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If you have student loans, you might wonder if you can save money on them or pay them off faster. It may be possible when you know how to refinance a student loan. This process works best with private student loans but can work on federal loans, too, in some cases. Here’s everything you need …

When you need to make some extra cash, renting out items you own can be a worthwhile option. You can either earn money from things you purchased long ago or use the funds you make to offset the cost of getting something new, including items you can use when they aren’t rented out. Here’s a look at ten things you buy once and rent out for big bucks. 1. Trucks or Cargo Vans Many people […]

One of the main reasons why I read lots of books is to learn from people who’ve been there before. And after reading The Price You Pay For College, one of my biggest blind spots I realized is that I don’t have to save so much for college anymore! If you are a parent who’s Read More… The post The Different Ways To Pay For College: My Surprising Blind Spot appeared first on Financial Samurai.

Self is an Austin-based online lender that offers credit builder loans to help servicemembers and others who want to establish, build or rebuild their credit profile. Self offers a secured credit builder loan and a Self Visa that are easy to get approved for and put you on a path that will build your credit history over a relatively short timeframe.  Because of the secured nature of these two products, you’re almost guaranteed approval, and […]

Guess what? It’s time for another reader case! With all the questions lately about interest rate hikes, banking instability, and spiking mortgage payments, this one is timely: Hello Millennial Revolution, We are a couple with no kids who have been dreaming of early retirement, but unfortunately, we only discovered your book last year and are approaching 48 years old. We moved from Brazil to Canada in 2013 and have been working hard to achieve financial […]

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House hunters often wonder “Should I lock in my mortgage rate” in Canada, and the answer is generally yes. Locking in your rate during the pre-approval stage allows you to continue the search for the perfect property without worrying that you’ll end up with a sub-par interest rate at closing time. And locking in the rate during your mortgage term will provide consistency and… Source

For various reasons, not everyone can qualify for a mortgage through a conventional lender, such as a bank or credit union. Sometimes, the only option is to obtain financing through a private mortgage lender. But what is a private mortgage lender, and how do private mortgages work? In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know and explain when you might want to consider applying for a private mortgage. What Is a Private Mortgage? […]

Today on episode 59 I’m pleased to host Brent Barghahn, a 29-year-old elite climber who used real estate investment as a way to effectively “retire” from his career as an engineer in the outdoor industry in his late twenties. Brent and I discussed a fascinating reality on the idea of dream jobs, the growing trend … Continue reading “Brent Barghahn: Real Estate Investing and the Future of Home Ownership” The post Brent Barghahn: Real Estate Investing and the Future of Home Ownership appeared first on CLIPPING CHAINS.

It was another long week in banking. But my pick of the news is that Amigo will be closing down. Tweet of the week NEWS – Amigo unable to raise equity: – scheme collapses into the fallback option. – lending stops, firm will close. – customers may get back 17p in the £ in fall […] The post Debt news – 26 March 2023 appeared first on Debt Camel.

Finding the right credit card can be tough. Use our review of the best credit cards to find the right one for your habits and credit score.Finding the right credit card can be tough. Use our review of the best credit cards to find the right one for your habits and credit score. The post 17 best credit cards of 2023: Review and compare appeared first on Money Under 30.

Are you looking for the best financial tips for single parents? As a single parent, managing your finances can be extremely difficult when you have a million other things going on.  You might be so tired you forget to put your pants on, let alone deal with your financials. I totally understand, but it’s definitely important to handle your finances to limit the number of financial struggles you and your kids face. Here are the […]

Many Canadian homeowners have wondered if mortgage interest is tax deductible. Chances are, they’ve heard that their neighbours to the south can claim their mortgage interest (it’s true). Also, with the sharp increase in Canadians working from home, there’s an impression that work-from-home employees can write off their mortgage interest, which is NOT the case. In this article, I’ll clear up the confusion and let you know when you can and can’t claim mortgage interest […]