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Budgeting with a Mindset of Abundance Share Pin Tweet Share February 17, 2020 by Chelsea Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode… For most people, budgeting doesn’t naturally bring to mind feelings of abundance. Best case, it’s a necessity and just another thing we have to do. Worst case, it’s a task we loathe and maybe even avoid. Feeling that way about managing our money—something so central to our daily lives—can leave us feeling […]

I really need to get back to basics with our budget. We’ve overspent small amounts but they quickly add up to large amounts. Our grocery spending has crept up again. Theres plenty of food in pantry and freezer so for the rest of the month we need to be using up food we already have. I’m going to go back to tracking every cent and I’m going to spend some time reviewing our expenses and […]

2020 is going to be my year of being frugal. I have never tried frugal living in my life at all really. I have the odd time here and there when I try and save a bit of money and I do ok but in terms of spending a year trying to live frugally, this… Read More The post How I Plan To try Frugal Living In 2020 appeared first on EarningsPortal.

It’s not every year that your kiddo turns five (or – the “whole hand” number of years), so this week’s Frugal Five is all about his birthday. His party was meant to be a week prior, but thanks to another (short) bout of sickness, it got pushed by a week. And by it, I mean they, because we had two parties this year: one for family, and one for friends. He had a ton of […]

Whew!  After posting 28 blog posts and 28 videos since the beginning of the year, I’m a week late getting January’s family budget update published.  If you missed all the activity, you can you can sign up for the Frugal Fresh Start Challenge here! If you’re new here, every month we make our personal finances public by sharing everything we earn, spend, save, and pay toward debt (we’re currently tackling our mortgage).  We’ve been doing […]

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Our 2020 FIRE health insurance plan, including our zero monthly premium and tax credits. Health insurance for financial independence and early retirement. The post Our 2020 FIRE Health Insurance Plan appeared first on The Frugal Engineers.

Planning to buy a house soon? If so, take a good look at your finances and clear some of your debt. Being in debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Debt allows many Americans to buy assets, take care of expenses, and pay for education. In fact, according to research by the National Association of Realtors, […]

There are a few things I stopped buying to save money, and we’ve saved thousands of dollars year after year by dropping these unnecessary expenses. I used to be a… The post 7 Things I Stopped Buying to Save Money appeared first on Perfection Hangover.

Including a meal planner and shopping list template and family meal ideas on a budget. There’s no way around it, budget meal planning can save you and your family money every week, but if your family is anything like mine, then come dinner time, the family have turned into a crazed pack of wolves and just […] Continue Reading The post Budget Meal Planning: How To Do It So It Saves You Time and Money appeared […]

I thought the job situation was improving. Sure, I struggled a bit to meet a few deadlines, but I was getting on top of all of my projects. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ve been let go from jobs numerous times, so my current pickle is not exactly surprising. Nonetheless, it’s pouring salt on a long-time festering wound that I’ve been trying to heel, and I’m equal parts upset about it and wanting […]

Today I am giving you a peak into what our gas and grocery spending per month looks like. If you look at our budget, one thing you’ll likely notice right away is that we don’t have lines for groceries or gas. Instead, we have what I call our miscellaneous line. This line is usually around […] The post Exactly how we spent our grocery and gas budget in January 2020 appeared first on Our Bill […]

Lately I find myself having very millennial thoughts when it comes to money. I want a lot of things, and I want them all now. What do I want? Well I’m glad you asked. To name a few, I want to save more money, travel, pay off debt, get a dog, and move to a new apartment (possibly in a new state). Of course, even just one of the items on my list could end […]

Is it better to just buy Index Funds (or ETFs), instead of investing on your own? This is a frequent question that I hear often everywhere I go. I’ll answer this important question right now, let’s get started… Trillions have gone into index funds According to Morningstar during the past 10 years, investors have pulled about $1.4 trillion from active U.S. stock funds, with most of the money — $1.3 trillion – going to passive […]