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One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is balance the books, review our achievements (or lack thereof), and plan for the new year. One of the reasons I started this blog was to share our journey to financial freedom (mainly through real estate investing and rental properties), and help […] The post Extra Income Report: How We Made Over $70,000 Last Year appeared first on Wealthy Nickel.

This page may include affiliate links. Please see the disclosure page for more information. I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by the concept of residual income. If unfamiliar with residual income, its income that continues to generate cash flow after the initial work is complete. What type of income do you earn? Do you know if you make residual or linear income? For most linear income is the standard. The kind of income that is […]

People want money I recently spoke to someone on Twitter who confronted his financial advisor about the exceptionally high commission on their entire fund value. The FA eventually just shrugged and said: “Well, we all need to live!”. This is true – we all need to live. And we need money for living.  People want to get paid. Whether it’s through active or passive means, they will go to great lengths to get more cash. […]

I love our dividend stock portfolio! Dividend income is my favorite form of income because it is very passive. I don’t have to do much and the dividends will keep rolling in AND grow. I used to like rental properties as well, but they are too much work for me now. These days, I don’t have time or to be a DIY landlord anymore. That’s why I invest in Real Estate Crowdfunding. I can benefit […]

Will it really make our lives easier … or a bit harder? Continue reading on Making of a Millionaire »

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Poor people buy things with their money. Wealthy people buy assets with their money, then buy things with the income produced by their assets. There’s … The post 11 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money in 2020 appeared first on Passive Income for Cars.

Save, invest, prosper with My Own Advisor. Weekend Reading – Commission-free ETFs, ditching expensive cities, juicy dividend income and more #moneystuff Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere. Earlier this week, I shared this new, major financial milestone in our lives. Simply… Join the million dollar portfolio journey. The article Weekend Reading – Commission-free ETFs, […]

Are you a bibliophile? Are you the sort of person who always has their head in a book? Or perhaps you used to be a real bookworm when you were younger, but you dropped the habit as you got older and busier. Well, here’s a way to get you reading regularly again – and making money from it! Yes, it’s possible to get paid to read books at home! From paid book reviewer jobs, to […]

How do you earn a little extra money each month? Our readers share their favorite side gigs. The post Side Gigs That Can Make You Extra Cash appeared first on The Dollar Stretcher.

Popular with the entrepreneur crowd and scammy marketers, the term “Passive income” has been thrown around a lot in recent times. But what exactly does it mean? Passive income is a source of recurring revenue that doesn’t depend on sustained effort. In a set-it-and-forget-it kinda fashion, you expend some time and energy to create the […] The post 10 Passive Income Ideas for The Next Ten Years appeared first on Moneylogue.com.

Currently is ice raining here in Cleveland.  However, for the most part, winter has been warm and even sunny on a few days.  One thing, though, is certain.  Dividend income arrives – rain, snow or shine baby!  Time to warm up and check on the dividend income that my stock portfolio delivered last month! Dividend Income Dividend Income is the fruit from the labor of investing your money in the stock market.  Further, Dividend Income […]

Updated with new spending caps. Alliant Credit Union, the 5th largest US credit union by assets, has updated the terms of their Alliant Visa Signature Credit Card. This cash back rewards card has a headline feature of 2.5% cash back. However, they have now added a spending cap of $10,000 per monthly billing cycle (i.e. you can get $250 cash back max per month). The $99 annual fee is waived during the first year (note […]

First things first: making money is not the same as having a full-time job. This needs to be said because many people seem to confuse the two. And to clarify, I’m not saying that having a job and making money are mutually exclusive.  For many people, it’s more desirable to make money from a job that doesn’t require a full-time degree. Why? You can start earning money without having to go through four years of […]