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How to Get Out of Debt Fast You can get out of debt! I’m so glad you have found this page because I am going to help you finally free yourself from the financial burden of too much debt. I know what it’s like because I have been there myself. Getting out of debt does not have to be a… The post How to Get Out of Debt: 7 Tips That (REALLY!) Work appeared first […]

So I didn’t get a package I ordered the other day. I was so frustrated on the phone trying to verbally prove to them that I am not lying, I have no idea where it is, and yes, it could possibly have been mis-delivered, that I talked to someone who used to work at a bank doing this very job – credit card disputes. I learned a few things I thought I’d share with all […]

Save, invest, prosper with My Own Advisor. Weekend Reading – Socially Responsible Investing, calling out geoarbitrage, mortgage advice to millennials and more! Hey Readers! Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere. I’m still on vaacaaaation! 🙂 For a few more days… I… Join the million dollar portfolio journey. The article Weekend Reading – Socially Responsible […]

Are you a new real estate investor? Are you trying to find renters for your newly purchased house or condo? While it can be a little intimidating at first, finding renters for your property really isn’t that tough. You really first just need to know how NOT to get renters, and then learn a few tips to find those quality tenants that you’ve been dreaming of. My Background in Real Estate My wife and I […]

I have had my BPI Amore Visa Credit Card for almost 4 years now (3 years and 7 months to be exact). I actually got it during their free annual fee for life promotional period which means I have not paid any annual fee since I got it. Lucky huh! I know that this is […] The post BPI Amore Visa Credit Card Review – After Almost 4 Years of Use appeared first on Thrifty […]

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Financial management is crucial in the life of every individual. You should know how to save, budget, and spend to avoid financial troubles that many people experience nowadays. You should be conscious of what you buy or how your money is used when you have cash. Every financial decision requires careful thought. If you just keep on spending your money on inessential things, surely it will make a big dent on your finances. This is […]

While debt consolidation is not something we would necessarily recommend, we understand that some people can benefit from it. The post Debt Consolidation appeared first on Average Joe Finances.

Do you think it’s impossible to get out of debt if you have kids? Not so! Here’s how one family is successfully getting the whole family involved in their debt repayment efforts. The post How a Family with Children Is Getting Out of Debt appeared first on The Dollar Stretcher.

If you have bad credit and find yourself in a pinch, you might think that you can’t get a loan. While it is more challenging to get a loan with bad credit and even harder to get a good rate, you have options. Here is everything you need to know about what loans you can … Loans for Bad Credit and How to Get Them Read More » The post Loans for Bad Credit and […]

Collection accounts can be stressful, but you can bounce back. Learn how to handle collection accounts and improve your financial picture. Author information Kumiko Ehrmantraut Some links below are from our sponsors. Here’s how we make money. | Facebook | Pinterest | The post Has Your Debt Been Sent to Collections? Here Are Your Options. appeared first on The Budget Mom.

Student loans are a big reason why so many people cannot get ahead financially. With large monthly payments for years to come, many are finding it tough to get by. And recent studies have shown the scary statistics of student loan debt as the fastest growing debt! If you are struggling with your student loans, you are looking for help. Fortunately, there are things you can do to pay off your student loans faster than […]

This is a guest post by Cameron Huddleston, author of Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. She writes about how to help aging parents with their finances on the Carefull blog. There might come a time when the roles are reversed and you will have to help care for your parents. It could mean financial support if they didn’t save enough for retirement. Or caregiving if a health issue leaves them unable to care […]