The first one is a pretty massive win, but sort of expected given this crazy real estate market… Our Duplex Increased About $46,000 This Year!! Hot dang! I just ordered an appraisal of […] […]

Another day, another debt settlement company contract review. This time we received a call from someone who approached GEM Debt Law (GEM) for debt settlement help. Who is GEM Debt Law? According to their website, GEM Debt Law is an established debt settlement firm. They purport to be Licensed Professionals but not Bankruptcy Trustees. GEM indicates that they operate as a law firm. Why is this important to know? Because in Ontario, debt settlement companies […]

Ever hear that “real estate investors pay next to nothing in income taxes”?  While not true, real estate investors do enjoy sweeping tax deductions. From writing off most closing costs to maintenance and repairs, landlord insurance to rent default insurance, property taxes to property management fees, landlord tax deductions include every conceivable expense. Including some paper expenses that they don’t actually incur year-to-year, such as rental property depreciation. This oft-misunderstood tax deduction saves real estate […]

If you’re considering taking out a personal loan, you probably want to find a way to make your borrowing go as far as possible. Whether you are consolidating debts, paying for a family vacation, purchasing a dream car, or covering a medical bill, it’s essential to shop around so you can find the best loan […] Source