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According to FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data), the total amount of student loan debt continues to rise every year. This reality can be discouraging to students and their parents. But what if there was a way to speed up the … Read more The post ChangEd App Review: Pay Off Student Loans With Your Spare Change appeared first on Well Kept Wallet.

Kitty was once at an event where a credit card company was hawking their new cash rewards credit card. The credit card rep excitedly told her about all the cash back rewards she could earn by using the card, and how the interest wasn’t even “that bad!” But mama didn’t raise no fool. Instead of falling head over heels for low interest, Kitty asked, “But what if someone pays off the credit card debt in […]

Can an 18 year old rent a car in the US? Renting a car when you’re under 25 can be tough. Statistically, people aged 16 to 24 are more likely to get into car accidents, which is why it can be so difficult for younger drivers to rent a vehicle. Most people don’t think that… Continue… The post 15 Places to Rent a Car at Age 18 (Near Me!) appeared first on MoneyPantry.com.

When it comes to budgets and how much someone can save, housing is one of the biggest expenses to manage. No wonder people have so many questions about choosing the right mortgage! Most people find themselves choosing between a 30-year or 15-year mortgage. To help you decide, it’s important to understand 15-year mortgage pros and cons. What is a 15-Year Mortgage vs. 30? Before we take a closer look at a 15-year mortgage, it’s important […]

Credit cards can punish those who spend recklessly by sinking their finances into the red. But deployed in the right way, a credit card can equally be a powerful financial tool. Consider a sharp knife. You wouldn’t be without out one in the kitchen – but you also have to respect the risk of causing yourself an injury. In my early 20s I wouldn’t touch our allegedly flexible friends with a barge-pole. I thought they […]

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Episode #228 – Gorden arrived in the US from India as a college student. Now 15 years later, he owns 17 rental units that produce $5,000/month of cash flow and he is on his way to financial independence. Learn is story, how he got started with house hacking in the Bay Area, why he eventually [Continue Reading] The post 11 Long Distance Rentals While Working Full Time in Silicon Valley appeared first on Coach Carson.

There is an age-old debate of whether to give money to children or not. Some say “YES” while others “NO”. I am in the “NO” camp but with a twist. Household tasks are what members of the family do Are you part of the family and this household? Then you have tasks. Daddy cooks, Mommy […] Post Parenting: Why I do not give an allowance for chores, or good grades at Save. Spend. Splurge..

Is it possible to be debt free by 30? Even debt free from a mortgage? I did it. I paid off student loan debt, debt from a divorce settlement, and I paid off my house – all before my 30th birthday. So how did I do it? How could I possibly be debt free by 30? And, most importantly, what was life like then and now? Was it worth it? Related: The Best Debt Snowball Excel Template (And […]

I’ll never forget how scary it was signing all those papers to buy our first home, but I think the scariest part of all was when we got to the financial disclosure portion. They explained that we would end up paying double for our house after 30 years worth of interest was added in. From that point forward I knew that I would want to pay it off early. Alison and I were 25 and […]

If you took out a student loan to fund your education, the first thing that comes to mind is how to pay off your student loans. The long answer is that there is no silver bullet, but there are certain things you may do to make repaying education debt more manageable. You’re not alone if total student loan debt reaches $1.6 trillion in 2022 when it surpasses the previous $1.55 trillion set in 2008. Before […]

How Do I Find Money to Pay Off Debt?   There is one reason you are in debt – you spend more than you earn. It is not rocket science; it is a matter of first-grade arithmetic. If regularly spend more than you earn, you will be in debt. “Ah, now I understand’, you are thinking. ‘But if that is the case, how do … Read more This post appeared first on The Money Principle.

764 Credit Score Explained. Your credit score is a number that lenders use to see how likely you are to repay your debts. The higher the number, the more likely you are to get approved for loans and credit cards. This number is based on your credit history and how responsible you have been for […] Continue Reading The post Is 764 A Good Credit Score? appeared first on My Worthy Penny.