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Imagine a life where you wake up to go sit on the beach in the morning and watch the waves roll in, then get on your board and paddle out to surf for a few hours. Breakfast is something simple like a homemade burrito and coffee, and lunch is a picnic plate lunch or bento. … Continue reading “How the Aloha spirit can help you to financial independence” The post How the Aloha spirit can […]

If you are anything like me, you find personal finance, and information about superannuation and investing overwhelming and too difficult to understand. Particularly when it comes from your Financial Planner or Financial Institution. That’s a real problem if you are keen to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early. In 2019 I decided to change all […] The post 10 Best Personal Finance Books for reaching Financial Independence appeared first on Project Palm Tree.

After overcoming poverty, divorce and single motherhood, Jackie still reached FIRE in her 40s, making less than six figures. Jackie Cummings Koski shares how she reached financial independence in just 10 years, and retired in December 2019.  Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, or on your favorite podcast platform. Today’s Guest Jackie Cummings Koski […] The post FYF 024: Overcoming Poverty and Adversity to Retire Early with Jackie Cummings Koski appeared first on TwentyFree.

We are half way through 2020! Let’s hope that the back half of the year can be better than the first for all of our sake’s. The world got a little more normal for us this month as kids baseball picked back up and we had my brother’s wedding! Investments continued to bounce from week to week, but we hit a new high on our investment balance and our net worth this month! Finally, I […]

I was recently speaking at a pan-Asian media conference (supposed to be hosted in Singapore in March but unfortunately moved to a June virtual event due to the pandemic), and listening to the keynote by Maria Ressa. She is the founder and editor of Rappler, but also recently convicted in a Philippine court for cyber libel. Her talk really made me appreciate the freedom of the press that we have in the United States. While […]

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Mr. Fate shares his musings on how to achieve FI while revealing the fallacies and farce of ‘FIRE’ with his younger self. Buckle in! The post THE FALLACIES & FARCE OF THE ‘FIRE MOVEMENT’ appeared first on Fates on Fire.